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~The Legions: The Swords and Shields of the Dominion~

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To protect the interests of the Dominion, Basileos Theodosius, has ordered that a military be created and trained. All able-bodied citizens of the Dominion- be they man or woman of whatever race and class- are welcome to join the 1st Legion. Citizens may join as a legionary (more on these differences later), and non-citizens may join the Auxiliary contingents. All joining must observe the laws of Astrakhan, and must swear undying fealty and loyalty to the Basileos and His Representatives. Nobility means nothing- all who join will be trained thoroughly in the weapons given to them, and will not receive special treatment. Below are the current cohorts a citizen may join:

(For an OOC reference, a citizen is anyone who is an Asrakosian, Valerian or anyone else who has lived in the Dominion prior to this post- you may become a citizen at anytime by joining the towns of Astrakhan or Valerius. Auxiliaries are simply mercenaries who have skills in certain martial arts that are NOT interested in joining the Dominion. At the end of their service (i.e, any wars that pop up) they are given their pay and the chance to become an official citizen of the Dominion.)

The Skutatoi: The basic yet versatile foot-soldier of the Legion. All soldiers in this cohort are given a spear, triangular kite shield, an arming sword, spathion or xiphos, and a flanged mace or morningstar. They will be trained to use all of these weapons in different situations (the mace for plate-armored opponents, the spear for cavalry and the swords for men in chain or subarmalis). Soldiers are given a variety of quality armors, usually in a combination. Generally, a lamellar or scale-mail hauberk is worn over a chainmail shirt and a leather or cloth padded chestpiece known as a "subarmalis". They are given either ridge helmets, spangenhelms, or Boeotian helmets- all with a chainmail coif and aventail.

Above, the Skutatoi

The Psiloi: These are the light infantry- armed with the Asrakosian recurve, composite bow. Such bows are made of horn, sinew and maple wood- and launch arrows with enough force strong enough to pierce chainmail or lamellar hauberks and occasionally chest-plates. While not as strong as crossbows, they are certainly not to be taken lightly. Anyone joining this cohort must be well versed in the use of the bow and heavy javelin. They are lightly armored- usually in subarmalis or boiled leather armor, with steel greaves and a simple montefortino helmet. If they are caught in melee, they are expected to use the gladius and buckler.

Subunit: Toxotes- There are times when archers must engage an enemy who is more heavily armed than they are. As such, a portion of Psiloi are armored in either leather lamellar or coat-of-plates, with a mail hauberk underneath them for extra protection. They are also given a mail coif and a spangenhelm with a mail aventail. They generally use the same bows and javelins as their lighter counterparts- but can also be trained to use a crossbow.

Above, the variants of the Psiloi. The Toxotes is depicted on the far left. The slinger variant is outdated, and usually reserved for crowd-control and party games.

The Kataphractoi
: This cohort is arguably the strongest and most exclusive unit of soldiers to join- second to the Imperial Tagmata. Mounted upon swift, powerful steeds (who are barded in lamellar or chain), and armed with lance (either a couched lance or the two-handed kontos), mace/morningstar, kopis/spathion and Asrakosian recurve- these men are no laughing matter. Only men who have achieved feats of true bravery and leadership can be expected to even be nominated to join. Their training is brutal and unlike anything the world has seen.

Men who are attempt to become a Cataphract must be loyal Asrakosians or Valerians, have served 2-5 years in the army, and must be willing to go above and beyond the call of leadership. Candidates are made to stand in the sweltering heat and frigid cold in full armor and go without sleep for at least 4 days- then take a hike in formation- among other things. Should they qualify, these soldiers are given the task of being the only cavalry force in the Dominion, and as such receive a very generous bonus as well as a few acres of land. They are expected to be armored in lamellar, chain/scale and a subarmalis, with a conical helmet (with chainmail concealing all of their face- except for their eyes) providing decent protection. Due to their abundance of armor, they usually carry a buckler while on horseback- though they do carry a kite shield when on foot.

