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Sugar Silveira | Doll Maker


Lord of Altera
Updates in this colour.

{ x }

Given Full Name:
Sugar Cane Goldcoat Silveira [ Sil-vey-ra ]
It was time for a family name.

[ Goldilocks | Mama | Darling - Sweetheart | Grandmama - Granny | Spice - Love | Boob Wizard ]
That's probably left for people who care for titles.
Most refer to her as Miss or Madame Sugar.
- Grand Preistess of Sallana
- Duchess of Silveira
- Lady of the West

Her actual age is unknown.
{ Silvian } Lighthoof Caparii
What's a birfday?
Sexuality | Marital Status:
Pansexual | :heart:
Current Residence:
Social Status:
Caparii Noble
Grand Preistess of Sallana
"Mountain" Goat [ Cukie1 ]
Current Status/Thoughts:
H Y P E R | Improvise.

165 lbs
Eye Colour:
Honey Amber
Skin Colour:
A light caramel tan. White dots adore the Caparii's skin on her shoulders and down her upper arms, collarbone, waistlines and thighs.
Face Shape:
Thickly built- althelic, although her build tends to slow her down mainly because she prefers her body to bounce around as little as possible while she walks. She tends to put on a bit of weight on a regular basis.
Hair-Fur colour/Style:
Strawberry Golden/Honey blonde and fur, hair worn out with a few white strips. She does not have much fur to keep her warm, they're rather thin yet soft to touch and only appear on her legs with several white dots painting on them. Her hair has recently grown to her ankles due to lack of haircuts, it's kept in a long thick plait, embellished with all shades or purple flowers and ribbons.
Straight with a sense of carefree relaxation.
◈ She's got a carved flower scar on the left of her waist [Reference]
◈ Scar on her cheek (Left)
◈ Random small scars all over her body
◈ Bites marks randomly placed on her shoulders
◈ A long scar marking across her palm and in between her index and middle finger (Right)
◈ Four medium scar strokes on her upper right forearm
◈ Tear ripped into her back by ajaggered club.
◈ Deep side wounds from multiplestabbings.
Identifying Marks:
Think of her as an identifying mark entirely. : )
A smooth, firm and sultry tone, yet with a sweet ring to mirror her personality. It holds a thick heavy spanish dialect, after being a local from Mockingbay for several years and of Silvian descent. Singing at several sermons and prayers in her spare time, she's earned a place as a skilled singer and musician.
Reference: [ x ]

Sugar nowadays wears cute dresses and clothing with little bits of jewels and flowers adoring her horns and hair. c:


Most regard Sugar as a rarity of kindness, despite that being an obvious cliche. She's often one to act upon her own independent conclusions, whether they fit with similar minds or not.
◈ She is extremely slow to hate
◈ Quirky

◈ Cooking
◈ Dancing and music
◈ Playing her lute
◈ Spending alone time with loved ones
◈ A good laugh
◈ Depending on someone
◈ Liars - This includes herself
◈ Retards and/or unreasonable people. Idiots.
◈ Blame
◈ Laziness - She can't stand someone who doesn't get something done.
◈ Loneliness.
◈ Physical touch.
◈ Crowded or enclosed spaces, ironically
◈ Unable to work
◈ Respect.
◈ Self value.
◈ Companionship.
◈ Her weird family
◈ The present
General Attitude:
"Sugar attitude"
Is seen by others as:
It's Sugar, come on.
Religious Inclination:
+ Profoundly devouted to Sallana
Sugar's beliefs miror Sallana's far too identically and none other. Thus, her faith resides beside the Goddess as one would a trusted family member. Though her attention will always travel with inquisitive thoughts.
+ Holds Silas' ideals
+ Jishrim exists.
+ Memory lost to Visage.
+ Neutral to the Grey Lady, though a lingering respect.
+ Fascinated by Korog and his crafts.
+ Curiosity towards Theodra.
+ Holds Vermella high in regard
She is the true Caparii Queen, the first. Kin defender, Nature's guardian.
+ Holds a brewing pity for Crusade.
+ Recognises Jax as the son of Sallana.
+ Love and pure respect for Shalherana.
She finds the Originator's creations and regrowth beautiful and pure. She is aware of the favour for quantity, but the quality in each creation has her hypnotized.
+ Mild curiosity for Skraag.
+ There is recognition to Ignis Synnove, though mainly for her origin.
+ Smiles to Rahas.
+ Queen Grief
Though far before her time, there is obviously fear lingering in the lands at the mere thought and mention of her. And through this, the imfamous Queen has stuck a morbid admiration cord.
+ Immortal Kings
Need I say more.

