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Consent status: For those feeling brave! Come at me with things like capture, aggression or whatever. PM me or something beforehand, because by making use of this you agree to not excessively harm (TBD in pm) or murder this char. Aka: I'm up for providing antagonists with something to do, but to a certain extent.
Do also note that I haven't provided all information on this thread, for anti-Meta purposes.
Find out IC.

"Try to take that bastion stone outside and you will need your god's mercy."

First name: Thôrdil
-Meaning: It's just a name. Or is it?
- Origin: His parents
Surname: Bárúmur
-Meaning: Deviation of the Horgaahn word for Warhammer
- Origin: Bárúmur is of the Duskhammer clan, therefore the name was based on a weapon.
-Alias: Find out IC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Why this alias?: See above

-Master Dwarf
-That guy
-Cheeky git/Cheeky fucker
-King of The Hill
-The Voice of Reason
-Korog's Priest
-Korog's Chosen/Blessed
-Khorug da Korog
-The Sacred

Reason behind nickname(s):
-Because he's a Dwarf, believe it or not.
-Because he's a blacksmith
-Because some like calling him that
-Not everyone likes him
-Because some Dwarves regard him a brother, while others regard him a brother in arms
-Because he's the Lord of Aeroch Rimtar and he joked with the title
-Because he stood in the way of Gael and his crew when they tried to take two Bastion Stones outside of The Sisterhood temple, wanting to avoid another disaster/apocalypse
-He's the Korog Priest
-Because he has been blessed by Korog
-Because Kublai deems him Korog's prophet
-Because he's Korog's Sacred

-Priest of Korog
-Caretaker of Calan
-Member of The Dunasten Council of Three
-The Last Heir to Dunasten
-Sygyt of The Kingdim of Dunasten and House Dunasten
-Sygyt of House/Clan Bárúmur
-Sygyt of House Dwargar
-Patriarch of the Duskhammer Clan
-Khárûz (although he doesnt use the title and rarely anyone knows) as well as lord of Aeroch Rimtar, Hurr Nor, Ghuldaar and Sul Feir
-Former Warden of Wise (regarding the lands of Hurr Nor)
-Korog's Chosen/Blessed//Khorug da Korog
-Sacred of Korog

Role: Chaotic good
Age: ?
How old do they appear?: About 40
Mental Age: Certainly beyond mature
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Clan: Bárúmur, Dunasten, Duskhammer, Dwargar
House: Bárúmur
Blood Type: O
Birth Date: ?
Symbol: A steel serpent in front of a black-purple shield
Sexuality: Asexual
Religion: Kogrite
Native Language: Horgaahn
Spoken Languages: Horgaahn, Common, Elven
Relationship Status: Single
Astrological Sign: Libra
Tarot Card: The Magician

Theme song

Which Actor/Actress would portray your character:
John Rhys-Davies

Major Events
Age 0-2 (Infancy):
Ages 3-5 (Early Childhood):
Ages 6-9 (Childhood):
Ages 10-12 (Tween):
Ages 13-16 (Teens):
Ages 16-18 (Late Teens):
Ages 19- 25 (Young Adulthood):
Ages 26-29 (Adulthood):
Ages 30-40 (Adulthood Continued):
Ages 41-51 (Middle ages):

Geographical Characteristics
Birthplace: Bárúmur home
Areas lived in: Thiil, Calan, Aeroch Rimtar 1, Aeroch Rimtar 2, Hurr Nor, Mockingbay, Khárûz-Korum, Storm's Landing, Ghuldaan, Sul Feir
Culture: Dwarven with universal influences
Cultural Background: Dwarven

General Size: Short and stocky
Bone Structure: Stocky, tough
Height: 4'
Weight: ~170 lbs
Build of body: Small, stocky and heavily muscular
Face Shape: Stout
Skin Color: Light
Eye color: Grey
Eyebrows: Orange-brown and brushy
Vision level: Great
Ears: Good
Nose: Fairly prominent
Lips: Covered by his beard
Describe their smile: Rarely shows teeth; mostly just a slight tug of the lip
Dental Condition: Peachy
Cheeks: Rosy; the type you want to squeeze.
And then you wake up in The Cave, waiting for revival.
Hair Color: Orange-brown
Hair Length: Majestic long hair
Hair Style: Loose yet groomed
Hair Texture: Luscious locks
Hair Thickness: High coverage
Is their hair dyed?: No
Is their hair healthy?: Yes, very much so
Dominant Hand: Slightly more comfortable with right, yet his inability to use his right hand as a result of his run-in with a Demon has made him ambidextrous.
Arms: Muscular
Nails: Short and mostly clean, yet charcoal often leaves its mark under the outer edges of his nails
Facial Hair: A long beard that reaches to his chest and contains two braids
Tattoos: ?
Who does he take after (mother or father): ?
Distinguishing Physical Features: Short of size, long orange-brown hair
Birthmarks: ?
Body abnormalities: ?
Scent: Mint
Posture: Upright, like he owns the lands upon which he treads


Style Stereotype: Korog
Colors worn the most: Gray, Kogrite and gold

Typical Jewelry:

Bárúmur signet ring on his right pinky
Guardians Membership ring on his right index
Gold and lapis ring on his left middle finger
Dark grey band, bearing Korog glyphs, on his left index
Korog symbol (old and new) around his neck