Above, the Kataphractoi and Tagmata, protecting their Strategos (middle).

The Imperial Tagmata: The personal bodyguards of the Basileos and his Hands. Many are handpicked from the Kataphractoi- or simply veterans who have served well. While they are generally Asrakosian in descent, they can be anyone who is a citizen who has been in active military service for 10 years. They are the elite soldiers in the Legion, armored in a lamellar chest-piece, a chainmail hauberk, subarmalis and a variety of sturdy helmets. The Imperial Tagmata (or the "Scholarii") are trained to wield the deadly rhomphaia, the Dane axe, the mace, the arming sword and either the recurve bow or crossbow. They use a kite shield as both an offensive and defensive tool. While not in the regular army, they arguably receive the highest pay of any soldier, with the Kataphractoi being a close second.

Above, the armor of an Imperial Guardsman.

~Auxiliary Contingents~
(Open and Searching for Recruits)
Auxiliaries are anyone who wishes to join the Legion, but is not a citizen. They must be a member of an allied nation to the Dominion and must swear fealty to the Basileos. While paid a bit less, they are given the chance to become an Asrakosian citizen after 5 years of service and may be given a humble house so they may start their new life in the Dominion. Not to mention, foreigners fighting for the Basileos are often highly respected for their selflessness and bravery. Due to the slow growth of the Dominion, one should not join the Auxiliaries in hopes of immediately getting their own home, hence the service period of five years. All auxiliaries are commanded by a citizen officer. One may bring their own weapons, but will inevitably be trained in the usage of standardized equipment.

Above, a charioteer causes terror amongst the ranks of the enemy.

Scythed Charioteers: Any and all fine horsemen who dare pilot these war-machines may sign up. Drawn by two horses half-barded in plate armor, this chariot is equipped with scythes in the axles of the wheel, as well as some spears or scythes attached to the yoke. The driver is accompanied by two men- both armored in a linothorax and plated mail- their faces covered in a frightening iron mask. Should the enemy get too close, one of the charioteers (who aren't driving, obviously) can make good use of a mace to bash the enemy, hopefully causing him to fall into the range of the deadly blades. While these contraptions are indeed effective, they are dangerous to drive and require flat grounds or smooth ramps.

Above, brave Auxiliaries fend off attacks from barbarians. Their leader- a citizen- can be distinguished by the metal crest on his helmet. (Left, foreground)
Auxiliary Infantry: Hailing from all over the world means people will bring different equipment- and standardizing the equipment can be expensive. To solve this issue, the Strategos has allowed the auxiliaries to bring their own arms and armor. The auxiliary infantry are composed of men and women who have either paid their next pay-check for the standard equipment or ones who brought their own. They are less heavily armored than the Skutatoi- as many people can only afford a subarmalis or a mail shirt and some sort of helmet. The auxiliaries are trained to use only two things- the spear and oval shield. Any other melee items- be it a sword, claymore, halberd or mace- is to be something that they train for in their own time, and may only be used as a secondary weapon. They are not very well equipped, and as such, it is in a recruits best-interests to buy a good mail hauberk and a sturdy helmet from their own local blacksmith.
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Rank Structure and Organization
The Legion is a merit-based army- in which nobility means little to no benefits, unless said noble has proven themselves worthy as a leader and knowledgeable in the ways of warfare. Ranks are to be earned- not paid for. Thusly, any superiors are to be respected and obeyed as model soldiers. Below is the rank structure.

(OOC Note: Numbers will change with how many permanent soldiers we obtain. As armies in the server tend to be no more than 10-20 men, I've created a rough draft that works with numbers that are more realistic to an army of the time. I will provide a roster with server-number conversions once we have a cohort of men filled.)

A Legion consists of 4 cohorts. Each cohort is to have 500 men. Each cohort is further broken into 5 Centuries- with each Century being made up of 100 men. A Century is broken into 4 Contubernia (singular- contubernium) of 25 men per contubernium.