Chaotic good
Depth ◈ A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.
[ source ]

+ - Done
/- In-progress
x - Failed
~ - Abandoned
Short term goals
{/} Continue to learn, gain knowledge
{ } Teach Tamaura and anyone that's willing [ Sailing_Elf ]
{/} Be the voice that speaks on behalf of Sallana
{/} Gain more.

Long term goals
{/} Make her mark in this shitty world
{/} Alchemy and Medicine
{/} Beloved family
{/} Linistel

Color : Peridot and emerald green. Colours of sunrises/sunsets. She's taken a liking towards all shades of purple.
Flower/s : Grandiflora Roses and Dahlias
Pastime : Cooking
Food : Cake. So much Cake... Sweet bakes.
Drink : Wine, Red Wine especially. Has developed a liking for certain types of tea
Place : The Country Side, Linistel
Animal : She really likes frogs and love birds, thinks they're cute
Least Favorite...
Color : Dull colours
Flower/s : Likes all flowers
Pastime : Being on her own
Food : Awful food
Drink : She's not very fond of apple juice
Place : Mockingbay.
Animal : Foreign Humans.

Art by bettemus99 :heart:

◈ Cooking.
◈ Strong minded - She does not let her mind go astray nor lets anyone distract her.
◈ High pain tolerance.
◈ Non-Judgmental.
◈ Independent.
◈ Kind to all.
◈ Getting attached or dependent on something or someone
◈ Breaking her promises
◈ Alters
◈ Losing what she's gained.
◈ Literally food
◈ Selective
◈ "..Obedient."
◈ Criticism
◈ Stubborn - Apparently has a genuine stubbornness, according to many.
◈ More cooking
◈ Whittling
◈ Playing the lute
◈ Doll making
Silvian { Dialect }
Lavoyarde [ Ayda ]
Rede [ Ayda ]
Carer | Doll Maker | Seamstress | Architect | Professional Chef | Medical Student | Apprentice | Grand Priestess | Duchess | Aspiring Alchemist
Lute - Favoured
Vihuela ( Hispanic Guitar )
Piano - Needs relearning

Peaceful or Violent:
She becomes more whimsy if anything.
◈ Her hooves, steel horseshoes
◈ Massive Frying Pan, kept in her kitchen
◈ Purple umbrella is best weapon, obviously
◈ Three Daggers
-One embellished with elogant jewels built into the handle, the blade high quality steel.
-Mundane and plain dagger
-Ornate with etched blade of deer prancing.

Combat Training:
She knows basic one-handed weapons
Little Hand to hand. Though is may be as far as she will ever go.
Skill List:
+ Crafts and Skills [ 4.6 / 10 ]
Medicine [ 4/10 ]
+ Knows how to clean and suture a wound, bandages.
+ Stopping bleeding.
+ Currently learning under Einthe and Lillium.
Poisons [ 7/10 ]
+ On-going.
+ Experimenting.
+ Known.
Potions [ 8/10 ]
+ 11/14 Potions
Discovered Dragon's Breath with Lillium
+ Experimenting
+ Knowledge and Capability in Alchemy is like cooking to her.
+ Handles with immense care.
Cooking [ 10/10 ]
+ Spends her time in the kitchen on her days off
+ Professional Chef.
Art of Dance [ 8/10 ]
+ An old profession, so to speak.
Painting and drawing [ 8/10 ]
+ She often paints or draws what she sees for memory.
+ Quite skilled in the area.
Toy making [ 10/10 ]
+ Professional Doll maker.
Whittling/Sculpting [ 9/10 ]
+ Able to make little wooden or stone figures and structures.
+ Can make instruments, such as strings or wind instrument.
Music [ 10/10 ]
+ Music has always been a virtue to Sugar
+ Can play many string and wind instrument
+ Skilled singer

