Shredded Bananna's Application [Denied - Hero]

About Me

1. What is your Minecraft username?
Shredded Bananna

2. How old are you?

3. What country are you from?
Born In Lithuania, raised in the UK

4. Have you read the King's Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides yet?

5. In your own words, how would you define metagaming and powergaming?
Metagaming is when a player uses real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character's actions, when their character realistically has no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances. Power Gaming is when a player unrealistically maximizes a particular ability of their character to exploit the game and make it so that they always come out on top in ever altercation. A good example of Power gaming:

6. Do we allow X-Raying mods or X-Ray texture packs on the server?

7. Name one of our current Mentors.

8. Tell us about yourself!
My current goal get one of those nice big leather arm- chairs that have that old oaky smell to em so that I could just sit down and procrastinate for hours and hours on end but currently I'm finishing My A-Levels and then will be cycling and or trekking the British Isles and Ireland for 6 or so months. I work at a garage/ Gas Station and in my free time Play Mount and Blade: Warband. I absolutely love anything Middle Earth related and cant get through any of the LOTR movies without bursting out in tears. In general I like metal and Classical music. I also do a tad bit of carpentry now and again.

10. Did anyone refer you? If not, how did you find our server?
Haven't been On MC for a while, tried looking for Survival type servers with Custom Worlds, couldn't find anything except for this!


Race: Dwarf
Name: Cludd Spezza
Gender: Male
Age: 96
Height: 4'9
Build: Thin for a Dwarf but Tall
Features: Long frail hair which shines silver in the moonlight, patchy unkempt beard to go along with it. Generally wears old dark cloths. Disfigured Mouth, Sunken eyes and A noticeably deformed skull.
Temperament: Mauled by what was rumoured to be a monsterous red- eyed ram at a young age. This left Cludd mentally unstable; Generally stays away from other living things, can be either rash and violent suddenly or go dumb and cold. Has very limited vocabulary due to injury and only speaks in Horghaan

It was late at night by the time Cludd had emerged from his cave. A haunting mist lay over the land, jagged rocks peaked out of the mist like little islands. Cludd approached the edge of the forest. The Old twisted trees peered down at him and whispered in the air. But Cludd stared back at them with cold malice, his eyes like spotlights in their sunken sockets; the trees recoiled from him and Cludd carried on his path un- molested.

Upon reaching Green Belly Bridge the wild dwarf reached into his sack and pulled out what seemed to be a lovely olive green bottle with an ornate golden top. Inside the bottle was a scroll. For a while, Cludd fingered the bottle meaningfully, a curious frown was etched across his brow. Then suddenly it seemed that Cludd had decided; With a grunt he tossed the little bottle off the edge of the bridge into the shallow river below, where it was swiftly carried out of sight.

What had been inside that little bottle? And who was it for? Cludd was always considered irrational and rather elusive by others, and whilst he often may have been, it is not entirely certain what went on inside Cludd's little cave. Rangers have reported spotting the mysterious dwarf sneaking around in the most unlikely places, usually alone; although every now again he was joined with unlikely companions, tall cloaked men from lands far away and even grim wild elves. Whatever the dwarf is upto, it is very clear he does not want anyone knowing.

Cludd rubbed his scaly hands and set back down the path. His pace was hurried and determined, cold beads of sweat ran down his brow and were collected in his bushy tangled eyebrows. His breathing was irregular and unpleasant, Cludd's twisted mouth resembled a scar and the wheezing that was emitted out of it sounded animal- like and weird. The Odd dwarf approached the end of the forest, before leaving he delivered one last menacing grin to the beholders above. The trees were glad to see the dark dwarf's back and hoped for him not to return.

Cludd cut through the mist like a dwarf through stone, the sun was beginning to enter the night sky and he hoped to miss it's appearance. Reaching the entrance of the cave the dwarf curiously glanced across the landscape, scouting for unwelcome eyes. When he was sure he was unseen he scurried within

Current Setting of the Server:

As the last galleys pull into port from the Northern Kingdoms, so too do they mark the end of the Exodus. A dark and desperate chapter in Altera's history.

The undead swarms had battered us, and the Sea of Storms had bruised us, yet here we were, alive. Alive in a brave new frontier to the east, and the flickering embers of our dying lands were now kindling the fires of new civilization, in a land of opportunity, vast and boundless.

Now, for the first time in a long time, there is hope. Hope of a new chapter, a new beginning and a clean slate. Yet there is also fear. Fear of the land unknown, and the danger untold. There is fear that, in spreading the light, we draw the ire of what lies in the shadows. In this new land, it even seems as if demons and the explainable come out to play.

But no matter the opinions on the subject, there is one thing that may be said for certain.

Life on Altera was about to change


Lord of Altera
Hey there! Apologies, but there are a few things about your app that need to be changed:

- Your Metagaming and Powergaming definitions are not quite correct.
- Our server's bestiary does not currently include creatures such as this "Monstrous Red-Eyed Ram" that you have mentioned.
- We do not recommend that new players roleplay characters with major disabilities nor handicaps as their first character on the server.