A single legion is assigned to two or more provinces (cities) under the command of the Strategos- or commander. The Strategos is in charge of leading the soldiers on the battlefield, defending the borders and towns, planning campaigns with other Strategoi. Strategoi are also charged with working with his or her lower commanding officers in making sure that the Legion is functioning properly and fighting fit. Strategoi carry out the orders of the Basileos and her Hands (Usually governors- or the Strategoi themselves). They can nominate soldiers to become Tribunus- who are then promoted or declined by the Basileos. Together with the Basileos and the her Governors, they must delegate and negotiate on certain tasks, and generally will have the final say of all things military- save for declaring war.

Each Cohort is lead by a Tribune. On the battlefield, they carry out the specific orders given to them by the Strategos, but are also able to make quick decisions on their own to lead their force to victory, if necessary. With their logistics officers, they submit and process every recruit that joins the Legion and calculate the amount of supplies their cohort will need for a campaign. They are in charge of nominating logistics officers, parsons, cohort physicians, pension-officers and any other non-commanding (and in some cases, commanding ranks- though they cannot nominate a soldier to become a Tribune) ranks.

Each Century is lead by a Katepano (or Centurion). Katepani (plural) are the backbone of the Legion. They personally train their soldier and enforce discipline within the ranks. They are the subordinates to the Tribune, and carry out their orders without complaint. Should their commanding Tribune die or retire, a general assembly of the Cohort's Katepani will be held, and the next Tribune will be nominated for processing by the Strategos himself.

The Contubernium is the last- and smallest- part of the Legion. Each contubernium is a group of 25 soldiers, lead by a Decanus, who generally acts as a friendly bridge between the Katepano and his men. Everyday, they report to their commanding Katepano and give out the roll call of his men. They report who is sick, injured, or otherwise incapacitated. They also keep tabs on any suspicious or mutinous soldiers who may need to properly be dealt with
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The Laws of the Legion

The "Big Ones"
1. The Legion is to obey the Basileos and His Familia as well as swear fealty and undying loyalty to their Queen and Country.

2. The Legion is to obey all State, City and Legion laws at all times- at least ones within the Dominion and Her Allies.

3. A Strategos cannot treat with any faction nor can they declare war without the explicit permission from the Basileos or his Strategos.

4. The Laws of War put in place by two conflicting nations are to be obeyed and respected.

5. All Promotion nominees must be processed to the appropriate commanding officer- only they can promote a nominee to a higher ranks.

6. Rank payments must be uniform across all Legions (For example: a Katepano can't be paid a certain amount in one Legion and another amount in another Legion.

The Common Soldiers Laws and Punishments (With a few Tips)
1. All ranks are to be respected, this goes both ways.

2. Anyone found to be mutinous or in the process or plotting of desertion are to be tried, and if found guilty- scourged or executed.

3. No heavy drinking or illicit drug usage while on duty. Tip: A soldier is always on duty- try not to drink any heavily alcoholic substances or tobacco/opium whilst in camp or on the march. Parsons will be trained to help someone quit the habit. Watered-down wine is fine, and will be provided anyways. Drinking and recreational drug use is only acceptable when in peacetime or when not in the field. If you are found to be using such substances while on duty, you will have a dockage of pay. Continued usage after that (3 strike rule) will mean a flogging and eventual expulsion.

4. Training will be held daily by the Katepano. No one who is not sick, mentally debilitated, or otherwise incapacitated is exempt from training. Tip: Training is going to be harsh- and you will receive bruises and occasional fractures- get used to it- it will build character and make you stronger. For the most part, you'll be in armor, so it won't hurt you that badly. (OOC Note: You won't get seriously injured in combat exercises, unless you go out of your way to do something stupid.)

