Poster Searching for Work (Sell-Sword)



For anyone whom happened around the Kraken's Culling on an evening past, they would've seen a heavily clad warrior placing a missive upon the message board: his burly frame blocking the view of its content until he finally moved back down the steps towards the docks, seemingly uninterested in his own posting as he fled back to the safety of a crowd. Upon reading such a posting, one would find that it says this:

"Trustworthy, Experienced Sellsword in search of work. Reasonably priced and fairly negotiable, seek out Petrias Achard for further inquiry. Contracts are discussed individually, and payment is arranged after completion of the task. Will match and even lower expenses based upon competing prices, within reason. Can be found in the Kraken's Culling or around Storm's Landing. May the Valiant protect you, and may my sword be of some service."

The common scrawl was neat and orderly, though clearly nothing official. No stamp or visual marked the page, nor were there any signs of professional craftsmanship. The parchment itself, however, was crisp and If treated with some exceptional care. The most notable aspect being the signature carefully inscribed at the bottom, belonging to none other than:
"Petrias Achard, the Valiant Sellsword".

Just my little introduction for Petrias. Obviously he's not quite the professional, so hire at your own risk! That said, I promise some excellent role-play regardless. Anywho, I look forward to hearing back from those interested. Otherwise, I just hope you enjoyed reading this over! Oh, and on another small side-note. I would've done this up real fancy...but given Petrias is essentially alone and only mildly experienced: this is probably more his style for the time-being! I know, you probably think I'm lazy...but it's true alright!
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