[Review] Uncovering Treasure


The Artisan
I've hosted this event, just a quick self-reflection.
  • Start of the event, went pretty well!
    + Started out well, I'm satisfied with the amount of people that showed up.
    + Broadcast was perfectly done in time by Lannis .
    + Andal started introducing himself, everyone introduced themselves to each other, made it easier to interact.
    - Bookfaceback seemed to have trouble loading when using the port --> Ports aren't reliable when travelling with large groups for an event.
  • Rp went really well on the trip to the site:
    |---> were on the look-out for bandits
    |---> Were careful entering the building, for the roof might fall so we made supports of wood. (Kris' idea)
    - unfortunately the item was found before the supports were put up.
    + the item /was/ found, luckily.
    + we could still use the supports to scout the structure, in case there was more to find.
  • Night set in when we were at the structure. We had to decide whether to wait the full 30 IRL mins of night, or skip a part of the night.
    - We had trouble deciding whether the zombies etc. were IC or OOC monsters. In the end some knew the lore about Skraag quite well and we decided all monsters are OOC the same as IC.
    - Night took a bit too long, for my own personal taste.

    + The night rp was really cool, it contained: keeping watch for bandits, discussing whether or not to make a fire, resting, making plans for the next day, gathering supplies, fortifying the crumbling walls.
    + The night gave the attending characters the ability to show their skills to each other.
  • Unexpected surprise: Cymic walked in on the rp, made it more interesting.
  • At the archeology site:
    - The night made it rough, monsters everywhere...
    - Staff couldn't make it morning, cause it's a sorrows event --> Next time ask perms to build the event somewhere in the NK on an unclaimed piece of land.
    + A lot of the treasure was found!
    + People got really lucky with the dice rolling!
    + People roleplayed being an archeologist pretty well, found some IC stuff
All in all, the event went well, but there's some details for the next time to make it go more smooth, a.k.a.:
- Host the event in the NK
- Put the ooc treasures more shallow (so the focus on the rp digging is bigger)
- Plan it so that the event starts in the morning.

Some screenshots:
01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg


Lord of Altera
Was great! I think it could have been a bit longer, and I did have some connection issues at a point, but was overall very well done.


Legend of Altera
Hello, this is SirLiam1124, or Kris Linkolns on the server, I was apart of this event and I thought it was really fun, it was interesting to have the mix of a slight mystery, along with the character development between people, and the ability to show each other how we each bring a specific thing to the table in any situation. Overall I found it lots of fun, especially when people OOC died, we incorporated it into the RP to enhance it and make it seem just a bit more action-packed than just an expedition to go mining for fossils. 9/10 Event, would definitely love to see a followup.


Secretly both Niah and Elz
Retired Staff
I got there at the exact end. But got to rp some cute halfling flirting and hanging out with andel. as well as mapping the dig site IC.

I hope for a followup!
(Would make for a good dwarf group event no?)