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As groups begin to branch out of Linlea in expeditions, Tol'fen'ke Kov'Gra'Sek has invited those that remain to have a meal together. A big rationed outdoor stew, as you will, to bond and babble. To boost morale.
This begins: Sunday Nov. 11. 2pm PST, 3pm CST, 5pm EST, 10pm GMT
Estimated Runtime: Not long at all. It'll be a general, 'come over, get a meal and talk'. May run however long it needs to.
Invited: Whoever's left in Linlea/Returned from exploring
Location: Dueling Grounds near the Citadel


Bring back angry react
Good question. Solus Will there be table cloths? This may seem like a trivial question but it is critical we know.

I still don't know how we ever escaped that house... especially after they tried to purge us with fire.. and failed.
Proof that god exists, and that Kols copious amounts of saliva are fire retardant