Sopostra the Wise Requests Knowledge!


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A Few Flyers are posted on the message boards of Storm's Landing, they contain the following:
Greetings, people of the New World. I am Sopostra the Wise, mentor to many princes. I am writing my newest manuscript, War & Battle: The Essential Manuscript for an Heir, an instructional manual gifted to only the most esteemed of foreign princes. It covers the basics of how to conduct a war and lead one's people to victory. It is, unfortunately, too valuable to be sold to the common people. In order for me to finish, I must research the military of every people, nation, and House- their history and their organization, their arms and armor. I have completed a few editions for other continents, but I must know of the militaries in this foreign land- so I may publish it to the many princes I am mentors to- outside of this continent of course.
All I need to know is the location of the Kings and Queens of this land are- for I will be getting my information directly from them. Fear not, I shall not divulge this information on this continent- at least to people of whom I know may go to war with each other. I shall not talk of strengths nor weaknesses, only their ideal organization- I am a scholar, not a critic or dirty spy.

Specifically, I look for these people, though I am not limited to them:

1. The Kaiser of Anhald and his vassals Cap
2. The Peaceful people of Emyn Arnen Teeke
3. The Ruler of the Sangria Regime Cymic_
4. The Rulers of Mockingbay mokwar
5. The Consul of Valerius Old-Seadog
6. The House of Fuvur blargtheawesome
7. The Doge of Almafia Etow

If these people so choose to decline my request for an audience, then I shall respect such terms. I will conduct our dialogues in the comfort of their own homes, or barracks, and will request nothing but knowledge- not jewels nor riches.

OOC Note: I've decided to continue the work on that little project- and I'll need your help! I want to catalogue the militaries of every faction here! On a certain day agreed upon IRP and OOC by the various Rulers of the continent, I'll RP as Sopostra the Wise (think Aristotle, but without the beard), seeking his daily cup of knowledge. It's a little silly, I know- but with all these wars and fights going on, I'd like to know what specialities and culture each army brings to the server! I hope this can take off on an exciting note!
Also, he is an event character, so he cannot be killed or imprisoned unless it's for a good reason- of which there will be none. He is an old man, so he can't really cause too much harm.
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Talerosite throne? There's no such thing like that in our server history.


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I am aware- it's just a random place I made so as not to accidentally blunder into server lore I don't know about. If you look at the link I placed- there's an OOC note that explains it all. It's honestly just all placeholder names for places that give the character Sopostra and his manuscript a mysterious sort of embellishment- you can assume they existed at one point in this wide universe, but there is no need to make it lore.

Tl;dr, this is for fun, the names not included in server history are for fun.


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We don't have a senate. There's just like an elected mayor dude and everybody comes together to do stuff. Seems kind of cool. I'd like to see it when it's done. Kind of puzzled to why you tagged me since we just have a rag tag group of dudes with swords and armor, but I can help if you want.


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I'm interested in helping out with this, however Cymic might not be around for a bit.


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your invited to meet the Doge in his palace in Amalfia for an audiance. It would be a very interesting talk I am certain :)


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Just thought I might add that this is the only known continent as far as I know. And before someone says, hey there is the sorrows, well I don't think any nation lives there.