+ Diplomacy [ 5 / 10 ]
Architect [ 8.5/10 ]
+ Trained, another one of her past professions.
Religion [ 5/10 ]
+ She often involves herself in religion matters, if she feels it's worth her time.
+ Espionage [ 4.7 / 10 ]
Acrobatics [ 5/10 ]
+ Nadda.
Athletics [ 5/10 ]
+ F l e x i b i l i t y
Deception [ 5/10 ]
+ She's done it plenty of times.
Infiltration [ 6/10 ]
+ Is a 45% good girl.
Intimidation [ 8/10 ]
+ Die hard Independence.
+ A fierce loyalist and lover.
+ Aggressively friendly.
+ Uninvitedly positive.
+ Titty.
Persuasion [ 5/10 ]
+ In a way, she is clever enough to pick her targets carefully. Blissfully unaware of the skill, however.
Stealth [ 1/10 ]
+ She has no use for stealth. She makes herself known.

+ Player Skills [ 5.2 / 10 ]
Charisma [ 7/10 ]
+ She has a charm, but not in the way you think.
+ May come across as sweetly flirtatious at times, unintentionally.
+ It's Sugar, c'mon.
Forbearance [ 9/10 ]
+ Hurt her, she will scream. But she is not afraid to have pain brought upon her.
+ High pain tolerence.
+ Generally patient when business occurs.
+ No patience if meetings or business is put on hold or without notice beforehand. Limited time.
Dexterity [ 3/10 ]
+ She is slow.
+ This can either be a flaw or a perk.
Intelligence [ 6/10 ]
+ She's not an idiot, one can figure that out.
+ For Altera, she's lucky to be considered average.
Strength [ 4/10 ]
+ Able to lift certain items more easily than others. If lifted correctly.
Wisdom [ 7/10 ]
+ Follows and speaker for Sallana.
+ She is a people person.
+ Has a habit of knowing a person's behaviour within a short time of interaction.

+ Protection [ 3.5 / 10 ]
Weaponry [ 3/10 ]
+ Daggers
+ Steel horse shoes on her hooves
+ ..Umbrella.

+ Weapon Skills [ 4 / 10 ]
Archery [ 6/10 ]
+ Proficient in Longbows, Shortbows, and Light Crossbows.
+ This was mainly used for hunting purposes years back, she is now currently extremely rusty.
Dual Wield [ 3/10 ]
+ What's that?
One-Handed [ 5/10 ]
+ Can slap.
+ Can stab.
+ Knows basic knowledge in One-Handed weapons, does not mean experienced.
Shield [ 4/10 ]
+ Her titty is her shield. Metaphorically.
Two-Handed [ 2/10 ]
+ Nadda.


Illness: Whee someone found them
◈ Bipolar.
◈ Dissociative identity disorder.
◈ Severe anxiety and paranoia.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
[ Diagnosing: mairinbaihn Fronslin ]
◈ A cut marking across her palm and in between her index and middle finger (Right) [Healed]
◈ Wolf bite to her left thigh [Healed - Regen + Healing potion]
◈ Wolf bite on her left hand and wrist [Healed - Regen + Healing potion]
◈ Wolf bite on her left sidewaist [Healed - Regen + Healing potion]
◈ Tear ripped into her back by a jaggered club. [ Treated by Lillium ]
◈ Deep side wounds from multiple stabbings. [ Treated by Lillium ]
Sleeping Habits:
Unless someone is there beside her or hugging her doll at night, she's fine.
Physically clean, sure.
Energy Levels:
Eating Habits:
Food is love, food is life.
Exercise Habits:
Well, anything that involves sweating?
It's a'ight, to an extent.
Unhealthy Habits:
She tends to stay up late working on things, or binge eating. Pulling bits of her hair out during panic attacks or stress.

