Seeking Employ


Loyal Servant of Altera
{ On tatty, aged parchment rests elegant words of cursive, which are written in the common script, and then repeated in Elvish. }

I'm looking for work within Storm's Landing or further afield.

As someone who has worked some small menial jobs in the past, I can clean, cook, my writing and reading is well, and I am a painter as well as a huntress.
However I do not have any painting or hunting gear, so a job to be able to pay for such would be nice.

If you have any work for me and you're interested in taking me on, send missive my way.

- Maélina Allidel
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You should apply to be a guard for Storm's Landing. That or perhaps looking into the Ranger's, trade companies, or I'm looking for builders to help with a city.


Lord of Altera
A letter is tacked on in neatly written letters, on parchment.

Astrakhan alway needs more strong hands now that dark things lurk in the woods- send a letter my way if you’re interested.

- Theo