[Review] Aeon prelude


The Artisan
First things first: I think it's awesome that the Gods are integrated into this.
Also I like the idea that magic plays a major role.

But the META is unbelievable.

Imagine a stranger, looking like nothing you've ever seen before. He's covered in tattoos that you have never seen the likes of and he has a shaky voice, plus he shakes a bit now and then when he talks.
That's a description of someone anyone would avoid, if not make fun of.

Yet, everyone looks up at him, /believes/ every word he says, and when he tells the crowd he's going to need help to recover /magic/ stones (which could have the power to do horrible things) the crowd can't wait to get started.

Something, somewhere, went wrong. My char tried to reason with the crowd, starting a discussion on why we should follow a stranger with promises that we have not a single bit of proof it might be true, and then got called off to be silent and let the stranger speak.

Now this seems to me that some people OOCly are really eager to get into this campaign and are twisting and turning their characters in such a way that they can. Which is pretty much using ooc reasoning instead of what your character normally would do for ooc purposes, which is in my good understanding called "metagaming".

Where is IC our motive?
I like the idea, but it's not like we so desperately need the Gods that we'd join a complete stranger who might as well use these magic stones to resurrect the corruption for all we know :confused:

So all in all:
- Magic is a big part of it = great
- Gods play a part of it = great
- No motive, yet still we join = meta (ooc reasons for wanting to join)

I'd like to see more reasons for our chars to join in the future.

That concludes my review. I'm not angry oocly, my char is angry cause he got told to shut up by someone he doesn't know and he's a short fused Dwarf xD so don't mistake me there ;)


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I mean, I dont know about your character, but Grant really wants the gods back IC, but he is also a bit concerned about this guys real intentions.


Exitus acta probat
The usual motive for Alterans is "do this or we'll all die" or "do this or something really bad will happen to the world".

I assume the same holds true for this one. But I am with you on believing a total stranger bit. The past has taught me that 9/10 characters are edgelords who won't trust their family let alone a weird stranger who could easily be misleading them.


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Pretty glad to see a review so fast, I'm going to throw out some behind the scenes information (and not-so-behind-the-scenes information) that might alleviate a couple of your concerns.

With regards to the rapid introduction of Clain - those who have been around - in-game, that is - will have noticed the individual around for about a month now, spreading the beginnings of this same message. This isn't the first mention; this is just the first big public mention. Until now, it had not been revealed that Clain was a campaign character purely to avoid the meta that you were worried about. We wanted to make sure that people who believed him weren't just believing him because "ermagerd, staff character".

We are also by no means ignorant to the dynamic that there is no real evidence for or against Clain's trustworthiness.

On one hand, why not? We're in a world where Gods have foundation in fact, where things like this do happen, and where there is a serious history of genuinely important adventures - the Eye of Silas, for example, the Sail for the Heavens event further back. There have been people whom the Gods have spoken to or guided. When it happened to people in the past, it wasn't so unbelievable then, apparently. Equally, we're in a world where there are charlatans, fanatics, and lunatics, so people can absolutely make of that what they will.

In terms of IC proof, there truly isn't much either way. Why trust him? The consequences of ignoring him could be dire. Why distrust him? He could be lying. The moral dilemma comes down to the question "but what if he's not?". I'd also really, really urge you to remember that you were not present for the entire event, and so were not exposed to all of the evidence. Folks who were there a little longer might have spotted some telltale signs of something greater.

Ultimately, it largely depends on individual characters' worldviews whether they'd immediately make a judgement or wait to see if he can prove himself further and more concretely - if what he speaks about exists, for example, it might indicate that at least he isn't utterly clueless.

As you rightly say, though, there is, of course, the potential for metagaming from player characters at the events. It's always been a huuuge problem, and our hiding the fact that Clain was a campaign character initially was just one of our means of minimising this.

I also believe that metagaming can work both ways. For example, people could feasibly jump to the distrust conclusion OOC because "campaigns always have scary twists, it must be a villain!", or else assume that he should be trusted because he's a campaign character, or because they think the idea sounds OOCly likeable.

We're hoping (and deviously trying to make sure) that people make any decisions for reasonable IC reasons, because it is genuinely what their character would do. Of course, it's hard to dictate how people should play their own character, but ultimately it will be a better experience overall for those who are true to those characters' natures.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thanks for turning up and leaving a review so bloody quickly, dang son. :p We're honestly pretty appreciative of the thought put into these things, so I just hope that could do something to resolve some of your criticisms.

Raphael Payne

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All of my characters have known about the existence of the gods and always eagerly awaited their resurgence, no meta here.


Not gonna be writing enough to warrant my own thread.

The introduced character feels very one dimensional and.. lacking any personality at all, really. I obviously don't know the inner workings of lore, but the plot really feels like it's come out of nowhere and I'm extremely disappointed we're getting a third (or fourth, can't remember) god focused campaign.
Not gonna be writing enough to warrant my own thread.

The introduced character feels very one dimensional and.. lacking any personality at all, really. I obviously don't know the inner workings of lore, but the plot really feels like it's come out of nowhere and I'm extremely disappointed we're getting a third (or fourth, can't remember) god focused campaign.
While I honestly didn't attend any of the sermons (Neither Lucie nor Roy had a reason to and Roy had reasons NOT to) I do personally dislike characters that are like this, give them more depth than just their role in the story. and I can't say anything about the campaigns either, this being my first, but I personally don't mind the idea of a campaign based around trying to bring the gods back, and who knows? If it turns out we can't and they're gone forever? Bam, people have to do a non-gods related server campaign otherwise people are gonna be like "We tried that last time and it didn't work so well joikwad."


Lord of Altera
I actually found it frustrating that people didn't believe him. I didn't find any reasons not to trust him, and they could have at least heard him out before trying to kill him.
But thats just ic stuff, cant hold a grudge against that
People didn't trust him because he did kind of lack the personality to make us believe he's that Exalt of Forgotten Gods. I still strived to help get the morale going, dunno if I helped or not. This was simply an introduction, alas a rocky one for some, but I don't think you should judge a book by its' cover, and a whole campaign by its' prelude. The second event should be interactive, and hopefully interesting. These are people spending their time preparing adventures for us, they have lives and nobody is a perfect, oiled roleplaying machine. I don't like the fact about bringing back gods, but whatever. I just want to go dungeoncrawling and hopefully kill some monsters, the story doesn't have to have a good synopsis if in the end I had fun.

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As for people not trusting him, I made sure I was true fully to my IC extent, until I got hammered by PMs and my Skype group tellin' me I'd ruin the event for everyone. Sif should'a killed him there for speaking heresy, but I had to break character as to let the event go on and not ruin the server's intent for revitalizing. Which, in itself, is not a bad thing. However, I do believe that meta gaming is hard in this. I've seen most people just quick to jump to his side, even when he spoke blatant heresy in God's Holy Ground. Of course though, people never have been good at hating/disliking heretics that I've seen.

Let's hope that the 21st results in some good stuff. I await the event.