Mister Greeny the Frog. [ Deceased ] :c
A pure bred black stallion - Midnight
Owned Homes:
A cottage on the outskirts of Mockingbay.
House in Sanardu, because Arianne is mean.
Large house in Aelmere
Rented house in Storms Landing
Shares a home with Illthilior
Linistel and Silveiran Lands - She owns them.
◈ Green or honey gold bead horn jewelry
◈ Peridot earrings [ x ]
◈ Peridot necklac [ x ]
◈ Four golden arm bangles [ x ]
◈ A ring from Essie
◈ A beautiful silver ring gifted from Illthilior, it's worn on her marriage finger. [ x ][ x ] [ Tempy_ ]
General Wealth:
Wealth of nobility, she's come along way.
◈ A fancy teacup set [ x ]
◈ Small tin of vanilla fragants
◈ Kit of professional kitchen knives
◈ Gardening tools
◈ Sewing kit
◈ A shit ton of jewels she's hoarded over the years
◈ Music box
◈ Another Music box!
◈ Purple Umbrella
◈ Jade Jewelry
◈ Pearl Jewelry
Prized Possessions:
◈ Massive fryingpan
◈ White fan [x]
◈ Her doll c:
◈ Music Box gifted by her Grandson, Caramel. [ Song | Ref ]
◈ A wooden spoon with a mustache [ x ]
◈ Purple Umbrella [ x ]
◈ Another Music Box, Caramel is too good to grandma. :heart:[ Song | Ref ]
◈ Her ring
Eliza Schuyler
Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Rose Quartz from Steven Universe
Toriel from Undertale ( ironically )
Divine Blessed
Boons and Spells:
[Charm]: The caster layers an immediate request with divine influence, making the subject far more compliant.

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Lord of Altera

" Everything will be okay " - Linden
*The murder of Victor*
" You two are no different than the parents who left me! " - Posey
" Take a break. " - Soul
" It h.. Hurts because I love you " - Illthilior

" Nothing wrong with giving into temptation. " - Kieran
" Remember to be happy " - Essie

Click the [x] for musical relation.

✥ Loved
❧ Winter Silveira [ x ] mokwar
Her eldest. Having her back in Sugar’s life has overfilled the Caparii with joy, though ashamed that their reunion happened on horrid distasteful timing. Winter’s radiating hyper attitude and smile lightens the stress off her shoulders as if it were a simple feather.
❧ Linden Duskgrove Silveira [ x ] RagingLunacy
Grown up now, her son seems to have matured more over the years- past his maturity age and past. Now a preist of the Lady Vermella and a family of his own.
❧ Posey Cyven Silveira [ x ] Catena
Once a stubborn girl, always a stubborn girl. Posey has grown into a fine young woman if she does say so herself~ Though she can brash, sassy on a regular occasion. But that's just how her daughter is. Her blood.
❧ Illthilior Athrendu [ x ][ x ][ x ] Tempy_ (nerd)
" There's a beauty of knowing you without your words to explain. "
This isn't your typical romantic interest, let alone just love. Everything is mutual, from more than just one emotion, whether it's positive or negative. They know each other. Even earning a hellbound trust the two have developed. An unexpected aging love.
❧ Juniper and Caramel Silveira RagingLunacy Spirit
Her grandsons, dearly missed. She prays for their safety each day and night.
❧ Dara Corbett Silveira [ x ][ x ] RagingLunacy
Looks just like her mother, Sugar has watched this child grow from a small to a beautiful young woman. She's confident the girl will do just fine out in the world.
❧ Lilac Liliana Rose Silveira [ x ][ x ] Cukie1
Her youngest. She is growing and Sugar feels a little hestitant with her aging already, how she wishes time could stop for a while to let the child enjoy her young days before it’s gone. But alas, with their kins short maturity, it’ll be gone soon. Sugar will give her the best childhood to look back upon.
❧ Milah Sicarus Jazzper (nerd)
Her first adopted sister, and most trusted. Milah and Sugar have been stuck together like glue since the Mass Exodus and never seem to drift apart even in long distance. Her Righthand.
✥ A Kins Cherished ✥
❧ Haefer Samiwashere [ x ]
At long last, reunited! The Caparii missed this Moor dearly, she's not letting go of her this time. If anything, Hae is the one of the only few she will let tears fall freely for. But she'll never know that. : )
❧ Arianne Bobert
A sister, questions where she went off to this time.
✥ Trusted Companions
[ Oh that's difficult to do. ]
❧ You can't really trust anyone.
❧ Lillium Cukie1
In the short time of interaction, Lillium has grown a trust only scarce few can enable. Insightful. ..It's entertaining to watch people suck up to her for knowledge or politics.

