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Spawn Build Team [Open]

Discussion in 'Alteran Builders Commission Board' started by BrianAT16, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. BrianAT16

    BrianAT16 The Brainz Retired Council Member Retired Staff

    Character Name:
    In-game Town/City:

    It has been some time since the spawn team released the first half of Spawn which mainly consisted of the outlying districts. There is only one area left which is the middle upper district and the palace itself. Once all these parts of spawn are completed the team can move forward with other aspects and get events and other things running within spawn.

    I'm reaching out to any and all able builders (players and staff both) who have the interest in helping build the final section of spawn and creating it to live up to the potential that it has. If you have an interest in contributing to the server in ways of your building feel free to fill out the form below either in this thread here or in a private Conversation with myself, Warwolf TheDeester and Sankera

    Interested applicants should have
    -Some screenshots of previous builds to showcase in the application
    -Ability to adapt to varying styles
    -The time to help us in building and improving spawn.
    -Mostly experienced with Exterior building.

    Regions: (Detail any region on the map, if any, you have worked on by yourself or with others.)
    Screenshots: (2-4 screenshot minimum.)

    Current Roster:
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  2. Tutore

    Tutore Lord of Altera

    Character Name:
    Alt Name:
    House of Toria
    More a writer than builder, good luck though!
  3. Hai_Paladin

    Hai_Paladin Lord of Altera

    I volunteer, I am very good at replicating anyone player's style.

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