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It is the destiny of the weak to be devoured by the strong.
-Otto von Bismarck

General Information:

Name: Reynard.
Other Names: ‘Stag’, ‘Usurper’,
Titles: “Sir Reynard of the Storm”,

Age: 18 Summers.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Current Residence: Storm’s Landing.
Relationship Status:
Social Status: Knight.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’7-5’8.
Weight: 118 lbs.
Eye Colour: Silver.
Skin Colour: Olive.
Shape of Face: Oval.
Distinguishing Features: None visible.
Build of Body: Ectomorph, lean and a bit lithe. Still strong in body and will, but likely less than your average Alteran.
Hair Colour: Dark brown, visibly almost black.
Hair Style: Brushed up, to keep from his face.
Complexion: Smooth and youthful, with smile lines and barely defined cheekbones.
Posture: Not poor.
Is Seen By Others As: Knight Errant.
Scars: One etched across his stomach. Surface but long, from the Storm’s Landing Tourney.
Voice: Jeffrey Combs.


Likes: Hunting, Fighting, Talking, Joking, Winning, Drinking. Patronage.
Dislikes: Straining from the above. Being stranded in a wasteland is his worst nightmare.
Strengths: Patient, Pragmatic and willing to compromise each when required. Cunning.
Weaknesses: Prone to tunnel-vision, Often too easily committed, Has run his mouth.
Fears: Demonspawn, ill will of the Gods, incapacity,
Values: Integrity, Loyalty, Intellect and Wit, among other traits of man.
Education: Can read and write, knows much of history and nobility. Other know-how is practical, taught by his father.
Languages: Common, Fae.
General Attitude: An often dry amusement. Perhaps more beneath the surface.
Religious Inclination: Theodra the Huntress.
General Intelligence: Keen enough.
General Sociability: Very.
Alignment: True Neutral/Neutral Good, unless provoked. That’s strictly Neutral Evil territory.

Short Term Goals:
Long Term Goals:
  • Restoration of a lost line.
  • Staying the damned and the dead.

Wardrobe: Aside from his frequented hunting garb, Reynard possesses a more fanciful attire, proper enough to win him Best Dressed at one of the Kane Nobles’ Balls. A fur-lined cloak, dark brown in colouration.
Jewelry: Some silver trinkets.

Pets/Animals: None.

Owned Homes: Kept behind closed doors.

Carried Inventory: Weapons on-hand often consist of a short or longbow and sealed quiver, with an old hunting knife. He is as well known to keep a pouch of radiants, a small satchel, and flint and steel on-hand.
General Inventory: See above, little else otherwise.

General Wealth: Oddly well-off for his trade.


Illnesses: None.
Allergies: None.*
Injuries: None at the moment.
Sleeping Habits: In flux.
Energy Levels: Consistent.
Eating Habits: 3 meals a day, prone to snacking.
Exercise Habits: Combative and complimentary to his diet, he is quite active.
Memory: Stable.
Unhealthy Habits: Territorial.
Drinking Habits: He is known to partake in the devil’s nectar.


Birthplace: [-]

Childhood: [-]

Teen Years: Knighted.

Adulthood: On the cusp.

Family History: [-]

Past Places of Residences:

Places Traveled:
-Storm’s Landing


Peaceful or violent: Violent.

Weaponry: See inventory. Not opposed to improvising.

-Practiced hunter in his youth.
-Duelist, novice at first. Lucked out of a tourney by taking advantage of the ‘first blood’ rule.
-Several fights later, joins the Landing Guard.
-Defeated, spared Segar.
-Did not spare Segar again.
-Assisted in a Wendigo killing.
-Archery contests usually put him around or just behind the better of the Rangers. Not a Trueshot yet.

Training & Skills:

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Hunter.
Favorite Types of Food: Caught game.
Favorite Types of Drink: Sweet.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Small-talk, travel.
Favorite Colours: Inclined to Silver.
Admired traits: Bravery, wit, optimism, passion, commitment.


Relevant Family Members: His sister; Rosalind.
Romantic Interests: A fool’s errand is run for Eleanor.
Trusted Friends: Rosalind,
Friendly With: Albrecht,
Lisbet, Josephine, Isabell, Elizabeth, ,
Loose Acquaintances: Johannes, The Kane Family (Alison, Elizabeth, & Brennard Westmay), Sir Florian, Count Syr, Joseph, Carling, Caerwyn,
Disfavored Individuals: Cymic, False Crowns,
Hated: Eliyana,
Wary Of: Gerry, Salem, Hydyra, Linden, Sugar,
Ownership: Segar
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