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Greetings Alterans!

This is my Semi-Annual public check-in as Owner. I promised in the past I'd do this every few months. I'd have liked to do this quarterly, but alas, time. Instead, I've come to inform you guys of what's been happening, what's happened and what will happen (without much spoilers), concerning the server.

As mentioned [here] in Brian's thread- this was in the works to be published. But that thread is a discussion thread to air out some more transparency in what we can do to help the server thrive. Have a looksee after reading below.


As most know- there's not been much activity in this section publicly. Most of the hard work in H/S is done in the background. Ptiber, our coordinator, has been busy, and we're still looking for a helper member to maintain plugins and bugs. I've personally taken up the mantle to maintain what issues I can manage, but that is my limit. I can create resource worlds, dungeon worlds and manage to update plugins that really need it, though. I've recently picked up launching new Player Heads again and hope to continue to do so for the summer. There's many things in the works for plugins- new plugins and updates, but not for the near future.

If you're interested in applying, see [here]

Ingame Tech

We've a new coordinator, BrianAT16 ! This section has continued to maintain player requests actively and the wait time isn't as long as it used to be, besides roads. Roads are pain. Remember to requests for ports once you've a region set. Emerald Banks are also once more available to player regions who meet the requirements. Check out the Support Section for more things that we offer!

A while back, I made a statement that the Eastern Frontier would be arriving, and it's been quite a while. To this, I've to apologize, as this was my coordinated position- I just didn't have time to have it launch. We'll be remedying that soon enough.

"We're also trying to keep up with requests as quickly as possible to help keep things moving forward for the server. If you also have any suggestions that you feel like In-Game tech could reasonably provide with the current server layout to better your experience here on Hollowworld feel free to send me a message and I would be happy to take your suggestions into consideration and let you know the plausibility of such." - BrianAT16


"As you can see, spawn has undergone somewhat of a metamorphosis in the last few months due to the efforts of the new spawn and build teams, and is on course for further change down the road; through the act of additions and minor alterations. It has been made a platform for players and characters to establish themselves due to the expansion of housing and rental properties as well as plots for players' own constructive efforts. New build contests have been launched and finished, with more are to follow with the construction of the Upper District. Events will ideally begin to be had there at a point where things settle down for the team to do so! We hope to make spawn an active, enjoyable platform for players old and new and will accept any advice and critique that will help us toward that point." - TheDeester


"The Moderation team is working on an overhaul of the old rules system, to make them more relevant and applicable to the Hollowworld of today. We're also delighted to note a reduction in the amount of serious moderation incidents, and would like to thank people for their usage of the "Report" system on the forums" - K9

We're also interested in a member that may want to help in this department more. You'd be monitoring the forums for spam and threads that derail/turn foul. You'd also have to be active in-game during peek hours to manage player conflict if they come up and help take care of reports with the team, K9 and The Living Ghost. If you're interested in applying, see [here]


"Lore hasn't had much transparent progress, so to update those on the outside: Formistry is on it's last few revisions and is nearly ready for a public release, several beast submissions are undergoing review, race discussions are underway (nothing majorly affecting current races), as well as some worldbuilding prompts to clarify things." - TheDeester

Once Beast submissions are under wraps, we'll be able to go back to our regular schedules in picking up research, among other, submissions. We'll also be clarifying cultural submissions, requirements before submitting, and limits to submissions - and when we're open to them. Response on cultural submissions tend to be slow, because they've been on a 'request-only' status. This is mostly due to the focus of Lore at the time, and at this time- so please ask before sending them! Remember- this includes: Languages, Cultures, Regional Factions, Playable Races, Life-threatening Illnesses. There may be a chance in the coming months to be open to limited culture submissions for official Lore, but we'll most often privately reach out to commission the listed sections when they're needed. If you're submitting something for current Lore, clarify and ask us when it's an appropriate time to submit it so that we can give it attention. We don't want to leave you hanging.

Now.. here's a sneak peek on just one of the things to come:


"The first stages of an upcoming event chain are rolling out, with some toys distributed earlier this week and the event scheduled for the 1oth. Prominently religious characters may earn boons, affording them limited-use abilities intended to increase your chances of survival at the events. While that's the main one already revealed, it's the first in line for a few new things we're trying out event-wise.

We're also looking into ways to implement an events calendar to keep things organized, either via forum plugin or external resource." - Lannis


"Hello fellow Hollowworlders, it's roughly half way through 2017 and the summer break should be in full swing and its surge of activity that comes with it. As such we would like to inform you of a series of changes happening within the Media department for HW and upcoming events we plan on doing.

First off the Newsletter is an old staple of HW but its popularity has waned and seems to garner minimal attention. As such we will be restructuring it, however before we do so we want to know what you the player want to see in the newsletter. If you are new and don’t know what the newsletter is, or you just need a reminder you can find it

We try to feature and advertise server events on Social media but we will now be advertising player events as well. To be eligible for being advertised on social media you must have an event thread properly filled out and have it open to the public. Additionally we will be featuring player builds on social media and PMC as well as the standard staff builds and events.

Also keep your eye out for contest and polls about what you want to see in media." - Lady Alec

Podcasts have also been requested for a while. We'll also be bringing them back again under K9 's lead. Although they won't be as frequent as many remember them to be, they'll still be filled with as much of the same vibe as the last.


Our donations had been steady at first, but it's been a bumpy ride. We've accumulated around $960 new donations since the start of my term here, and after calculating things- we're staying afloat with our monthly payments as possible. Starting January, our upkeep payment went up to $140 per month. There were some minor influx in prices and a rough ride here and there due to an email service I subscribe to in order to help get you emails and with the service host at the beginning, but here we are. I managed to find us a steady groove and hope to continue it with your support.

Shoutout to Donators for the last 6 months. My utmost thanks to you for keeping this server alive. We would not quite be here without you guys. Some of you donated more than once, and a few names may be here due to someone donating in your name. Thank you!

Readij !!

Thank you all very much!
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on a side note can we please go back to the globe logo rather than the 'red white and blue' 4th of july theme we've had for a year