[Semi Private] Descent into Darkness

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
(A short document before I write the rest of this part of the storyline)

In the past millenia alone, many occurences have happened without the initiation of an Alteran;
But this would be a different story altogether, perhaps a repeat of one in the past, of greater legend;
honoring Silas, perhaps, but with the intent to sacrifice blood, sweat and tears in the honor of the
Ever Holy and most graceful Lord of War:

Truly, it would be a journey to remember in the books.

A journey into Hell itself, with multiple bulwarks safeguarding the damnable rift, so to would the
remaining two legions that do not protect Silvers Pyre, enter the Nether Realm with what remains
of the auxillary, setting up various checkpoints in the damnable lands of Hell, and siphon resources

in the form of materials, coal and more.