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Active Syviil Alighieri


Lord of Altera

Syviil Alighieri
(See - vii - luh)
| Lady | Monk |
Current Condition: Preparing.
Syviil is very clearly physically young. Despite this, her behavior says otherwise.
Caparii. Most of her blood comes from the Reds.
Sexuality|Marital Status:
Bicurious| She would like a relationship, but isn't actively looking, nor focusing on it. Other things have taken her attention.
Current Residence:
The Sorrows and the Bastion of Immortality.
Social Status:
Freewoman. She isn't living in luxury, not poverty.
Physical Appearance:
The Caparii has a very stereotypical Red appearance, flat nose, large horns, etc. Her upper body is covered in very light fur. (Less than this.)
She frequents wearing black robes with the visage of a bleached white skull as a mask. The eyes and lower jaw are dyed an acrid green.
Five foot, six inches.
A healthy weight. She manages to keep herself fit and at an average weight.
Eye Color:
A chestnut brown, like her hair.
Skin Color:
Tanned due to her living within the south most of her life.
Distinguishing Features:
Horns. Her generally feral appearance. A lot of white spots on her cheeks, shoulders, and back. You'd know her if you saw her.
Build of Body:
Mesomorph, although she doesn't exactly fit into this role. Her body bears light muscles.
Hair Color:
A light chestnut brown, matching her eyes.
Hair Style:
It goes down to her upper back.
Clear, if you don't count a fair bit of white spots.
She mimics Iskvandar's posture.
Is Seen By Others As:
She's graceful in her movements, reminiscent of Iskvandar's.
Two long scars on the palm of her right hand, forming an obvious 'x'.
Another 'x' on her left palm.

me love Ambillis
This is the aspect she's most like Iskvandar in. RP with her to find out.
Rain, the South, other Caparii, undead.
Bears, wolves, racists, murderers, the Arcane.
Being rejected, forgotten and abandoned.
Family, friends.
Iskvandar's has taught her quite literally everything she knows.
Common and Fae. Both are spoken and written fluently.
General Attitude:
Found out IC.
Religious Inclination:
Skraag. She believes in all of the views of the Guardians of Immortality, and also believes Skraag to be the most competent God.
She dislikes the Grey Lady for her incompetence.
General Intelligence:
General Sociability:
She is secretive, but she certainly has been trying to reach out to people finally and establish relationships.
Lawful Neutral
Short Term Goals:
~Form a congregation
~Learn Combat

Long Term Goals:

A simple set of clothes. Nothing warm.
General Wealth:
Whatever Iskvandar lets her get away with.
Good. She keeps herself well-groomed.
Sleeping Habits:
Preparing and worship takes most of her time. Sleep is something she finds less of.
Energy Levels:
It fluctuates.
Eating Habits:
She eats lightly.
Exercise Habits:
She exercises occasionally. Wishes to become more fit.
It's alright.
Unhealthy Habits:
Drinking Habits:
She tends to drink light wines and teas.

mmmm Cukie1

Peaceful or violent:
She will do what's needed.
A small dagger.
A seax with a goat-horn handle.
An iron scythe.
Combat Training:
Training & Skills:
-Southerner: The heat of the South does not bother her much at all. Despite her fur.
Priestess and missionary.
Reading. Watching ships at Port.
Favorite Colors:
Blue and Red.
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Lord of Altera
The cherished:
Iskvandar - The Moor took her in when she was a very young child, and ever since has looked after her for many years. She worries for him occasionally, but trusts him to look after himself. Vincentius
Alder (Brother) - Dearly missed. (I doubt anyone would want to play him, but it's worth putting here. PM me if interested.)
The loved:
The trusted:
Dum'ni - Her teacher. She holds an obvious and high respect for him, and looks forward to the future. She's conflicted now that she knows what he's done. dUMMY
Veriswen - The Moor was kind enough to offer her a residence in Mockingbay. She considers her a simple drinking partner. godfather1
Tourmaline - A fellow Caparii. Perhaps the only other live one she has seen in recent years. She enjoys their conversations c: Ruu
Isaac - An Ignite that us tolerable. The man is clearly a surprise for her, but she doesn't like being near him still. He is unsettling to her. Joseph12Q
Connor - A general in the Mockingbay guard. Distant. Baron2537
Kam - An Earthspawn. The first one Syviil's met. Okay. Kamaoe
Gromm - A Dwarf. Korog fanatic. Entertaining. Amiable. Old_Gromm
Tohm - The man called her a goat. Then expected her to say thank you for him freeing her people long ago. Tohm
Mother and Father - They left her alone when she was young. She very easily could have died due to the risk they out her in. Hated greatly. @edgybackstory
Wary Of:
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Lord of Altera
+Divine boon and artifact acquired.

+ Tier one spell: Aura | Unease: Emit an aura in a speak range. Players will generally feel unsettled in your presence and a glow emits around your head for the duration of a speech, threat, or held conversation. Can be visually thematic to a color of whichever neutral/evil god you worship. Players around you will feel uneasy. Effect doesn’t work on characters extremely violent towards you when enraged. [Thought - Once per day]
+Second Spell: ?
+Boon: ?
Artifact: Necromancer's Emblem
A skull-shaped necklace with an intimidating presence. Once per week the wearer may target a creature in sight, which must roll a d20 against a DC 14. If it is not successful, the creature is terrified of the wearer for one minute, and is strongly inclined to flee from them. Applies to players and monsters capable of emotions, including undead.
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