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Serpent's Fang is the name given to the business that is at this moment located in Halbed,ran exclusively by Master Smith Ventare Seymour.
Trained by the legendary dwarven smith Thôrdil Bárúmur the Blessed of Korog, he was imparted all of the knowledge Thordil possessed morphing Ventare into
a smith of the finest skill and quality after many years of learning and practice he is now ready to open his 'doors' so to speak and begin taking commissions from
the greater public.

Simply visit the forge in Halbed or send a letter addressed to Ventare Seymour to any of his known locations those being, Halbed, Linlea vinyard, Stirling Reserve and Linistel Vineyard, please give a description of the stock or custom item you wish to purchase (the same goes for large orders and multiple items) your name, location and payment then simply wait.

New Location: Smithy in Halbed

OOC: Pm me your order or put it below


Small knives- 400R
Daggers (includes dirks, stilettos ect.)- 600R
Axes- 700R
Parrying blades- 750R
Shortsword- 900R
Arming sword- 1000R
Rapier- 1100R
Bastard sword- 1150R
Longswords- 1200R
Falchion- 1250R
Greatswords (includes Claymores)- 1400R

Spears- 1000R
Glaives- 1200R
Poleaxes & Halberds- 1300R

Staves- 900R
Hammers- 1000R
Maces- 1050R
Flails- 1100R

Slings- 400R
Bows- 900R
Crossbows- 1200R

Gambesons- 2500R
Chainmail- 4000R
Half plate- 10000R
Full plate- 12000R

Generic versions of items will be produced much faster as they have pre-made parts, mostly for military use.

Anything not on the price list can be discussed and likely made, items that are not for combat can also
be produced but must be requested for a price to be given.
(Prices are liable to change in the coming week)

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Bring back angry react
Waiting List:
-Tourmaline's order (Custom set of plate, rondel, heater shield, custom sword.) Ruu

Previous Orders:
-Steel falchion
-Gem removal and relocation to another sword.
-A flanged mace with runic carvings on the pole.
-A highly decorative and highly polished steel gauntlet with a blue stone set into the back, intended for arcane use.
-'Military' order.
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