[Selling] Custom Made Videos by Niah!


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Hello guys!
I have made several videos for HollowWorld over the years. And over the years, I've gotten access to better computers, better programs, etc. I am now offering my services to anyone who may want them, so long as it is server related.

Would you like a video highlighting your town?
I can do that!

Would you like a trailer to tease your upcoming event?
I can do that too!

Would you like something mysterious?
Hit me up!

Want a narrative tale?
You betcha!

Want a video to hype something up?

Video Prices

1:00 - 2:00 Minute Video
5,000 Radiants​
2:00 - 3:00 Minute Video
7,000 Radiants​
3:00 - 4:00 Minute Video
10,000 Radiants​
5:00 - 7:00 Minute Video
15,000 Radiants​
7:00 - ∞
20,000 Radiants​

Please understand that, while I have gotten better than I was before, I still do not have the software, or technical skill to do wildly intricate things. Please PM me, or Skype me, with details and I will let you know if it is possible for me to do.

I will try to have any videos completed within a week of me accepting the job.


Secretly Elz
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The most recent video I made. It was made within four hours, and does admittedly have OBVIOUSLY rushed and flawed parts. Conquest texture pack and Sildur's Shaders. Shots recorded on my own computer. What you're ordering is going to be most on par with the quality of THIS video, as compared to the others.

This one was put together by repeatedly begging my roommate to borrow his computer in order to record. (As mentioned, I finally have my own capable of the job and I don't have to throw clips together just because they're the only ones I had time to record on his computer)

Spooooooooooky. Again, recorded with roommate's computer. Could have been better and some pacing came out particularly odd. Was a tie in with the Bastion campaign with the prophecy poem thing that tried to warn of the shadows below and to reveal the failsafe for bringing the gods back.

First video I made officially as the Media Coordinator for the server. It came at a low point in player morale, and I took quotes from one of the threads and made a super cheesy and nostalgic video. The shots themselves were taken by Deash12 and I just edited and put it all together.

This one is POORLY recorded. I had no idea what I was doing. BUT it does show an example of narrative/music in a town highlight. Recording has gotten much better since then, but hey. It's a neat story for a town highlight.

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Secretly Elz
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Accepted Commissions
(These I have agreed to do but yet to finish)

Completed Commissions
(These are paid and done)
+ BrianAT16
+ Cymic_

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I'd like a 48 hour video of you following a chicken around
I second this. But every time the chicken lays an egg, the screen splits in half to show the same footage until it spirals into the chaotic stalking of a hen.


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I'm actually interested in a video, though. Add me on skype, boutta send a request.