5. Soldiers will not talk back (back-sass, insult, etc) to their superiors unless there is an obvious threat- otherwise a soldier will remain quiet and will speak when spoken to. Failure to treat your superiors with respect will result in fatigues. Continued offenses may result in pay dockage, flogging or even expulsion.

6. Any crimes- including theft, prostitution, and murder- are (obviously) forbidden in the Legion within all ranks. Offenders will be tried under a martial court.

7. Do not use deadly force against a citizen unless told to do so by the Strategos himself- if a citizen or enemy civilian attacks you with a weapon, do your best to disarm and disable them but do not kill them unless absolutely necessary. Offending citizens will be tried and most likely imprisoned if found guilty- they will be tried in a regular, criminal case. If the soldier in question is found guilty of unnecessarily using deadly force but has not seriously injured or killed said civilian- the soldier will be flogged and have their pay docked. If the civilian is killed, the soldier must personally compensate (with money or servitude) the civilian's family. Continued or more serious offenses may result in execution.

8. Soldiers are to be clean-shaven and bathed! Beards, scruff and mustaches are allowed- but they may not exceed 1-inch. This is to prevent unnecessary discomfort when wearing the chainmail coif.

9. Soldiers are not to execute captives unless ordered to.

10. Soldiers must respect civilians- foreign or not.

11. Soldiers may marry and have significant others, but they must not let this get in the way of their duty- this goes for both civilian SO's and soldiers.

12. Sick leave will not result in a dockage of pay- but you must be legitimately sick.
Pregnancy leave is available, and you will continue to receive payment.

OOC Rules:
1. Server rules are always going to be enforced here.

2. Alts (i.e- throw-away characters, not secondary mains) can join in times of war- but must be solely for fighting on our side- OOC "sabotaging" through "mutinies" or simply acting like poor soldiers will not be tolerated. This has happened to me before- though not here and hopefully not in the future. If I were to play an alt the same way for anyone else's army- so give me the same respect.

3. If you are a militant member of another faction (i.e- you play as an enemy noble, soldier or nationalist/fanatic) that we (somehow) end up going to war with, you may not join the army- not even as an alt. This is to prevent metagaming and the above scenario from taking place.

4. Salt is not allowed. This is the army- bad stuff happens, limbs and lives might be lost- if you don't want that, don't join or at the very least, take it like a champ and be smart about it.

5. If you're joining, please be active- I don't want a bunch of players who join then never get on. I understand we all have lives, and we're all busy- as such, I'll be making a Skype chat once I get 5 people. This is to keep everyone informed in upcoming events.

6. Do not take RP info about campaigns or weaknesses and post it on someone else's Skype, the forum, or what have you. Basically, don't meta and don't enable meta for others- whether on accident or on purpose. This goes both ways- metagaming to benefit either your side or mine are grounds for me kicking your butt out and getting staff involved.
7. Patience! Money, weapons and space are all premiums that take time to acquire!

8. Have fun! I want this thing to be a place where everyone can be entertained and get some experience out of it!
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Payment, Quarters, Non-Combat Duties and Pensions
Payment may vary due to inflation or low funds- but will always be equivalent to everything else. Generally, anyone who is not a commanding officer will receive 100 Radiants per (OOC) month, plus any bonuses that the Dominion can safely hand out. Strategos receive 1000 Radiants a month, Tribunes, 500, and Katepani receive 250 Radiants a month. Decurions receive 180 Radiants a month. Officers are generally discouraged from taking other non-commanding positions unless there is an extreme shortage of men.

(OOC Note: I want this Legion to be less focused on money, and more on RP- seeing that the commoner's economy is already quite inflated with money, it's probable that we won't be paying you much at all OOCly. Most people get their money from voting or from taxing settlements anyways, so I'm not too concerned.)

Pensions (land-grants or money) for anyone below Tribune will be a small plot of land. While this may seem unappealing, the slow growth of Astrakhan means that the smallest houses are built first- to serve the poorest of the population before the richest. Pensions are not automatic- you must ask for one- the Dominion may decline or postpone a pension simply because they cannot divert funds or land to so many soldiers.

