Upcoming Tambry Market and Brew Fair(May)


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When: Saturday, May 16 at 2:00pm EST
Where: Tambry Market Grounds
Who can Come?: Everybody, it's public knowledge

This is the third event, and April's was a huge success. Let's make this one even better!

All vendors will receive a free stall and a free shopkeeper egg. If you want to create a free shop in the Tambry market grounds, please use this to apply or find me in game. You can claim a stall anytime between now and May 16.

Type of Shop: (Brew, Goods, Business)

Looking for entertainers! If you want to provide entertainment, such as fireworks or music or poetry or whatever, you are welcome to! Please just post here and we'll finalize your act.


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IGN: VindicateMD / James H. Kyd
Type of Shop: Brew, Business & Goods

This looks fun.


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IGN: kokirisemerald
Type of stuff: Nether goods and wood

This sounds exciting!
Hiya, can I grab a stall for brewed drinks? An egg would be much appreciated :)
Help yourself to a stall. If I am not on, look for Archbishop or Hai_Paladin @oounstopabl3oo or @Silversurfer105. Also tagging @Balatro and @BrianAT16 because they are often on and will bill me, so if you happen to catch either of them they might be able to help, too. I'm finishing up finals and should resume normal activity soon!


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My stalls are still there from last month, but I'm gonna swap out Rosethorn's stall for Arawen's coz too many flower sellers XD

So I'll have: One general store and one food store


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This event is this coming Saturday! There are still empty stalls to be had.
I'm also looking for entertainers.

Finally, I may have to leave a bit before the event ends, so I'm looking for somebody who's going to be there to just watch over it. These events usually run themselves and there's not a lot of interaction between the organizer and the patrons. All you'd have to do is just make sure people know where to go, when it ends, and that the event stays peaceful.


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IGN: OliveOnion
Type of Shop: Hazrin's Scales Artest Shop

This'll be a roleplay stall for doing quick and real drawing sketches of people's requests. Hopefully I'm available!


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I would LOVE to have Kelta set up a stall, but she's no quite there in RP yet. Perhaps if we get some RP in fiiirst~


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I dunno, I'll note down to check dates and how bad of a state the current sorrows is, then announce it (Or do it quietly for laughs) when it's reset :D


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Event is tomorrow! Still time to claim a stalls. If you want one, help yourself to an empty and unclaimed one.

Don't forget, for the rest of May (including tomorrow) you can use </warp highlight> to get to the town for free! The stalls are free, the travel is free, even the shop eggs are free. So please stop by for the market event tomorrow, IC or OOC, and enjoy a peaceful, friendly, unhindered trading environment!

Still looking for performers!


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As per usual, this event went really well! Anybody have pictures or reviews?

Special thanks to @Somnastra for providing ambiance.