Usual wardrobe


Love is risky.
Eccentric mentor
Playing with others and staying ahead (even if like this)
Honest and blunt
Self-made man
Rich and modest
Aversion to royalty and nobility

Most Common Mood: Thôrdil
Alignment: Chaotic good balance-seeker but sometimes necessarily evil
Persona/Mask: The Serpent
MBTI Personality Type: Commander (ENTJ-A)
Temperament: Calm and collected, most often restraining his verbal jabs to one sentence

Personality keywords:

Insecurities: Not being good enough
How do they see themselves?: As one of the few who do what needs to be done
How do they believe they are perceived by others?: He figures he is most likely either liked/admired or hated for the good he does
Self-confidence level: High; sometimes perceived as cocky although it is merely confidence in his skills
Self esteem level: Medium
Afraid of the dark?: No, often prefers it
Optimist or Pessimist: Realist
Daredevil or Cautious: Calculated risks
Logical or Emotional: Logical
Working or Relaxing: Working
Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert, eventhough he tends to come across as introvert because of his observation
Confident or Unsure? Always comes across as confident, sometimes mistaken for being cocky
Night owl or Early bird: Early bird
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat: Methodical and neat
First Impression: Either a good man, a silent observer or your worst enemy, depending on when you see him
Affinity: Crafts, combat, riddles
Temperament: Wrath is his one sin
Fears: Find out IC c:
General sociability: He can easily mix into groups, yet he may also be seen standing on the sidelines
Patience level: Impeccable
Most at ease when: Smithing or speaking with a select few
Biggest vulnerability: His way of thinking and certain triggers
Sense of humor: Depends on the situation
General attitude: Confident

Personality Traits
Most prominent personality trait: Logic over emotion and the willingness to experiment
Worst traits of their personality: Logic over emotion; lack of empathy
Jung personality test result: ENTJ (Extravert iNtuitive Thinker Judger)
Enneagram: The Reformer; perfectionist, responsible, fixated on improvement
Primary Objective: The greater good
Secondary Objective: His pals
Motivation: The greater good
Accomplishments: Find out
Greatest Achievement: Find out
Failures: ...
Traumas: Find out
General Habits: Find out
Good Habits: Find out
Bad habits: Find out
Afflictions: Find out
Worries: Find out
Soothers: Find out
Instigators: Find out
Soft Spots: Find out
Cruel Streaks: Find out
Lures: Find out
Savvies: Find out
Can’t/Won’t: Find out
Desires: Find out
Wishes: Find out
Confidantes: Find out
Character keywords: "Find" and "out"

Health and Fitness
Allergies: ?
Athletic: The massive city that is Aeroch Rimtar, with its many steps, and his smithing have left him in impeccable shape
Drinker?: Yea, though moderately
Smoker?: Nope.
Illnesses: ?

-Sprained ankle (healed)
-Broken nose (healed)
-Numerous scratches and bites (healed)
-Cut on the stomach (faint scar)
-Dagger cut on the right shoulder (faint scar)
-Cuts across the back (faint scar)
-Horizontal scars on both legs, from Exodus: a giant crab (healed)
-Broken leg, sprained wrists and bruised ribs from Exodus kraken (healed)
-Abrasion marks across hands and lower legs, from Exodus sandstorm (faint scars)
-Right shoulder riddled in faint scars from where he got Demon shanked and Tzemik'd (faint scars)
-Wendigo clawmark across left shoulder (faint scar)
-Marks across his abdomen and waist from the Scorched Miscreant scorpion (faint faint scar)
-Claw mark across his left leg, from an Abomination (scar)
-Acid burns on his torso, front and back (healed, scar)
-Banged-up right arm/shoulder (healed)

Can they cook?: Yeah he can, since he lives on his own
Diet: He ensures he has enough energy while not getting fat
Vegetarian?: Hahahaha
Gluten Free?: HAHAHAHAHA!

Physical Characteristics

Arm strength: Very strong
Leg Strength: Very good
Balanced or clumsy: Balanced, and not at all clumsy
Dominant?: Yes
Energy Level: High, thanks to his diet
Running Speed: Not that fast, but he can sprint fairly long
Reflexes: Real good due to being a craftsman
Sense of Smell: Decent
Sense of Touch: Really good
Sense of Sight: Really good
Sense of Hearing: Decent
Sense of Taste: Good

Emotional Characteristics
EQ: "Excellent EQ"
Emotional trauma(if any, and why): Find out
Emotional Stability: Good, until prompted
Has their upbringing had an effect on their emotions?: Barely
Secrets: Plenty, if you can call them secrets
Spontaneous or structured: Even when he improvises; it contains a certain structure, as he can easily conjure up thought-out plans on the go
Instinctual or logical: Logical, yet trusting of his gut instinct

How do they act
-Around strangers? Distant and observant
-Around friends? More open and friendlier
-To danger? Courageous and defiant
-To fear? Courageous and defiant
-To change? Accepting
-To loss? Grief, anger
-To flirting? Indifferent
-To stress? He doesn't stress easily
-To guilt? He may not see all bad things he did as inherently bad; more as a necessary evil
-To being wrong? Admitting
-To being criticized? Constructive
-To being insulted? Indifferent
-To praise? Professionally
-To humiliation? Indifferent
-To being loved? Depends on the person

