[Reviews] Aeon Act 1


Puppycat Herder
Retired Staff
Did anyone else ICly contemplate killing a few characters off? A nice little murder mystery would have been interesting but would have distracted the main quest, but i wanted to push a few people off.. eheh, i will just rule that off as cave madness, claustrophobia, and the chilled weather.


Legend of Altera
While I am quite new to the server, it amazed me how much time and effort must have been put into this event. While there are some flaws which I feel have been clearly pointed out already, I feel like the whole thing was an overall success. I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire time all the way to my death. I would put in as a suggestion that you allow a few players to be implemented as torchbearers and allow them to place torches as the group moves along and remove them when the party needs to backtrack. This method was often implemented in medieval times when exploring subterranean spaces.