Above, the many Vexilia of the Legions.

We will be quartering our first Legion (Legio I- Regina Iratus- "The Angry Queen") in Sungrad, as it is partially a castle as well as a civilian settlement. There may need to be cabins or some sort of sturdy structure for our legionaries built here.

Here, legionaries are hard at work building a wall to keep invaders out.

When not in combat- which is often- and not training- which is always- legionaries busy themselves with public construction projects. Most of this includes land-clearance, plotting land for neighborhoods, public farms, and general surveillance of the land. They may also begin building small to medium-sized houses for the public, and even private businesses. Other duties may be mining, lumber duty, public farming, police work, and- for some- teaching the local children Asrakosian and giving out a basic education. Legionaries- and auxiliaries- are expected to be well-respected (and generally friendly) people that the civilians can look to. Don't be afraid to help out the little old woman from down the castra (fort) get across the street.

(OOC Note: Yes, we will be doing building projects for public venues- trust me, it will help, and I may give out bonuses for this kind of stuff.)


To join the legion, all one needs to do is fill out the Application, with some parts being in-character. Then, once accepted, get to Astrakhan!


IGN Name:

IRP Name:

Are you a citizen of Astrakhan? Are you interested in becoming one? (If you wish to become one, you'll automatically be given citizenship here.):

Are you an Asrakosian? (Choice does not effect outcome- more on Asrakosians here):

Tell us about yourself! Why do you want to join the Legion? (Give an In-character description of 1-2 paragraphs, please. While character sheets don't hurt, but make sure to delineate OOC and IC responses):

Barring the fact that the Kataphractoi and Tagmata are not applicable to raw recruits, which cohort do you wish to join- the Psiloi or Skutatoi?

Once/if you are accepted, you will take the Oath of Duty. As soon as you swear this oath- you cannot back out or else you are branded as a deserter. This oath involves cutting your hand and placing it upon the Dragon Standard- a symbol of your loyalty and sacrifice to the Legion and Dominion.

The Oath of Duty:

Do you (name here) swear to serve the Legion with all the loyalty, strength, and enthusiasm your soul can muster? Do you swear undying fealty to the Herenii and Dominion- to defend to the last breath the Basilea and Basileos, your citizens, your comrades and the Dominion? Will you never abandon them- Gods help you?

You will not simply answer with a "yes"- rather you will repeat the affirmative to each statement- "I do swear undying fealty to the Basileos, to protect dank memes, etc".

This thread is an application thread. Only applications to join the Legion are to be posted here. If you have suggestions/criticism/sacrifices to Shia LeBeouf, do them in a PM to me on the forums. I will do my best to respond to them in due time. Shitposting or generally inflammatory remarks are prohibited here.
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Right, finished for the most part. The Laws are subject to change- since the Queen still needs to look at it.
I'm psyched for this- I'm really hoping I can make this Legion as immersive as possible.
And yes, I finished this during a study period (for those of you who may be concerned that I'm wasting my life away :p)

Some things to look forward to..

1. Skins from our beloved Spirit!

2. Non-Commanding Ranks- if you like being a parson, medic, smith, scout, or an engineer- this is the place for you!

3. Tent building program- for all your marching camp needs!


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Flyers are posted up on Storm's Landing...

The Auxiliary Cohorts are now open for application. Norvagen citizens, horsemen/charioteers, and general folk may apply. Run-away-slaves are welcome and their family shall be given safety.

Enemies of the Dominion need not apply. The same goes to people with other vows to other sovereign countries. Those who try to apply will be turned away.

(These statements are common knowledge)


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Bumpo, after the War (“I went back to New York!”) I’ll be doing some open recruitment and training events for the Legion. After, we might be helping Carlos de La Fleur build up Sungrad if MrMine is chill with that.