Some art huhu (noodity warning)


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Easy for me to lose track so I'm going to post my entire commission list now to keep track. Reminder that commissions are closing by the end of the month and I may just go ahead and close them tonight anyhow since I have enough to get through. I aim to get the entire lot done by 20th September ideally. I bounce a lot in art inspirations so I apologise in delays.
If I have forgotten you, let me know!

+ Face sketch for gold patreons (done, the rest wait till next month to repeat)
+ More sketches, another fanart piece (did smut)

+ new patreon sketches for september:

+ UmbraSicarius - Halfbody painted andre - PAID
+ I am Wake - Fullbody painted of lana - PAID
+ Jinny - Face portrait painted of sophia - PAID

FIVE slots of loosely painted portraits like [ x ]
1. Rue - PAID
2. Rue - PAID
3. BoredBrit - PAID
4. French Roast PAID
5. Samwych - PAID

FIVE portrait sketches like [ x ]
1. juulrip - PAID
2. Rossu - PAID
3. tuchiikure - PAID
4. ForestRose - PAID
5. Arcana - PAID
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