Skins/Maybe Art


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Hello! Stumbled across this page? Don't know what you are doing here? But wait! Don't leave yet! You see, I am not a terrible artist and I am looking for a challenge since I have not drawn in a while. Also, I am willing to take on skin making, an art I only dabbled in a few times. So I guess it is time to man up and probably make some coin while I am at it? I don't know, I cannot say in advance. So, what do you think? Maybe you want a skin, or some wares for an existing one? Maybe some art of your character? Please let me know down in the comment section, maybe I can get better as an artist and benefit other people too? Here is something that I drew, nothing that compares to what's on the forums but looks good to me (Attached)



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Is cool.

What are your prices?

I'm too broke to pay with real money (But go ahead if you want to price it that way) but I'll gladly pay some rads for some art to put on my profile. Just some drawings of equipment; maybe clothes etc