How does he express
-Anger? Calculating
-Sadness? By expressing it in private
-Happiness? By expressing it in private, mostly

How do they feel about
-Marriage? Dangerous
-Children? Legacy
-Love? True love is not for him
-The opposite sex? They don't differ as much as others say
- Religion? His religious views tend to differ from those of others

How do they view
-Death? A mistake
-Life? Permanence
What motivates them? The realm
What makes them sad? Loved ones getting hurt
What makes them angry? The little man or loved ones getting hurt, injustice
What most describes their personality? Thôrdil
Strengths (Emotional): Perseverance
Weaknesses (Emotional): Empathy

Mental/Emotional States
Age 0-2 (Infancy):
Ages 3-5 (Early Childhood):
Ages 6-9 (Childhood):
Ages 10-12 (Tween):
Ages 13-16 (Teens):
Ages 16-18 (Late Teens):
Ages 19- 25 (Young Adulthood):
Ages 26-29 (Adulthood):
Ages 30-40 (Adulthood Continued):
Ages 41-51 (Middle ages):

Intellectual Characteristics
Intelligence Level: High
Manner of writing: Neat
Musical Instruments: Drums
Extremely unskilled at: Yes
Book smart of street smart: Both
General intelligence: High

Intellectual Strengths and Weaknesses
Spatial: Good.
Linguistic/linguistic: Very good.
Bodily-Kinesthetic: Excellent, since he is a craftsman.
Eventhough he is good at logical learning, he tends to be more retentive when he writes it down or applies it in the practical field.
Interpersonal: Rather excellent, since he is a master manipulator.
Eventhough he is blunt and often hurts feelings without noticing.
Intrapersonal: Decent.
Visual: Very good.
Existential: Good enough.
Mathematical-Logical: Very good, since he prefers logical decisions over emotional ones.
Etiquette: Decent enough to not get him stabbed with a fork.
Attitude: Very observant and rarely shows emotion if not necessary.
Outlook on Life: Eventhough life has continuously tried to knock him down, he kept getting up and viewing life as a good thing.
Perception: Excellent.
Virtues: Acceptance, ambition, authenticity, beauty, commitment & determination, confidence, courage, excellence, gratitude, passion, patience
Vices: Doubt, impatience, wrath (when he gets going)
Morality: He treats people as equals, even if he doesn't seem to care about the person.
Though he still repays his debts, cares deeply for his true friends and doesn't lie.

Logical: Very good.
Mathematical: He's good enough with the basics.
Artistic: He's exceptionally artistic with his smithing and good enough at carve work.
Not at all with non-smithing related drawing or painting.
Musical: Decent with drums.
Communication: Exceptional.
Fighting: Skilled enough.
Investigative: Good.
Management: Decent enough.
Organization: Decent enough.
Planning: Good.
Physical: Good.
Problem Solving: Excellent.
Teamwork: He doesn't always work that well in a team.
Cooperation: Good enough.

Chemistry: Basics.
Cooking: Good enough, being on his own.
Sewing: Good enough for patchwork and smithing-related things.
Mechanics: Good enough for smithing-related things and he has always been interested in siege engines.
Fighting: Good, although mostly based on tactics and smithing.
Smithing: Mastered.
Botany: Exclusively poisons.
Mythology: Good, having read many a library.
Dramatics: He's excellent at fooling people.
Astrology: Stars are in the sky and the moon is white purple.
Economy: Good, having been a trader and economical advisor.
Politics: Excellent, because of his political activity.
Geography: He knows the basics.
Mastered languages: Common, Horgaahn, Elven (nasal).
Reading Level: Exceptional.

Philosophical Characteristics
Religion grew up with: Korog is love, Korog is life
Philosophy: No remorse
Do they believe in God?: Thôrdil believes that although the gods themselves are flawed, much like the mortals, their goals often come together with Altera's. Therefore, he finds it completely acceptable the Gods help the Alterans, even if they eventually only help themselves.

Psychological Characteristics
Any mental illness: He doesn't trust easy
Best Quality: Selfless
Biggest Failure: His inability to save Saelihn and others
Biggest Flaw: His mind works differently, often causing him to hurt feelings or offend people without him noticing
Character Flaws: His selflessness and the aforementioned 'biggest flaw'
Disabilities: Emotional tact
Fears: Gigantic scorpions, being unable to breathe
Hobbies: Smithing, plotting, tricking/outsmarting people, carving
Memory: Good
Negative voice(s) in head: His perfectionism
Quirks: Sleeps without a pillow
Strengths: Perception, perseverance and charisma/persuasion, sleight of hand
Talents: Intellect, charisma and crafting
Type of childhood: 'Why aren't you more like ..?'
Weaknesses (Mental): Perfectionism, past events
Weaknesses: Emotional tact, going all in, selfless

Cold/hot weather: Both have their pros and cons
Dislikes: Idiots, grapes (referring back to 'idiots' c: ), needless violence, lies
Hobbies: Smithing, carving, intellectual things
Likes: Keeping his mind sharp, helping others, hunting grand beasts and monsters
Loves: Smithing and outsmarting others
Lusts: Activity, knowledge
Morning/night person: Morning person
Most prized possession: His mind, Valkyrie, Perpetuality, some books and some items that belonges to others
Perfect Vacation: Him and some friends, isolated from idiots
Personal motto: 'Though all do despise us, our forges shine bright to guard the way.'

