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I swear- You folks are not communicating properly and I have to resort to warnings and tempbans if racist, bandwagoning and demeaning words start to fuel your view point.

First warning on locking the thread. Convey your discussions decently.


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So uh. Just to clarify: Linden isn't bothered by the guardian weapons, he knows they are best to be used against the ongoing threat. If there might be one thing, its likely that Vermella's axe was only one of two things she left behind and he was allowed no say in what happened to it. No opinion asked, nothing on if it was okay to wiekd, who would wield it, what would happen to it after the scion is beaten. All he got was being told that the axe wasn't going to be returned by the person wielding it, barring the duel with Jerry. Mind you, Linden was rather dazed at the time of all that happened.
We shall see where things go IC though.