Good Friends
❧ Fronslin Fronslin
“ You pick strange students. “
A dear friend, and someone she hopes to lay more trust upon. To some extent, she knows he would never turn his back on her. Despite that sounding extremely cocky.
❧ Kieran Fuvur Mitch
It's common knowledge he makes her smile. A genuine one. Sugar greatly enjoys his company and she hopes he does hers. After a fair time apart, she can honestly say she's missed him.
❧ Andre Ursae UmbraSicarius
They met on casual terms, yet spoke freely and willing for hours in a single day. Their conversations is always pleasant and never has their been a hint of silence in their interaction. Sometimes may question his decisions and train of thought.
❧ Adiella bettemus99
This one has been the utmost kind to Sugar, and very protective of the Caparii it seems. Finds her banters odd, but entertaining on the scale of the oddity. Even if they are set out to embarrass her unintentionally.
Friendly with
❧ Kam Kamaoe
An Earthspawn Sugar has built a friendship with. The tea parties they have is always a blast and hopes to have more in the future.
❧ Ayda Ayda
She's very friendly, Sugar likes her presence enough. To be called a friend in such a short time, it actually surprises her.
❧ Cassian Baron2537
Ayda's lover, she finds the two to be find entertaining to catch even if it was just banter amongst themselves. Would he like a cup of tea too?
❧ Iskvandar Vincentius
A Skraag follower, though. Very amiable and frankly, she finds him sweet and incredibly intelligent.
❧ Bertrand-long-name Bowduim
The Caparii finds the man to be too polite for his own good, but. That just adds to his charm, she likes him enough. Amiable.
❧ Tania StarWillow2000
Such a good girl, Sugar finds the girl to be precious. Came to be more motherly towards the 13 year old, though to the Caparii that was entirely on accident. Not that she minds, it's more a habit no matter the persons age.
❧ Tevis Warwolf
A white Makani. And a friend of Tei's and Adiella's? Very.. Stoic, but she's not sure if that's the correct word for it.
❧ Einthe mairinbaihn
Robotic-like, helping. Einthe and Fronslin has recently met one of Sugar's alter personalities and in result the Caparii is being carefully watched by the two. Now that someone knows, Sugar feels exposed. Vulnerable. But she's highly grateful it's in the hands of a real professional.
❧ Dimitrius Hostilius Herennius MrMine
He is but a child, so naturally the Caparii feels motherly and protective towards him out of pure nature. It's always an awakening pleasure to see the boy's smile, innocence is what's so rarely precious in this world.
❧ Theodosius Hostilius Herennius Blorbis83
Dimitrius' father. Although Sugar has yet to get to know him properly, he strikes her as kindly man. But with it, a hand in need of guidance. She plans to build her own opinions of him in due time, just like she does with most willing people.
❧ Tamaura Sailing_Elf
" When you're ready, love. "
Sweet girl, asked Sugar to teach her more about Sallana and take her under her wing. She'll gladly teach what she knows, she just hopes this one doesn't stray.
❧ Kitrana Dawnriver godfather1
She is one of the few to know of her blessing. And it was odd, as the woman has gained an unspeakable and unforeseen trust from Sugar. It confused the Caparii, but she feels safe when near Kitrana. Strong, and amiable.
❧ Demitrius Destrius Cor-Hawklight MRPolo13
All he’s been is sweet to her, and it’s not everyday she considers a man to be a true gentleman. Likes him, maybe he’d like some tea later?
❧ Valtae The_VALKYRIE
Lovely girl, Sugar is surprised she keeps dropping around to Linistel with people in tow. But a pleasantry to have around seems to have taken a liking to little Lilac as well.

✥ Acquainted ✥
❧ Tei Narvendel
A Makani she allegedly met before more flooded in. She feels mild bad he felt the need to thank her..
❧ Cymic Cymic_
He's funny. c: And the first blessed she's spoken to! Apart from her son, Linden. She'll probably pester him more about Jax.
❧ Asero Electric
He's a kindly man, a tattoo man! Offered her a bakery in Aelmere, wonders if he would like some tea sometime.

Unsure of/Wary of
Like, everyone. It goes the same for known people.
[ That's also difficult to do, she's not one to hold grudges for long. ]
[ I would be pretty damn impressed if you got here. ]
They exist.

✥ Deceased ✥
❧ Larike TheDrakeProject
" Waste of my time. "

Forgotten or Disregarded
❧ There's far too many people that aren't important to mention.


Did I miss anyone? Let ol' Ruuruu know if I did
And I'll add you~

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