Favorite Actor:
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Mead
Favorite Animal: Snake
Favorite Arts: Smithing
Favorite Book: Several, his logs included
Favorite Characters: Those who aren't idiots
Favorite Color: Purple, brown, steel
Favorite Dessert: Mead
Favorite Drink: Any type of tea and booze
Favorite Excuses from others: 'I don't have the money for it right now, though ..'
Favorite Flower/Plant: Cactus
Favorite Food: Crab (revenge)
Favorite Flavor: Salty
Favorite Games: Mind games
Favorite Gemstone: Jade and sapphire
Favorite Landmarks: Aeroch RImtar
Favorite Literature: Intellectual stories
Favorite Number: Six
Favorite Pastime: Smithing or playing mindgames
Favorite People: Ventare, Gromm, Korog
Favorite Pizza Toppings: Pineapple with Heinz tomato ketchup (just to trigger the Italians)
Favorite Place: Library or Forge
Favorite Quote: 'So you're okay at smithing, Dwarf?'
Favorite Room In Their House: The small library
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Smells: Old books and his forge
Favorite Song: The song of his hammer hitting the anvil
Favorite Sounds: The sound of his hammer hitting the anvil
Favorite Vegetable: Potato
Favorite Weather: Right after the rain, since he likes the smell

Least Favorites
Least Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Water
Least Favorite Animal: Cymic
Least Favorite Book: Children's tales
Least Favorite Color: Cyan
Least Favorite Dessert: Water
Least Favorite Drink: Non-liquids
Least Favorite Excuse: 'I don't have the money for it right now, though ..'
Least Favorite Flower: Weeds
Least Favorite Food: Raw foods
Least Favorite Games: Haggling
Least Favorite Gemstone: Non-gemstones
Least Favorite Landmarks: Cymic's statue of 'humbleness'
Least Favorite Literature: Children's tales
Least Favorite Pastime: Haggling
Least Favorite People: Varyn, Cymic
Least Favorite Quote: "I swear I'll get you your money!"
Least Favorite Smells: Smelly smells
Least Favorite Subject: Dwarf stereotypes
Least Favorite Time of the Day: When he's asleep
Least Favorite Words: 'That's' 'not' 'possible.'; exclusively in that order

Korog: Korog
Won't forget: Roy, Gromm, Tryg
Dearly missed: Roy, Gromm, Tryg
Friends/family: Ventare, Linden, Citrine, Olga
Allies: Korog, Ventare, Linden, Remi
Trusted: Kharn, Kam, Linden, Ventare, Segar, Ellie
Respected: Tzemik, Edger, Linden, Gilligan and the people above
Friendly terms: Theodosius
Respected yet neutral: Gerry, Kublai, Raalvara
Neutral: All others
Disappointed in: Vorar
Disliked: Arianne, Kris

Sociability: Likes interaction, even if he doesn't always start it off
Level of isolation from others: Tends to get sucked into his work, but does do social stuff if prompted
Person they are closest to: Find out ¯\(ツ)
Mentor: None needed.
Reputation: That differs per person and depends on their intelligence/perception.
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Love Characteristics
Status: Asexual
Marital status: Nope
Love interest: Nope
Do they take initiative?: Yea
Do they believe in true love?: Not really
Go slow or Jump into it: Jump into it
Do they want kids?: It'd be beneficial
Do they want to get married?: It'd be beneficial

Sexual Characteristics
Sexual orientation: Asexual
Significant Other: None
Current romantic partner: None
Current romantic situation: Single
Type of lover: Sweet, protective and listening
Any Commitment issues?: Nope! There's no commitment to have issues about.
Are they Flirty?: As blunt as any blades made by others, when compared to his

Morning Routine: Get up, bathe, breakfast, freshen up, duties
Typical Breakfast: Eggs, berries, whole-wheat bread and tea
Typical Lunch: Mostly whole-wheat bread
Typical Dinner: Things like chicken and tomato stew
Typical Snacks: Nuts (gottem!)
Typical Sleep Schedule: 6 hours at most

Home: Aeroch Rimtar, Hurr Nor, Ghuldaan and Sul Feir
Transportation: By ship and by foot, often using his donkey to transport items
Favorite mode of transportation: By ship
Pets: Bárrow the Fifteenth and his cats
Description of daily surroundings: Forge and books
Living Arrangements: He lives in a modest home

The Virtue Levels 1-10
Adventurousness: 9
Caring: 9
Confidence: 9
Cooperation: 6
Courage: 9
Creativity: 10
Flexibility: 8
Generosity: 8
Honesty: 10
Loyalty: 9
Patience: 7
Perseverance: 10
Respect: 5
Responsibility: 9
Reliability: 10
Sociability: 6
Trust: 4

Occupation: Smith
Employer: Himself
Rank: Master Smith
Combat skills: High
Do they like their job?: Yes
Dream Job: Smith
Hand-to-hand capability: Really good, because of his job and training
How long have they had this occupation?: Nearly all his life
Other skills: Carving, being retentive, charisma
Political Affiliation: His own organization(s)
Specialties: Smithing, melee, charisma, intelligence
Weapons: Waraxe, warhammer, longsword, poleaxe, short sword, crossbow

