The Astrum Vetrium


Legend of Altera

Oh how we watched, waited.. planning, pondering. We are the Vetrium, the Guards of Old - called to rise as the citizens have started calling as of late. We live to protect the Noble land and sea of House Astrum... Our determination knows no bounds as we shall help purge the world of mindless violence.

We all strive for the same goal, a task that is righteous, a mission that is true. Our lives, our Honor, our Nobility, Loyal to the end. We shall Defend the Isles, for our honour is bound to it's soil, it's waters and it's inhabitants. Give them all they gave you. Their trust and life. To allow the Waves of the Land to be swept in Tranquility.

Principle Values:
for one has to believe in their own strength, before defending that of others.
Valour, a noble man must be willing to lay down their life, for that of the innocent.
Honor, life is sacred, violence progresses no man, be loyal to the house and it's people.
Restraint, raise not your blade in aggression, for you become the evil you seek to destroy.

Mainline Ranks
All are equal, no matter thine experience or scars, for we are all brothers.

Lord Castellan:
The Lord Castellan is the leader of the Guard, they handle the affairs of the order and the military of the Astrum Isles at large. Officially the field commander and leader.

The Veteran members of the Order, those that hold specialist positions and are eligible for the position of Lord Castellan.

Literally meaning those who guard, the main fighting force of the Order. Their duties include guarding key locations and people on the Astrum Isles, and serve as its guardians.

Initiates to the order, applicants or members of the army picked out to go through training.


Specialist Ranks
The burden of responsibility is great, let it rest not on others.

The Order's Drillmaster, head of training and field commander with the Castellan absent.

The Quartermaster, aiding the Castellan in keeping stock and making sure weapons are maintained.

A member of Astremian Intelligence as well as the Order, keeps records of members and events, as well as the one to report on and guide Intelligence to ensure cooperation between them and the order.

Treat your weapons with respect, and it will return the favour.

All members of the Vetrium will be equipped in iron plate fitted specifically to their physique. This includes a somewhat plain, or winged helmet. Over this they will wear a pale blue cloak with purple trimming - which bears the Astremian Crest when not in combat.
The Guard can choose from a variety of weapons as their main armament, from Winged spears and Tower shields, to Halberds and Poleaxes. So long their main weapon allows for reach, it is accepted.
Furthermore, all guards carry an arming sword, and portable light crossbow, and are extensively trained in the use of both.

OOC Information:

To join the Organisation, send Lune Tekton (Icanra) or Ichien Tekton (Oveny) an IC message on the forums, or find him around the world. Those that join will receive a home within the Astrum Isles, and their equipment will be paid for. Wages are to be discussed.
The main attraction is the character development and CRP courses we are offering, all members will receive all their training through RP, and RP only. This is done regularily. As well as this multiple events will be proposed to staff for the Vetrium to participate in, from guarding delegates, to hunting dangerous monsters.
Finally we offer semi-realistic military experience, your character will be drilled and taught formations.
Most importantly though, we are here to have fun and along with the rest of the Isles are a rather tight knit group, welcoming everyone!

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Legend of Altera
Note: I am aware Astrum already had a pre-existing guard. However due to RP events, the order has been rebooted and rebranded.