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Copies of the following letter, bearing the purple Bárúmur serpent seal, and message would start at Linlea and Storm's Landing, before spreading ou

To the realm,

After studying samples of the lobster-like creature, as provided by Cassian, the following has been uncovered:
-Firstly, the black stones have the same properties as ordinary obsidian.
-Secondly, the creature's armour is impervious to damage done by blunt and cutting weaponry.
It is, however, weak to weaponry that produces a lot of impact in a small area, like warpicks, the spiked sides on warhammers and poleaxes, and so on.
Hitting it with a weapon like that, cracks and compromises the plating. It does, however, remain held together even then.
-Furthermore, the armour comes in several layers of armour plates. The armour seeems fused to the limbs, and can therefore not be taken off.

In case a similar creature is ever faced again, this should aid in its defeat.

Thôrdil Bárúmur