Society Rank: Royalty
Total Wealth: His pockets seemingly know no limits
Income Level: High
Income per Month: High
Spends per Month: Real low, since he mostly trades things he has for things he wants while being supplied resources
Budgets: High
Extra Money: Stashed

Immediate Family
Did the parents raise this character? Yes
Are the parents still alive? Unknown

Vocal Characteristics
Describe his laugh: A dry chuckle or a hearty laugh
Greetings and Farewells: "G'day." or "Greetings."
Laughter: Unsettling, mostly
Speech Mannerisms: Yes
Style of speaking: Yes
Vocabulary: Rotates between Dwarvish Common and proper Common
Volume of voice: Up there in the foreground, real loud and booming when shouting.

Detailed Back-story:
Find out


[Divinely Blessed]
Religious profile}

Once per month, the craftsman bearing this boon may produce a work that emerges at the utmost maximum of their abilities (beautifully fitted armor, perfectly balanced sword, etc.).
Praise to Korog must be given during the crafting process dedicating the work to him.

Forgemaster's Hammer

A perfectly-shaped smithing hammer bearing immaculate geometric scrimshaw. Korog's sigil is impressed on the side.
Works produced using the hammer and Korog's boon are incredibly resilient to damage.
Anything crafted by using The Forgemaster's Hammer will be finished 1.5x quicker.

When this ability is activated within 20 blocks of the hammer, the Forgemaster's Hammer becomes immovable by any means for up to five minutes a week.
Neither the hammer nor its parts can move, thus it is rendered impervious to any and all impacts during this time.
Unless willed to end early within 20 blocks, it will remain at whatever point in space it started the effect at.

[Artifacts, Korog Items and Rarities]
A steel poleaxe crafted with Korog's Boon.
One of its sides contains a bearded axehead, while the other side is occupied by a blunt piece akin to a meat tenderizer.
Amidst these two sides, are two spikes (one on either side). A spike akin to a spear tip portrudes from the top of Valkyrie.

The hilt is disc-shaped with chamfered edges and made of dense Kogrite.
The grip has been shaped to comfortably fit Thôrdil’s hand(s) and its core consists of dense antler horn, which is then covered in shark skin.
The slightly curved cross-guard ends in two snake heads with emerald eyes. The edges have been sanded and polished. The cross-guard, too, is made of Kogrite.
The master-crafted steel blade of the longsword is 85 centimeters long with a gradual profile taper and is inscribed with runes.
This piece of art has been perfectly balanced and it’s striking force has been optimized with precision.

The Horn of Veracity
A sturdy drinking horn, covered with brass on both ends and in the middle, to provide tether points.
Similarly, the brass around the tip of the horn has been carefully put in place to prevent spills, as the tip of the actual horn is open to use as a blowing horn.

The Hammer of Korog
A hammer Thôrdil smithed during the "Alta ae dur eta fer Korog" event, for which he used his Korog blessing. It's main use will be smithing many unique crafts, however it can also be used to honour the fourth rule of Korog's doctrine; to strike without remorse nor hesitation.
It is made of darkened steel and inscribed with Thôrdil's self-made gold-like metal; Kogrite.
One side is inscribed with Korog's 3rd doctrine, the other with His 4th.

Something like this, with the abovementioned details.

Forgemaster's hammer
A flawless blacksmith's hammer bearing intricate geometric scrimshaw.
Korog's Sigil is impressed upon the side.

The Plate of Permanence
A set of dark steel and 'Kogrite' plate armour with chain, crafted with use of both the blessing of Korog and the Forgemaster's hammer.
The armour is covered with lines of Korog's doctrine in Horgaahn
Korog's holy symbol is inscribed upon his back.

+ a 'snarling Dwarf' faceplate

Honour Guard
A Dwarven towershield made up of both dark and heavily polished steel and decorated with 'Kogrite', crafted with use of both the blessing of Korog and the Forgemaster's hammer.
Thôrdil's handprint has left it's shallow mark in roughly the middle of the shield, with some lines of 'Kogrite' running from the handprint to the edges of the shield.

This poleaxe has been crafted with the Korog Boon and The Forgemaster's Hammer.
Steel poleaxe with a bearded axehead, thin spear tip and hammerhead (with spike).
On the middle of the poleaxe head, a brass hammer crossed with an axe is engraved on both sides.
The bearded axehead and the spiked blunt halves are both outlined across the edges.
From the top of Severance, a spear tip resides.
Upon the steel shaft would be inscribed "O’ thy shall respect the hammer, thy shall wield it wisely!" and "O’ thy shall strike without remorse nor hesitation!" in gold.
The blue grip stands out while providing optimal grip.

A sword made of Rimtar Steel, warped from the Rimtar Steel dagger that was crafted by Thôrdil and used by Fronslin to kill the Scion.
Wielded by the more Humanoid form that spawned from the Scion's heart being punctured, decimating Arike's lucerne before Gael and Arike made it drop this very sword.

A brass reimagination of Korog's symbol as a sort of bridge between both of His symbols, both new and old.
A brass hammer and axe crossed upon a brass anvil, riddled with Korog glyphs, and attached to sturdy beast-leather via a small brass ring.

