[Suggestion] Some Mod's

I Like The First One, it should be added (Drawer Mod)

  • I Like the Second One, it should be added. (Better Folige)

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  • I like the Third One, it should be added. (Village-Up)

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  • I like the Fourth One, it should be added. (Glibys Voice Chat)

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  • None of these should be added.

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Lord of Altera
I know, I'm here again suggesting more mod's.

The first one I have is a cool Drawer Mod. It's like chests, but a bit more. . .well, drawers. With blunt honest, this wouldn't really add anything significant to the server other than nice looking drawers. I haven't tested it out or played around with it, but it's more of a "use it if you want" suggestion.


The second one is Better Foliage. Again, this is a more cosmetic pleasing to the eye mod rather than "you need to try this mod". It just makes the tree's, bushes, and grass look nicer.


The third one, again, is more pleasing to the eye/cosmetic mod. It's making villager houses and towns a lot more fun to explore, as the buildings can be changed and so will the surronding terrain. This will only be useful in the Sorrows, but it will give us something to explore while we mine and gather matierals.


The fourth one I envion could help with role-play a lot. This is a Voice-Chat mod, adding that the player would need a working mic. Background noise would also be picked up, so if your in a noisy household it's not going to add to roleplay very well. However, it's a neat little mod that players can speak instead of type-it also includes the feature of that if a player is father away from you, you cannot hear them! Of course, the closer the player is to you, the louder they get. You can also mute certain people, there's also a Set-Up Wizard if you get stuck on certain things.



Secretly Elz
Retired Staff
I believe the server only deals in plug-ins and nod mods, unfortunately.


Lord of Altera
Aye sorry, currently our server can only handle plugins and not mods, I've handled modded servers a few times but it can only be one and not the other. This might've changed since the last time I checked- but to explain:

HollowWorld should- and needs to be easy to access, requiring mod installation for people who don't know how or are incapable of doing so (like my potato laptop) would ruin their enjoyment of the server.

Although that means no- I would like to say that I appreciate you posting this and especially for providing the links :D


The Shadow Admín
Retired Staff
To further what Sally said and to provide a player example. I love when Sally posts new plug-ins for us to use but each time I quiver a bit, afraid it might be too much for my poor laptop to handle. (One day I need to make a thread and show off how bad she is). Basically my laptop is on the verge of dying and needs replacing but that requires lots of money which I don't have so, to continue playing I have to hope plug-ins and mods don't get crazy and my laptop doesn't die.


Lord of Altera
Personally I have no interest in any of these mods, and since it would require more work for both players and staff, so I don't think they should be implemented.

Not to mention they are mods.