[Review] Aeon prelude


Lord of Altera
So here is my little summery:

I don't know how the other two sermons went, but I have to say that the crowd at the third sermon were a bit more on the skeptical side with a dash of heretics and fanatics sprinkled in. Clain was in fact fairly close to being killed on the spot for his heresy. Though Zerien's words seemed to be ignored. In any case, Clain managed to stumble his way through his planned speech and invoke a few to go with him. Or in my characters case, to keep an eye on him. From an outside perspective there is no way to tell if clain is telling the truth or not, and that I think is what makes this a bit interesting. At this point no one is sure if he is in fact trying to bring back our pantheon, his forgotten pantheon, or perhaps even something more nefarious. While the prelude event itself was enjoyable, what made it for me was the conversations following the event. I'm not going to give out spoilers on it, but I was able to learn some interesting lore, find out a few things, and also build relations with people he wouldn't normally see. Can't wait to see where all of this leads to....