Slumberling Idol
Description: A small wooden idol of a sleeping bear.
Special Attunement: Sleeping with the idol in your possession. To unattune, dunk the idol in water to wake it up (the idol doesn’t actually wake up. the idol is always asleep).
Effect: An idol that, after attuning to someone over the course of a day, will utterly refuse to allow someone to fall asleep. Over the course of the day after they have attuned, they will grow slowly more tired, until eventually that perception of being tired stops and leaves them in a vaguely dazed state. They feel tired, but they can’t sleep, and they are uncoordinated and suffer the usual effects of staying up for as long as they have stayed up while attuned. It is physically impossible for them to fall asleep. The attuned is able to sleep once they have unattuned to the idol.

Star Singer
Physical Description: A long sword that reflects the night sky in the blade as if one looked at the stars. If it's daylight, it'll look as if it's a plain sword with an ordinary oak hilt and crossguard.
Ability: The weapon makes the attuned desire it when they look at it and are around it. It gives a short confidence boost upon wielding it. Around certain areas of the continent at night, the blade will softly glow white.

Big hammer
A massive 'maul' made of Rimtar Steel, atop a dark oak shaft covered in black leather.
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Thôrdil Bárúmur's story

The start
He started his journey as an Blacksmith apprentice but became a Master Smith after asking others for help with his work, sometimes even learning from books.
He was a bit of a pacifist at first, only using violence when defending others, but this soon changed.

Friends hurt
Thôrdil soon learned that making many friends can hurt. A lot.
Saelihn fell first, causing him great pain as she was one of his best friends.
He started to seclude himself, he even became more violent and he devoted nearly all of his time to Smithing and worshipping Korog.
Just as he started to come to his senses, Elrowen and Logan fell.

All alone
He devoted even more time to Korog and started to become Priest-like, while also going through some combat-training to use his weapons better.
After many clashes with Aracena he faded back into seclusion.
Saelihn came back to life, but soon left for her homeland.
For a long time he was all alone on the free island, Calan, where he pursued the status of Master Smith.

Years had passed before he mastered many of the arts and started to pursue Steel.
Just as he started to get his life back on track, it happened.Again.
Roy and James both fell without him knowing. He did found out afterwards, and this got him to become more of a fighter.

Reached goal & distant friend
It tooks him years and years, but at last he discovered how to make Steel, which he soon started to try and improve. Thanks to the friends that remained, Roy and James (which had come back to life at that point), he once more got his life back on track. Mostly.
Aracena and him kept clashing, Thôrdil's expression getting darker and darker.

Three Dwarves
Thôrdil had spent his entire life following Korog.
Though, he started praying and worshipping more and more the older he got. After Saelihn, Elrowen and Saelihn passed, he blamed himself.
Perhaps he could have prevented it, perhaps he had angered Korog for being pulled towards Marr. Eventhough this was not true, he secluded himself once more. He started spending most part of every day on praying and forging. This was when he became Priest to Korog.
He met two Dwarves, one of which was named Erik Stoneshield.
At first it was just him and the other, planning a gathering to "Summon" Korog. Then came the plans to rebuild the Dwarven Kingdom.
When Erik joined in on their plans, the other Dwarf vanished.
Both Dwarves did their part and Erik started his attempt to become High King of the Dwarves. Thôrdil hoped this would finally get him the title of High Priest of Korog so he could make a difference.

Old friends
At last, Saelihn returned and this filled Thôrdil with joy and eagerness once more.
Eventhough she changed, he still welcomed her back with open arms.
He soon found out how to improve his Steel, and he became more open.
Also, this was when he found out about Erik's success at Aeroch Rimtar.

Old habits die hard, old friends don't
This, ofcourse, was followed by another blow.
Saelihn, after being gone for so long, had been murdered near their jail.
All that remained was her body and one arrow.
Thôrdil took over Calan and started making sure it would last.
He now considers himself a Hurrlar as much as a Kurrlar and a fighter.

Calan, the free island
He set up some trade routes and made himself an unique set of armour.
The chestplate and trousers are made of Steel and took a lot of time.
They're not full-plate, however, as they each consist of two halves held together by leather straps.
The boots, gauntlets and pauldrons are as light and balanced as he could make them, while they still protect him and pack quite the punch.
The rest of his body, except for the head, is covered in chainmail and a thick Blacksmith's apron-like tabard. His weapon of choice, just as unique as the armour, is a Steel Warhammer that looks like a Blacksmith's hammer.

Herecy or 'treason'?

Summary I sent to p00f as a reference for the drawing:

Thôrdil grew up in a normal Dwarven community
Racism to people, bragging about being the best, drunken brawls, etc.
He learned fighting and started drinking early on in his life.
Eventually he spent time being drunk, looking at sparks fly from anvils, the pretty forge lights and listening to the sweet sound of hammers.
He got interested in being a Blacksmith, so he got taught.
He was raised to be respectful and was never really poor.

Eventually he left, feeling he was good enough a Blacksmith to be better than all Humans.
He entered the Northern Kingdoms and started competing on the market. There wear near to no Human Blacksmiths, but there was Urist.
He and Urist made a deal that Thôrdil'd stay away from Tambry, and Urist'd leave him be.
Thôrdil got some friends, made some things and approved his skills that way.

