[Semi Private] Enactment XI 'Rested Gaze'

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
[OOC; This is for all factions who relatively care or keep a keen eye on the Enclave as it was or is, a lot of what is incurred is due
to a couple things not being met on both an IC and OOC standpoint, but nonetheless, this is here also for others reading pleasure.]

Sunderday, 31st of Sporebloom,
"The day foreshadowed blood."

Ironic, those blessed and chosen by war caught by surprise by wandering, roving bandit hordes. In pitted darkness, a final march in the direction of undead, without the guise of the Stones, these men travelled by torch-light towards the damnable destination.
True is it, though; they did not expect a massive horde of armed bandits from the northern lands that were moving south, leading to a pitch-darkness fight that ended in hellfire, explosive molotovs glittered in sweat firelight of the Hellion herself, surely the
light of Ignis were not smiling upon these folks this day. Though as one does, a Hero risen throughout salt and smoke in the borderlands of the Enclave, and what remains. Through the assumed force, will and might of Valor, it's Commander managed
to reassign all forces directly to the Penisula, by which a courier had been launched forth towards the city, to open the gates and begin opening fire on the borders in intervals. It were a tactical re-approach. A force somehow mightier than that of the Crusaders
Army itself, if only greater in number, surely.

" Not a sin. Not a sin. God. I did what was necessary. Father. I did what was necessary, for the sake of my people. Forgive me. I can no longer hold this shield. Not alone. "

Upon arrival to the Holy City of Blood, to where iron was being consistently casted off from cannonade, upon ramparts as a lieutenant approached him.
While the battle was surmounted, and the forces of the Bandits annihilated- Silvers Pyre was laden in arrows, bushels ablaze and various ships in the harbor set aflame. It was now a time to repair.
"Sir, we can no longer spend forces on th' borderlands." An arrow impacts into their gambeson soon after, resulting in Arike to blink as he looked at the now shocked soldier in front of him; To which he laid them to rest.

Yet another asset lost, another gained. Logic, and knowledge. Tactics and damnation.