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*Written upon parchment and posted upon Linlea's message boards, a notice declares:*

To all hale and versed in the ways of farming, I invite you to join a venture to the frontier to establish auxiliary fields. Any interested in leading the expedition, seek Charles Kane.
Any interested in participating in it, congregate at the docks at the specified time. A measure of supplies and compensation will be afforded.

-Duke Charles Kane

OOC: We're just gonna have a nice and relaxing time farming. I'd like to try a different sort of event, and here is the general rundown of what I'm thinking:
-The goal of the event, IC and in-game is to build a decent-sized farm out in the frontier.
-The build should be setting appropriate, and functional as an IC farm with all the necessary facilities and defenses to survive in the frontier.
-The rules are that you may bring as many seeds and tools as you wish, but any other materials used must be sourced from the frontier.
-The days are yours, but I will ensure that there is plenty to fight at night. Prepare for PvE.
-The event is more or less moderate/peaceful in terms of RP, there will be PvE but I won't do much more than that.

When: Saturday, 8/11, at 3 EST
What: Farm Simulator. Bring tools and seeds.
Where: Linlea docks
Who: Technically it's only posted in Linlea, but if folk want to say they're there to come along I'm fine with that.


Lord of Altera
*smacks fists* time for Flav to get angry at how everyone is making non-uniformly sized ditches!


Lord of Altera
That feel when you wish you can go, but have work in an hour after the time starts :c