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Active Sir Dickson the Gryphon Knight


I don’t believe it
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I was asked for a facial reference, so he looks like this:
Progress Marker

  • Immediately picked on by Gelyk Varyn II (because his name is Dick), only for his older brother to stand up for him.
  • Recruited by Marshal Brennard Westmay to move a rock.
  • During the expedition, saved Briar's life (and accidentally saved the stone) by pushing her from a Gryphon attack.
  • Gryphon takes him to another nesting Gryphon, an encounter he deftly survives despite lacking a sword, armour, and any other skill aside from card tricks.
  • Got the rock to the cave.
  • Swindled a sword from some spawn character.
  • Njorun rewards him with fancy nobleperson's duds.
  • He feigns nobility using the duds and is taken as a Squire by Sir Edward Dyer.
  • There were bushes around, so Dick feigns the last name "Bushell".
  • He travels to Compendium.
  • He is given a place to stay.
  • Edward uses Dick as a guinea pig.
  • Westmay is angered at Edward, and forcedly "unsquires" Dick.
  • Dick begs Alison to find him a new Knight, and instead he is Knighted as a joke.
  • Sir Dickson "Gryphon***ker" Bushell, the Gryphon Knight.
  • An enraged Edward challenges him to a duel. Sir Dick takes his focus and runs. Edward breaks the spawn sword.
  • Dick trades the focus off for plate mail and a horse.
  • He says goodbyes to his friends, and absconds in armour, ahorse. He heads South.
  • Learn from a Furry Creature about a mugger in the area.
  • Gambles a woman's hat for a swordsman's bizarre staff over a coin flip.
  • He switches the coin out for a double-sided variant during the flip.
  • He wins the gamble, but the vagabond refuses to surrender the staff.
  • Dick earns some kind of favour with the woman, he thinks.
  • Dick finds the 'mugger'.
  • He swindles him from his dagger by switching out cards during a guessing game, before confronting the man.
  • The most embarrassing beatdown of Dick's career. Loses the dagger.
  • When he awakens, he finds a bloody note telling him the location of the belongings and a reward for his efforts.
  • He can't read.
  • Some person in the tavern deciphers the note's foreign characters for him.
  • He heads to retrieve the sketch and a new dagger.
  • Is followed.
  • Heroically rescues the Furry Creature's possessions, returning them.
  • Returns to Compendium, reuniting with Edeline.
  • He speaks with Kopii, formally meeting him and learning of the staff for his and Edric's artifact collection.
  • He and Edeline find out about his brother Cerdic and best friend Gelyk's deaths. He is granted Cerdic's sword.
  • He cries.
  • Like a man. Manly tears.
  • Edeline comforts him.
  • He meets Tezmique.
  • Gets fashion advice.
  • Swindles her into buying a room.
  • They talk a lot.
  • Edeline and he travel to Storm's Landing at the behest of a poster.
  • Dick is the first to no longer desire attending.
  • History more like lamestory.
  • Edward makes him return his gambeson and then burns it for no raisin.
  • Dick entertains a meal with Edward.
  • He discovers Gelyk is back, but not Cerdic.
  • Despair.
  • Edeline helps him feel better about it.
  • He teaches her things.
  • She stops him from horribly botching something.
  • She teaches him things.
  • He gambles with some hermit.
  • He wins.
  • The hermit introduces himself as Ced.
  • Meets Amalie.
  • Discusses Cheater's Cards.
  • Scores Soul Allister's knife.
  • Scores Soul Allister's falling off of a gate.
  • Scores Soul Allister's money via a fake fine to the Crown.
  • Edeline does the honourable thing and has the money sent to the crown.
  • Not all the money.
  • Has a 'luck off' with Eudoxius.
  • Matches him wit-for-wit.
  • Forms a rivalry with a second Glados character.
  • Earns a coin with "CRMRKY" written on it, featuring a Scorpion and a Snake.
  • Still can't read.
  • Departs for Compendium again.
  • Makes an oath to do good by his "Father" Edric Stone.
  • He deftly maneuvers through a stand-off with Edward, verbally and physically superior in every way.
  • He cheers up Edeline.
  • She is his +1 for the Nobles' Ball.
  • Finds out Edward reported him as a thief to the Queen.
  • The Queen doesn't care.
  • Edward challenges Dick to a duel, enraged.
  • Dick is forced to take the heroic burden of fighting the villain.
  • Losing is winning.
  • Given a kiss.
  • Staying at Alison's Palace.
  • Edward comes to the Palace "drunk" and forms coherent thoughts, including an obscure burn about how Cerdic is dead.
  • Challenged to another duel, accepted with Edeline as witness.
  • Dick buys a silver charm for Edeline.
  • Edward says he hates Dick because he looks like his dead best friend Cerdic for some reason.
  • Edward now declines he ever challenged anyone.
  • Dick and Edeline go to bed.
  • Debunks Eudoxius.
  • Queen Alison says he's a reliable bloke.
  • "I don't mind what you enjoy."
  • He's in.
  • Formally meets Evelyn.
  • Discovers he's been chinced by Westmay.
  • Obviously he deserves land.
  • Speaking of, receives formal invitation to Peter Hallon's Kaiserwache.
  • Can't read. Alison reads it for him.
  • It's only because his title makes him seem like an actual heroic knight.
  • The Queen becomes a mother to him.
  • Develops Oedipus Complex.
  • Stops Brennard from beating a moor elf to death.
  • Embarks to see Kaiser Peter Hallon.
  • Manages to bullshit through talks.
  • He'll have to sign papers to make his Kingsguard career official.
  • He has to read those papers too.
  • He has to know how to write his own name.
  • Returns to Queensport.
  • Detours from Queensport to Compendium and back, supposedly making noble donation to the Artifacts Guild.
  • Formally meets Marek.
  • Inducted into the Ombranari family via coin.
  • Given performance enhancing strength potion.
  • Using this is cheating in a tourney.
  • Hm.
  • Paid to reconstruct the Courtnay family sword.
  • Books a dinner with Maceo de Courtnay and his fresh wife.
  • Gambling match.
  • Loses the Cromarcky Coin.
  • Wedding.
  • Coughs profanities.
  • At the joust, Alison pours her heart out to him and asks if he will take on the villainous Edward.
  • He valiantly accepts.
  • Edward obliterates his chest and Dick dies.
  • He returns, some unconscious force telling him there are still people he must scam on this earth.
  • Finds out Maceo occupies his room.
  • Reunites with Tzemik.
  • Eventually takes off for Storm's Landing in pursuit of something more his speed.
  • Reunites with Edeline.
  • Finds out about his own death.
  • Confidence -3000.
  • Dumped.
  • Ego -10000.
  • Edeline pays for his room.
  • He steals Edeline's room key in hopes she'll come tell him about it.
  • She doesn't.
  • Accused of stealing.
  • Flawlessly concocts a lie to get out of it.
  • For sure dumped.
  • Tzemik flips out at the hero of out story.
  • Clearly cheating was a mistake.
  • Lesson learned.
  • Lesson not learned.
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I don’t believe it
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[Queen Alison Kane, or the Marshal Brennard Westmay] are also the only ones permitted to grant knighthoods in all of Kaltstaat, any others are not to be considered genuine.
Sir Bushell the Gryphon Knight is among the elite few Knights of Kaltstaat by this logic.​
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