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DynaMap of Storms Landing:

Raised from the rubble of an old port, the city has been landscaped by many eager to take the place of a former popular travel destination. The noble committers laying claim to the harbor and inner district, while farmers and cutthroats have made their own niches off the backs of others' success.

In order to garner the most profit, the higher ups vouch Storm's Landing is a cultural epicenter, accepting of all races. Travelers may find not all denizens echo this sentiment.


General Information:

Situated along many trade routes, Storm’s Landing is used as a port of call on the route of most merchants and travelers. It is because of this influx of trade and people and its central location on the continent’s eastern side that Storm’s Landing has become a meeting point for multiple parties and peoples. Despite being one of the longest living cities of the Eastern Kingdoms, it has few exports, and none are of particular note. Most of Storm’s Landing’s produce and animal products go toward sustaining its own population, and the myriad of guests who find themselves filtering through the bustling port city.
The climate can best be described as moderate, with hot summers and warm winters. The humidity is generally low, and the salty sea air blows in and keeps the city cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. It often rains, especially during late summer and early autumn.
Storm’s Landing was first established as a tent city after the final ship sailed from the Northern Kingdoms. Slowly the original city went up, keeping certain aspects of the temporary tent city. This incarnation of the city was destroyed in totality by a giant kraken, and to this day, nearly nothing remains of the original city. After the destruction of the original city, the survivors banded together and rebuilt the city with more distinct districts. These being the slums, the farms, the middle class district, and currently being worked on, the upper class district.

Most people on their journeys throughout the world will all at some point end up passing through Storms Landing, some of them will go as far to have hopes of purchasing a house for rest or a market to sell their wares. Storms Landing features many options, catering for all those interested in a rather simple tier system.

( For more detailed information regarding renting properties: [Click Here] )


Slums District
he slums district is the area where the lowlifes and the scum of the city congregate. Here you’ll find the fighting pit and the black market. The graveyard lies just on the outskirts of the city on the road leading out of the city and to the south.


Dockside Housing
or the sailors and merchants who call Storm’s Landing home, the dockside housing is perhaps the best place to call home. Close to the docks, and more affordable than the Farms or middle class district, the dockside housing is preferred. Along the main street you’ll find several shops, including the saddle’s salesman and the cobble vendor. Along the wharf you’ll find ships that will take you to almost any port you wish. Across from the docks you’ll find the carriages that will take you where the ships do not.


The Farms
he farms are where the farmers tend their fields of wheat and other grains. This is where the majority of the food produced for the city comes from. Of note in this district is the carriage to take people to see the mysterious rift.


Middle Class Homes
ousing for the middle class can be found here. Just the right amount of comfort and affordability for the average person.


Noble District
he upper class district is where the upper class of the city live. In this district you will find; the Office of Couriers and Avian Delivery, the auction house, the First Alteran Bank, the Library, the Storm’s Landing Town Hall, and soon the cathedral.


The Black Market
f you need something under the table, this is the place to get it. Whether it’s hot merchandise or questionable alchemy materials, you can find it in the black market. There is a way there through the sewer and in the slums market.


IC Laws
Written by TheDeester

Minor Crimes
The lower echelon of crime, capable of being dealt punishment by any rank of guard. None are punishable by killing, though jail time is a possibility. If a dealt punishment is declared too severe, the guard may be suspended from service for a time, or eventually barred.

+ Petty Theft: Taking belongings or goods without permission.
+ Pickpocketing: Stealing off of someone, more severe than petty theft.
+ Verbal Assault: Extreme vulgarity or threats.
+ Indecency: Propagating the discomfort or unrest of other citizens.
+ Vandalism: Lesser damage to property.
+ Trespassing: Entering restricted or prohibited areas without permission.

Greater Crimes
Crimes requiring detaining, along with greater punishments as administered by Captains or the Marshall. Repeat offenses will justify the killing of the perpetrator.

+ Mugging: Taking belongings or goods by force.
+ Robbery: Taking multiple belongings or goods without permission.
+ Breaking and Entering: Entering restricted or prohibited areas by unauthorized force.
+ Burglary: Taking belongings or goods after breaking and entering.
+ Physical Assault: Unsanctioned force against a non-aggressing party.
+ Murder: Unsanctioned killing.
+ Fraud: Unsanctioned acts committed under false pretenses.
+ Property Damage: Greater damage to property.
+ Arson: Damage to property with fire.

Grand Crimes
The most heinous acts, punishable by death. Those that return from the dead may retain a warrant for their head until they do not come back again, should a culmination of acts be particularly severe.

+ Kidnapping: Abduction of someone against their will.
+ Mass Murder: A spree of unsanctioned killings.
+ Grand Larceny: A spree of theft, pickpocketing, mugging, robbery, burglary, or a single particularly grand instance of any mentioned acts.
+ Torture: Unsanctioned harm of a captive.

Sanctioned Action:
Certain crimes may be justified, should the following conditions be met:

Self-Defense: Being subject to unprovoked attack preceding the committing a crime, evidence required.
Warranted: With a copy of a guard-issued bounty or warrant for arrest.

OOC Rules
This region is MODERATE
Do not:

+ Grief or take parts of builds
+ Murder without good IC reason
+ Maim or permanently debilitate without consent


s Storm’s Landing is a port city, trade is it’s life blood. Within the walls, you’ll be able to find shops that carry whatever you seek. There are shops for supplies for building, decorating, and food.

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The climate can best be described as moderate, with hot summers and warm winters. The humidity is generally low, and the salty sea air blows in and keeps the city cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. It often rains, especially during late summer and early autumn.

n addition to the usual various plants, here are a few species of flora that are endemic to this part of the continent.

Centranthus trinervis

Doronicum corsicum

Ophrys drumana

Potentilla delphinensis

any animals make a home in the mountains and forests of the city, and occasionally the city itself. Here are several that have been seen in and around the city and its local area.


Red deer


Wild boar


Mime Volan

Sea Gulls

Llamas (imported)

Parrots (imported)
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