Spawn Build Contest #2- Tavern / Inn

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Build Contest for Spawn.
Deadline 17th February

Hello Holloworldians!

*Glances to the left. Glances to the right.* .. Am I clear? ok.. Hey folks! I'm hijacking our 2nd Build Contest (*'owner power abuse' protest in the background)- and asking our playerbase to build a Tavern and Inn! Check our Dynmap and see NWSpawn. I've dismantled the walls and tavern and gates- since the new style is different than the old. We need a new Tavern now!

It has to have the functions of a tavern, and an Inn.
  • Bar/counter for Jack
  • Private Inn Rooms
  • Nice places with tables and chairs
  • Has to be in the style of our New Contest Winner!
The build contest will last TWO weeks which should be enough time. The build contest will take place in /warp buildcontest . Find a spot and provide coordinates with your entry. You will be given a warp to your entry spot so players can come and view the builds.

Winner will receive 10k
All other finished entries will receive 1k

Please fill out the entry form below and happy building!

Do not comment! Entries only. Try commenting on discussion thread for spawn.

In game name:
Build Coordinates:


Entry 1:

In game name: MelancholyFae
Build Coordinates: -45, 22, 125.

Entry 2:

In game name: StarWillow
Build Coordinates: X -99 Z -55

Entry 3:
In game name: Sankera/Sea_of_Fog
Build Coordinates: 90-3-100

Entry 4:

In game name:
Build Coordinates:
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Adding in- If you see me online (Getting a list of staff you can poke when possible-) and want to pick an actual spot in the spawn world- I'll tp you over and you can pick it. We'll WE a hill over, your choice area- to the build world and you can edit it there. This is because spawn isn't a flat world- but hilly. Merely a choice though- if you go the flat route, we'll find a good flat spot. :)

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This is my WIP. I may have made the style wrong - I have to recheck. I used the right materials, though.

-45, 22, 125.

I... am one column? row? short on the back side, but that shouldn't be a problem really.

And I forgot an outhouse/little boys'n'girls room.
And I think I need to extend the kitchen.
And I need to add more decorations, and more stuff behind the bar.
And fill up the inn rooms.

I'm not used to building large things, so it feels wonky to me, but I'll tweak it here and there before deadline.


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My build is not large but it is a medium build and it is more of an open design and cozy.

Cords are X -99 Z -55

I can terraform to fit the surroundings if needed and I can also make an alternative inner wall if it is placed against another build if chosen.


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This is extended to end of Monday as I noticed a new entry (and I don't know how many times I say this- but grahh, busy week) - Thank you all for participating.


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Thanks for waiting all this time. At last this contest shall close! The entries are now protected from griefing and you can see the entries by doing /warp entry# (from 1-3). I'm currently working on the voting thread as we speak and it shall be put up soon. :D
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