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This thread will serve as a recap for the events of Starfall, much as Niah's did for Forlorn. (Her wonderful Forlorn recap)
The information on this thread is for general information, and to help people see all the pieces of the various story brought together.
As in NIAH's thread, any details will need to be rp'd out.

The sky is decorated with stars shooting by, and with each night which passes seems to grow in intensity.

A festival and joust is held, where merchants sell their wares and jousters compete to become the second Champion of Storm's Landing. King Cymic Seymour took third, Sir Florian von Piers, the returning champion took second, and Prince Ventare Seymour took the Championship. After the jousting was concluded, there was a fireworks display in conjunction with a meteor shower which was taking place that night. However, the beauty soon turned to horror as flames began to rain from the sky and a large yellow meteor tore a rent across the sky as it flies overhead. Flaming pieces of rock fell from the sky as people ran for their lives. In the ensuing chaos, Veriswen Hun'rahel was struck in the chest by a falling meteorite and died, tragically. Her remains were taken to Linlea to be buried. This tragic meteorite was not the only one to fall though, as a larger meteorite fell down in the melee pit behind the jousting area. After some discussion, it was taken to the cathedral for further study. Once inside it was taken apart and a crystal was discovered inside. The crystal was separated from the rest of the meteorite and both pieces were taken for better protection. Over the course of testing, the crystal was destroyed, and the remaining pieces await further discussion and are under guard. The large yellow stain on the sky is a daily reminder of this day, as the stars continue to fall.
Event Thread

A large meteorite fell into the bay of Storm's Landing. There was an earthquake, and many high waves. Fenric Varkious was struck in the shoulder. The bay shone with a bright white light, then was gone. Only a crystal was recovered, and the meteor has disappeared under these strange circumstances. The crystal that was found was taken to the cathedral to be placed under guard.

Charlemagne du Lavoyarde shares findings with the world. Info Thread

Recap of the events of Impact; For about two weeks now, a large object has been falling out of the sky towards a spot near the river that flows through Storm's Landing. Our party arrives on the scene, and is able to make out a bright white glow from across the river illuminating an old mansion. Upon approach, the group is attacked by abnormally large, white emberlarks. Meanwhile up near the manse, there is a massive twenty-foot tall stone being assimilating the now fallen meteorite into itself. Once the emberlarks were dispatched, several in the party tried to get closer to the stone figure only to be struck with a powerful wave of nausea. Those who continued through their retching were met with several different effects; mages and blessed found that their divine and arcane powers were stripped from them, those with no magical power found that their hair was streaked unnaturally with white, crystalline hair, and everyone found that their enchantments were no longer working. Despite this, several brave souls carried on, and were further met with intense cramping the closer they got to the meteor. Only one got within reach of that crater, and was pushed back out by the being inside. While some were affected, some tried to go around to find another way to get past this creature. They soon found themselves entangled in vines which tightened and constricted the more those caught within struggled. Eventually though, the party prevailed and most were able to push through into the manor. Inside they found the state of the building to be dilapidated and close to abandonment. The only living things which had been within were no longer living; a family was found inside and killed from the impact the meteorite made when it touched down. Notable was Podric who saw the family laid to rest and cleaned up the lower floor. The majority of the party went below, into the vault and the puzzles which guarded them. There were several puzzles within, but at the bottom, there was treasure to be had for all who wished it. Notably, Gerry attained an amulet artifact. This was the end of the event. Event Thread

Gerry McIvy posts his warning about the elementals and the rainbow crystals that have been found at impact sites. Info Thread

A meeting is held to discuss the current problem of the heavenstones, hosted by Podric. Info Thread

Further extrapolation by Elizabeth is divulged to the public on the topic of the heavenstones and their effect on flora, fauna, and elementals. Info Thread

Niko posts a poster of warning about where the next meteorite will fall. He urges people to vacate the city of Ralidor for their own saftey. Info Thread

The party began at the gate of Mockingbay which led to Ralidor's road, a good place to start from Niko's poster. The group headed out west, after witnessing the meteorite impact somewhere up ahead. They traveled along the road a short ways before coming across a farmer and his family stranded on the side of the road. As they helped him repair his cart, he told them of the earth shaking, and the fear they felt at having to leave their home. However, once the cart was fixed, the group did not tally and continued on to find where the meteorite had hit. Continuing their travel, they noticed that the local wildlife was fleeing in the direction that they were coming from. Something was spooking the animals, and a glowing white light up ahead was the most likely source.
The group soon comes up on it, and have to go over the road towards the mountains to the north. There they come across a large figure finishing consuming the meteorite, a massive crater having cleaved into th face of a mountain. It was the same elemental as before, and it divided its attention between those newly arrived, and something behind it. Moving toward the group, it tried to communicate and failed. Its lack of ability for verbal communication left the group feeling it was infantile, and it soon gave up trying. It left, leaving all those there to their fate.
As some filtered into the large crater that had been left, they were beset by a gryphon. One of increased size than the usual and white in coloration. It attacked, and killed Jackdaw. It tried to kill Francis and Tirius, but they were able to get away with their lives. In the process, the group was able to get back down the mountain to heal the wounded and regroup. Those who were still able of body went back up to investigate the crater where they were again beset by the gryphon. While it was fighting one group, another managed to get into a small cave at the back of the crater. Within was a nest, and a mother gryphon of similar size and coloration as her mate, defending a clutch of eggs. When it was called out that the gryphons were defending a clutch, the group pulled out and left. They were left to leave, and the gryphons remained where they were. Event Thread

From the city of Astrakhan, the party finds its way to the third crash site after braving rushing rapids and an unfortunate rock slide. Upon reaching the crash site, the group finds that there are signs of disturbance around the crater and no elementals around. Taking this opportunity, several individuals move into the crater to take samples. However, soon two not-yet-seen elementals rush in to try and claim the meteorite. A storm with frightening visage, and a blob of water begin to do battle in the sky above the crater, disregarding the party for the most part. Gerry and Jaden manage to turn the tide of battle however, Gerry distracting the storm, and Jaden weakening the physical form of the water blob enough to where it is absorbed by the storm. At the tail end of the fight, a new but familiar face joins the fray. The stone elemental who had been present at the past impact sites has found its way to the latest crater. As the stone elemental approaches the meteorite, the storm attacks it and tries to fend it off from what it thinks belongs to the winds and water. The stone elmental proves more powerful though, and throws the storm far to the north clearing the sky with the same action. As the elemental devours its prize, the party watches on and runs in different numbers. However, unlike the other two elementals, the stone elemental is not hostile and leaves of its own volition to pursue unknown ends. Most of the party fled, first north toward Astrakhan, then back east to Mockingbay. One last obstacle laid in their way, fish leaping into and out of boats, but those were soon left behind. The city lights of Mockingbay welcoming the party to its embrace. Event Thread
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