So You're Having A Kid?


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So, in case you didn't know, my character, Som, is pregnant ( :eek: ). Now I have to say that I was quite hesitant about doing this, as it is very easy to do badly. And I'm still quite self-conscious about RPing it as it is, but such is life.

I did a lot of research (still DOING a lot of research) that I want to share, in case someone else wants to use it.

The timeline is basically two and a half months, with the stipulation that each day is about equivalent to a week. You might be doing some maths there and realize that this amounts to over a year! Well, yeah. Som's elfy. This can easily be cut in half for hoomans and such.

(Right now I'm just gonna put the first 23 days, as that seems like a good enough place to stop.)

Symptoms from previous week continue until it states that they stop. Bolded weeks mean that it starts to get really bad. :D
1 No symptoms
2 No symptoms
3 No symptoms
4 Nausea, Fatigue, Cravings/Aversions
6 actually, at this point, I want to talk about how I dealt with morning sickness. I basically rolled a d5 about once an hour while RPing (or if something triggered it, like a food I'd decided would be under "aversion" - in Som's case, meat. :( ). On a 1, she experienced morning sickness. I usually RPed this as simple nausea, and other times I pulled Som off away from people. Surprisingly few people picked up on this, which was weird.
8 Some physical changes, I'm not going to be explicit, but you still can't tell she's pregnant yet.
10 Headaches, Dizziness (possible fainting)
11 Fatigue
13 For dizziness and fainting, I rolled a d20 when Som was doing something strenuous. In extreme cases, I rolled a d5. Again on a 1, symptoms presented. I think she fainted once.
17 End nausea (whoo!)
18 End fatigue (WHOO!) Appetite starts picking up.
19 End cravings/aversions (Yes, in a normal pregnancy with a healthy mom, those end)
20 Lower abdominal achiness
23 Interestingly, pregnant women are susceptible to all kinds of things. In my notes I have "nosebleeds?" written down across a few days at about this point, but I decided that would just... increase the drama past a point I really wanted.
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Using the same time-ration (1:7), for humans:

1 Nothing
2 Nothing
3 Nothing
4 Nothing
5 Nausea, Fatigue, Cravings/Aversions start
7 Certain physical changes dealing with babbies. *circumspect Som is circumspect*
8 Potential for headaches and dizziness (continues for rest of pregnancy), Fatigue ramps up
12 Nausea ends, hunger starts
13 Fatigues and Cravings/Aversions end
14 Lower abdominal achiness begins (and continues for rest of pregnancy)
16 Backaches begin (and continue for rest of pregnancy)
17 Appetite ramps up more~ Might start showing
18 OMG BACKACHES, also very light fetal movement (first pregnancies might not notice)
21 Potential for anxiety
23 Might start being a bit forgetful
24 Ouch headaches
25 Restless legs
26 Fetal movement ramps up - should be at least 10 movements an hour. Clumsiness
28 Babby moves, might hurt or pinch back nerves
29 Difficulty sleeping, lots of babby movements
30 Fatigue returns - prolly due to sleeplessness and general awkwardness
34 Shortness of breath as babby starts encroaching on full extension of lungs
35 Ermagerd clumsy. Might start experiencing "practice" contractions that will end with any movement.
38 Can have babby anytime~
42 Should really have had the babby
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I love how you've got a beautiful plan here Som and for my character I said, "Let's have the baby really soon and whatever til then!"


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I knew it

I still remember how I found out xD

Deash randomly logs on
Me and Som are talking OOC

Deash: What are you talking about?

Me: How Som is pregnant

Som: ...

Deash: How did you know?

Me: ._.