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“Present me any of my father’s knights and I will kindly detail why I would rather have Reyne von Alderwood at my side. Borne of dust and dirt, yet made of finer heart than those gifted spoons of silver. There is a different courage in those who understand that they are owed no favours, willing to rise time again even when there is a boot planted upon their back. This is what I choose to trust with my life. My father knew the same, and it is not unlike what he saw in Reyne’s own before him. Perhaps it is some cruel act of fate that has tried our kinship in this way. To abandon the embrace of humble life and family, only to venture into an abyss of uncertainty, is a request that should be made of no man or woman. Despite any reason and without an inkling of doubt, Reyne was prepared to ride in the honour of my father. Our companionship echoed louder than drums of war, and I know his presence to be worth hundreds of bannermen. If it were not for his conviction, perhaps I would not have saddled my horse upon the dawn we departed from the castle. I might only have one kindred brother, but I need not blood to know that I’ve another. For this, I am eternally thankful.”

- Lothaire von Dugald.


After the events of The Tournament of Mages, Reyne has reunited with his childhood friend once again. Lothaire honored him with the title "Castellan of Gottstürmer Bau" in his absence from the castle. He has been introduced to Lothaire's new acquaintances.


A lad of eighteen years, Reyne von Alderwood was plucked from his home in service to Gael von Dugald just as his father was. As a son of a man sworn to Gael, Reyne grew up alongside the mage's second son Lothaire, steadfast friends. They learned together, sparred together, and trained in the aspects expected of young noblemen. Reyne traveled alongside his childhood friend, Lothaire von Dugald, seemingly thrust into a quest to revive the man that gave him a life far better than any peasant. He's grown into his role over the course of the past year. He no longer feels like a boy chasing legends. Reyne is currently tasked with his duties as Castellan and keeping an eye on Lothaire.


Reyne has matured over the past year, growing into a young man. His features have grown sharper and more distinct, less round and child-like. He has become far less shy and apprehensive of folk.


His usual attire is that of a young, travelling nobleman. A fine dark coat, collared with fur and well-maintained, fits to his frame nicely. The shirt and trousers worn beneath are of a similar caliber. His boots are secured neatly, muddied from his travels.

Recently, he has taken to wearing a dark padded gambeson, metal gorget, and thick leather bracers. Two segmented plates are secured to his hips to protect the majority of his upper legs. A scabbard and sheath hangs over the top of these plates for his longsword and dagger respectively.



A modest longsword hangs from his hip, seeing little to no use at this point in time. Additionally, he has a dagger at his belt- More of a formality than anything else, having sparred with both a longsword and dagger.


First and foremost, Reyne is fond of the man that gave him the life he lives, Gael von Dugald. He grew close to his second son, Lothaire, while residing at Gottsturmer Bau. He admires the life Florian von Piers has led, finding his company enjoyable just from his single meeting in Storm’s Landing. The two strangers that delivered grave news to Gottsturmer Bau have earned Reyne’s trust, they seem like reputable men from what he’s experienced so far.

After the Mage's Tournament, he was formally introduced to the Witch King Nwalme Fuvur, Maxwell the Champion of The Bloody Hall, Henry, and Sir Calder Dormus.

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Lord of Altera

Reyne has begun a modest collection of trophies from the hunts he has participated in. Likely stored at Gottstürmer Bau. [I'll be trying to supplement screenshots and art to accompany each.]

[Wendigo Claws:]

[Picture a long pair of claws. These long, somewhat sharp claws belonged to a Northern Wendigo that Reyne helped subdue near the mountains of Queensport. Reyne has distinct memories of the encounter, rather electrifying. The two talons were among several that broke off during the fight.]

[Desert Scorpion Leg:]

[Picture the last segment of a rather large scorpion leg. Taken after the violent encounter.]
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