He got better and better and eventually moved around, looking to expand his influence.
He got in a few brawls, getting him annoyed towards Elves.
He stumbled upon Calan and strangely didn't hate it.
Aracena taught him that alcohol isn't the only drink in the world, yet he kept drinking.
He befriended Saelihn and made a giant forge.
His life looked real good and prosperous.
Then someone, Thôrdil thought it was Urist while Urist thought it was Thôrdil, tore down all of Thôrdil's posters without noticing Urists' went down as well.
Urist hired the Black Banners (mercenaries) to threaten Thôrdil and Thôrdil immediately accused Urist.
He got cocky, thinking that Urist must really see him as a threat, so he started working less on his "perfect" blacksmithing. (He was about 22 by then)
He befriended Logan the Caparii, Murdoc the Earthspawn, Saelihn the Elf, Robin the Human, Jackson the Human and James the Human.
Eventually he also befriended Aracena more and he started getting more and more business. The Merchants Guild got created from a Mafia James McGuffin and Thôrdil Bárúmur started.
Thôrdil drank more and more because of his success and started getting more open towards Saelihn and the rest of his pals.
Eventually Saelihn died and Logan got his horn and ear cut off.
Thôrdil got really really depressed and pissy and threw a chair at I believe Jackson when he entered his cave.
He later went hunting crocs with Elrowen and Robin, only to have to save Elrowen from an aligator.
He helped saving Elrowen with the help of his new friend Eugene, the Elven Medic who had a burned face.
Later, Logan was found dead because of a rampage, in Scourge.
Thôrdil started to focus his worship from just Korog to Rahas and Silas as well.
Saelihn got revived and returned.
She got decently mad and confused when people told her she had killed herself, and this hurt Thôrdil deeply.
Elrowen and Marr's Queen, who took over Calan while Saelihn was gone, refused to let her regain the lead "for just a while longer".

As soon as Elrowen punched Saelihn, he got aggressive for the first time by saying something like "Saelihn is the Queen of Calan and if you don't like it, then you can bloody swim home." after slamming his weapon down in front of the Queen and Elrowen.
Saelihn and Thôrdil got more of a connection while Elrowen had also been killed. Thôrdil had at this point made friends with Roy and taught him stuff.
Roy eventually died along with James, sending Thôrdil into another fit of rage, sadness and mental breakdown.
He started drinking significantly less before eventually quitting alcohol entirely.

Saelihn and Thôrdil got a huge connection before she left the Northern Kingdoms, going back to her homeland.
He got more and more tactical and political when Saelihn left since he was one of those in charge now.
Thôrdil got sad and depressed again, locking himself in his Forge for a long long time, focussing on his work while dropping all gods except for Korog.
He had already gotten his iron to near-flawless quality by then.
He discovered that Aracena, his dearest friend now, was one of Jishrim's chosen.
He told her that he'd keep it silent and that he'd help her.
She got mad and told him he doesn't know what loss is, so he flipped at her.
It went back and forth for a long time, getting Thôrdil even more depressed to a critical point where he no longer saw the use of living.
One of his quotes was from a conversation between him and Aracena Ya look at me 'nd ya see w'at? Just an unimpo'tant Dwarf t'at failed ta help those 'e wanted ta help."
He got more military-oriented and started to focus on smithing nearly all the time. (Anhald-Marr had happened by this point)
He eventually reached Steel and then met a Dwarf that, just like him, wanted to make a difference. They teamed up with Erik as well, and so there was Dunasten.
Thôrdil improved his Steel and got more open.
Saelihn returned, making Thôrdil super duper happy and open.
Then one night, when walking home, he found her corpse with an arrow next to it.
He never found who did it and it still hurts him deeply.
He put up a front/disguise of happiness while Saelihn had literally left Thôrdil as nothing more than an empty shell.
He took over Calan and started trade and stuff, making some more massive money.
He started involving himself more with politics and such.
Then all Dunasten stuff happened.
He started to put his faith 100% in Korog now, only forging most fo the time. He put his trust in Erik as a king.
He saw Erik's decline and wanted to support him with a council, so he started planning.
He eventually told Kris as well, and he took it to Erik.
Erik overreacted and headbutted Thôrdil in the face, making something within Thôrdil snap.
He wanted to strangle the life out of Erik during the brawl Erik said he wanted, but Thôrdil restrained himself.
He managed to talk him out of severe punishment and got exiled himself.
He and Roy helped eachother improving their Steel.
Erik died.
Now he started an alliance with the Fuvurs.

The Wildcard Event (10th of June 2017)
Prevented a Mimic from killing a man
Prevented Gael and his lackeys from taking the Bastion Stones otuside
The people rallied to the lone Dwarf blocking their path
He prevented Oliver from leaving, in case he had a Bastion Stone
A Sister appeared and confirmed that Oliver tried to sneak one out

"You stand up..and you help.
And you don't give a damn what happens.
Because you're not going to let anything bad happen to someone that you care for."

"'re a King. I'm a Blacksmith. Fear me."

"It's C-A-L-A-N and I'm not it's Lord, I'm it's Blacksmith."

