Skullhunter [Declined, inactive - Cherry]

About you
1) What is your MINECRAFT username?

2) How old are you?

Im 16
3) Where are you?

Im from Northern Mexico, but i speak(or write) very fluid english

4) Have you read our guides yet?
Of course
5) Introduce yourself!

Im currently in highschool dealing with a lot of preassure and problems, my grades are bad and all that but im always happy :). Sometimes im really quiet and sometimes i speak a lot, generally when i enter new games i look like a complete n00b, but after a while i start understanding the mechanics and progress a lot.
Videogames are a passion for me(i have not many talents :c), the onoly thing that im really good at is learning new languages; i speak French, English, and Spanish.
The games i like the most are Survival or Medieval themed/RPG/Action(Skyrim for example) games, i love that genre, it just makes me feel like im that age, discover new worlds its amazing, i love fatasy.

6) Got any examples of your work?

Im really empty on the talents branch, sometimes my inspiration flies, and i create some amazing things but its really difficult for me to make that happend.

7) Did you explore our world prior to your application?
Yeah, i walked for a bit, saw some structures, and they were purely amazing

8) Referrer: (Optional)
About your character

Anthony "The Brave", A noble warrior, helpfull in every situation.


23 human years


It's a Skyrim based character; looks like the main armor of the Dragonborn.

The Story:

As a child Anthony was raise by the most Brave and Strong warriors his lands had known(His father, his grandparent, al were Knights) and the most beautiful lady in the whole Kingdom of Asoanyth(His mother). The father of Anthony wanted him to be as Brave and Strong as he was, but Anthony never thinked of it, he was too scared to be a Warrior. As the time went, and everyone was getting older, Anthony's father was starting to worry about the future of his son, and his reputation; but Anthony didn't even had the idea of becoming a Warrior, but not only his father knew this was bad, his enemy's started to find out the future of Anthony, and so, they began their plan, the destroy once and for all the reign of Asoanyth. And this is, when evrything started to fell apart.

It was a cloudy afternoon, all was just fine, kids playing, mothers cooking, merchants selling, but something in the atmosphere wasn't right, smething felt... bad.
Anthony was just playing with his friends, when... It happened, it appeared so quick no one was aware, all the enemy's of Asoanyth were together to destroy the reign.
It was the biggest massacre ever seen, womens, kids, elders, all were dying, heads flying, corpses in the ground... Devastation.

Anthony ran as fast as he could and hid, in the nearest basement he found.
In seconds, all were dead, the population of Asoanyth were murdered, and the head of the parents of Anthony were hanged in spears, just outside the gates.

In 3 days, there was nothing left in the Kingdom of Asoanyth, no food, no people, the bandits, all disapeared with no remorse.
Anthony was devastated, he had nothing left and the only thing he could think about, was, that it was his fault, his parents, the people all were dead because of him, so he sweared that one day, he would claim revenge on the b*stards that killed his family.

He became strong, rock solid, but very fragile on the inside, he started hunting, with sticks and stones, he ate what he could eat, he slept where he could sleep, hard times i must admit, but thanks to this he became a cold bloded warrior, he was brave.
After a while he found a little town, where he was assigned a job and a little shack so he could live peacefully.

At the age of 19 he decided it was time to deploy his wrath on the ones who destroyed his life.

Not even 1 survivor was left, and no one ever heard of Anthony again



The Court Jester
Retired Staff
Hey there Skullhunter,

Good work so far, but I'd like to ask you to reconsider certain aspects of the test section you have provided - we get an awful lot of players wanting to have very powerful, famous or skilled characters from the offset of their experience, and stories in which characters are orphaned, exiled, or otherwise encounter great tragedy tend to be rather cliched, and very common. Often however, we find that the most simple backstories can provide the best roleplaying experience in terms off being able to have characters develop skill at arms or learning in-game through roleplay.

If you could tend to the appropriate edits, I will gladly review the application.

Best of luck,