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Ronn Holztorc
After the Herzog Berndt Eberhall’s death, Ronn Holztorc had abandoned the Continent, placing himself in isolation and exile for what would turn into nine years.
Upon word finally reaching his small corner of the Continent of the world-wide Plague and other problems, he has decided now is finally the time to resurface.

I know it’s fairly edgy, but I felt it fit given the consistent beating Ronn has taken emotionally/mentally.
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Age: Ronn has reached the age of
Forty Five.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Social Status: Hedge Knight.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5’10”
Weight: Roughly 200 Pounds.
Date of Birth: The Twenty Fourth of Snowdown.
Homeland: Scourge, of the Old World.
Current Home: Nowhere.

Build: An immense amount of effort is put into the muscle mass of Ronn’s body, even in his exile. He has overtime come built to sustain a beating, and deal one out just as hard, but be relatively slow in his movement. Though, this slowness can also be attributed to his near-death experience in a joust.
Hair: The dirt-brown of his hair has now been superseded by gray hair.
Eyes: Brown.
Skin: Relatively pale, from his time in the North.
Identifying Marks: A faded, jagged scar marrs his left forearm. A distinct tattoo of the McBryde Clan of Scourge marks his left shoulder. Various scars of battle and jousting both have taken a toll on his body.
Appearance: Since his return to the Continent, he has once again taken up ensuring his appearance is proper, cutting both his hair and beard down to a manageable length.
Clothing: He wears the clothing of a working man, though in the necessity of a fight, he has a suit of plate armor.
Weaponry: A Polehammer, Horseman’s Hammer, a Bastard Sword, and a Heater Shield.
Prized Possessions: None, as of now.
Hygiene: Moderate, given the state of the Continent, though he tries to stay clean as best he can.
Voice: [Davos Seaworth - Game of Thrones].

+ + + + +
+ Pessimism + Paranoia + Isolationist + Immense Guilt +
+ The Pantheon + Personal Attachment +
Intelligence: As Ronn slowly approaches old age, the sheer amount of knowledge he has accumulated, mainly through experiencing the history of the Old Lands, and his studies while an active Knight and Lord, have made him akin to a living textbook.

Spoken: Fluent
Written: Fluent

Spoken: Well-Versed
Written: Impossible.

Spoken: Well-Versed
Written: Poor.

Personality: Where there was once a jolly man from the lands of Scourge, a hollow shell has replaced it. The long string of both familial and close friends’ deaths has rocked Ronn to his core, leaving him with a constant feeling of uncertainty and distrust for the world. It would seem rather difficult to begin speaking to him due to this, more likely to shove away most conversation.
Religion or Cults: Uncertain, having been a worshipper of Rahas before he isolated himself, and he has now learned that the God of Justice has been felled.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Goals: [Key]
- = On-going
! = Completed
X = Failed

Short Term Goals:
[-] Re-establish himself in the world.

Long Term Goals:
[-] Find a new purpose.

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+ Relations +
After re-emerging nearly a decade after the beginning of Ronn’s isolation, he has lost his opinions of everyone he had once known, aside from close friends and family.

- Francis MacRammbar [de Courtnay] BoredBrit
Ronn had been there for the birth of Francis, and the subsequent death of his twin brother and mother, who was also Ronn’s niece. He can only imagine what he’s gone through, having lost his brother, mother, and now his father.



Ronn currently has a general disdain for everyone that he has yet to meet due to trust issues.



- Maceo de Courtnay BoredBrit
Like a surrogate son to Ronn, his death resulted in Ronn’s self-imposed exile extending itself, as he couldn’t bear re-emerging after believing he could have been there to save Maceo. He watched Maceo grow up from a child to a Lord, and witnessed him die once already. A piece of Ronn died with both him and Berndt that he’ll never recover from.

- Berndt Eberhall Paint
After the Herzog’s death, Ronn had felt there was no reason for him to stay among the people of the Continent, and sheltered himself away from his friends and family, before leaving them all behind entirely. His death had been the latest of many prior to Ronn’s leaving, and was the last he’d been willing to stand for the time being.
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Is it true Ronn got charged with treason- Cap said he would be after I told him that Sopostra was told to publish Anhald's weaknesses. o.o

I hadn't known my event would destroy careers.
what are you on about, exactly?


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i gave this profile an overhaul, it's possible i start playing him again in the near future, also deleted all relations