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This thread is to detail any and all artifacts that get handed out during Starfall events.
If you want to let it be known what you got as loot, you're free to do that here too. :)

Item name: Metal Bee
Item description: A small casting of a bee in bronze. Approximately 3 inches in length.
Item effect: As a constant effect, a swarm of bees will be attracted to and follow the attuned around. They seem to aid in pollinating flowers around the attuned’s living space and help the attuned in beekeeping without becoming stung. They disappear when indoors, in extreme temperatures and when the attuned is in combat. But new ones will return in attraction when the attuned returns to reasonable climates. Cannot be used to harm others.
In the posession of: Ventare Seymour ShaolinPunk
Attuned to:

Item name: Detection Amulet
Item description: An amulet of a serpent eating it’s own tail, with a gem in the center that’s carved with the image of an emberlark.
Item effect: When an arcane mage is within 20 feet of the amulet and casting an active spell it will glow to alert the attuned that a spell is being cast. (Does not alert around passive spells) Usable once per day. If someone casts around it, it’ll alert and be inert the rest of the day.
Attuned to: Gerry McIvy

Item name: Mind Mirror
Item description: A small hand mirror, gold in coloration with etchings in the back. Approximately 4 inches in diameter.
Item effect: Once per week, the player can ask for the location of something or someone and be shown where that thing/person is. Only works if the object is in a 50ft radius and the object was visually recalled in the attuned’s mind.
Attuned to: Lisbet

Item name: Aurora Cloak
Item description: A grey cloak of leather with a hood. Extends up to one's knees.
Item effect: Once per day, the colors of the cloak change to the will of the attuned.
Attuned to: Possession of Luam
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I got a crystal thingie. And an amulet with 'R.R' but I do not think it was important despite Melarue thinking so. Maybe some other bits but I do not believe they're artifacts.


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Pod has 2 Stella Parabias [1 currently, going to have a 2nd after the funeral pyres are done burning and he sees it's still there]


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I picked up the vase that was on the pedestal, idk if it does anything. And the ivory lion