"I could also seduce my way to the top but I've lost my curves." Asirel Luik

"Some can't believe in themselves until they see someone else believe in them first."

"Why should perfection matter for everything? What matters is who made it, how they did it and why. An adult doesn't expect a child to make something perfect. Just like I do not expect you to."

"Life seems short, even for you Elves, if you never really lived."

"I'll kill.
I'll cheat.
I'll bribe.
So you don't have to."

"Just because perfection cannot be achieved is no excuse not to strive for it."

"They do not remember the countless things you did for them.
No. Ofcourse they only remember the one time you didn't do something for them."

"I disapprove of the words you speak, but to the death will I defend your right to speak them.

"Take that bastion stone outside and you will need your god's mercy."

Thôrdil's unique and interesting stuffs
New items
Prized possessions with history
Most prized possessions

-The ceremonial armour and the crown of since deceased Erik Stoneshield I
-Saplings from Calan
-A steel Korog emblem
-Maps of Calan
-Books, tomes, cipher notes, lexicons, encrypted letters
-His 'oversized smithing hammer' warhammer named "Sir Warr Hamer", scratched and part of the hammer head has discoloured due to scorpion blood caking it
-His steel Caparius horn helmet
-Weathered (and non-weathered) busts and paintings of an Elven woman
-The dagger and war axe he used against the Kraken
-A piece of The Bearded Lass' mast, sail and helm
-A set of steel armour with a massive hole in the right side of the chestplate, where the demon's tentacle struck as he stood in fromt of Idon of Azerwind and Khorug
-Bárúmur, Calan, Dunasten, Duskhammer and Dwargar signet rings
-Dunasten shield
-Steel scutum shield with a scratch running across it's length, saving lives against a Wendigo/Mimic
-A crossbow that has aided in slaying a grand beast
-Fur, meat, bones and heart of a big puppy
-Thôrdil's long dagger he used to stab the Scorched Miscreant scorpion in the eyes before driving it in deep, forcing it to release Thôrdil from it's deadly grasp
-Thôrdil's crossbow that really hurt three of the scorpions

-Steel kite shield that helped break his fall when the Scorched Miscreant smacked him from the wall for his tomfoolery
-Valkyrie; Thôrdil's perfectly made poleaxe
-Giant helmet (and a remaining piece of one) from the "Grief fortress" in the Nether
-Lots of crystals from the heads of those giants
-Two crystals from the control panel of the Exodus Siege Engine
-Two of the weird cave dweller bodies from the Uncharted Waters event
-Collected blood from the above

-Perpetuality; Thôrdil's perfectly made ornate sword as the House Bárúmur heirloom, decorated with a strange metal that's not quite gold
-The Blessing-made Korog statue and it's axe (engraved by many and Korog showed his presence during the axe's creation)
-The mug blessed by Korog with it's ability to refill itself with ale for the night! (no longer does it)

-Guardian Membership Ring
-The Blessing-made smithing hammer
-The Forgemaster's Hammer
-The Plate of Permanence
-Honour Guard

-Gryphon feathers and one piece of it's talon's nail
-Black, glassy blade of a sword
-Gold ring with lapis detail work
-Severance; poleaxe with a bearded axehead, thin spear tip and hammerhead (with spike)
-Two pieces of metal from a meteorite ('waste' and the 'desired' metal)
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More detailed about important Skills:

-good at forging; has recently uncovered how to make Steel
-can carve and fletch
-can brew
-started some tailoring on request, failing the first few times but improving, though he stopped tailoring for now
-good at combat and tactics
-knows how to ride a horse, prefers Donkeys and Mules

Forging: Master smith, steelsmith, Priest of Korog.
Carving: Decent. He started carving things during his travels, he thinks its good enough.
Fletching: Novice.
Brewing: Decent. He knows how to make some brews like alcohol and tea, more a hobby than anything else.
Tailoring: Scrappy. He started tailoring on request and managed to do it after a few tries.
Combat: Good and improving. Was taught how to fight early in his life, merely the basics. Didn't have alot of uses for it until he recently decided to start training again.
Tactics: Good. His intelligence and tactical mindset are great for this. It also helps that he thinks outside the box when needed.
Ride horses: Able to.
Axe Throwing: Decent. Knows how to do it but for him it's mere luck as of right now.

His physical condition:
Truly muscled after years of working at his Forge.
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More detailed about important Skills:

-Mastered Forging
-can carve and fletch
-can brew
-started some tailoring on request, failing the first few times but improving
-knows combat and tactics
-knows how to ride a horse
Just a heads up it takes a lot of time and IC instruction to master forging. There are smiths on server who have worked IRL months or longer to "master" it. There's always room to improve and such. It's really nice to find a teacher IG to teach techniques and stuff as there are certain things that only certain smiths know how to do. ^_^


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Just a heads up it takes a lot of time and IC instruction to master forging. There are smiths on server who have worked IRL months or longer to "master" it. There's always room to improve and such. It's really nice to find a teacher IG to teach techniques and stuff as there are certain things that only certain smiths know how to do. ^_^
I mean "mastered forging" as in he knows how to do it well.
It ofcourse takes practice and Thordil does still make mistakes.
I added "" to it to clarify that


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One thing Thordil is still trying to find out is how to make Steel, he needs to find a blacksmith that knows how