The Blessings of the Divine

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The gods don't venture down from their seat in the heavens anymore, not for an age. But maybe there are still signs that they're watching.

(Through recent action, certain characters have seemingly earned the attention of the divines,and display supernatural abilities in accordance with their patron. Boons are generally usable once per week, and are better suited to address Altera's plagues than interpersonal combat.)


Blessing of Ignis: Seen as a dazzling beam of sunlight, called upon foes. Not subtle.
Blessing of Jax: Occasional bursts of preternatural good fortune.
Blessing of Sallana: Occasional bursts of preternatural persuasion.
Blessing of Korog: Uncannily deft crafting.
Blessing of Vermella: Postponed exsanguination.
Blessing of Shalherana: Postponed death.
Blessing of Rahas: Inspires courage.


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Divine Magic
- Tiers of the Faithful-
Acknowledgement from the Divines come to those who’ve earned their place among the ranks with persistent faith. One must develop a divine’s trust in their faith, their portfolio, the Divine Law, or in the ways of their lives. Only those deemed worthy can unlock a Divine aspect and be accepted among the ranks to pursue a path through the Divine Tiers.

The Divines themselves seek prayer from their followers for significant reasons. In order to promote it, they seek followers, worthy of gaining hints of their powers.. in order for their faith to have weight. Only those prominent will achieve Exalted rank - these individuals are sole leaders of their chosen divine. They spread the divine’s portfolio and are the most in tune with their aspects

(Ooc note: Chosen players must have a list of their spell under their profile, titled [Divine Blessed].)

+The Blessed+
Tier I (Three spell slots each) | Allocated Spell List - The Blessed are those who’ve stood out among those who follow a specific divine.
The blessed may use a number of abilities per day dependent on their rank, of spells drawn from the list appropriate to the alignment of their patron deity These spells must be chosen and prepared at the start of the day through a short period of prayer, and can't be changed until the next day. You can prepare duplicates of the same spell.
The spells' use will be emoted based on the following table.

Emote ||
| Thought: 1 emote in rp chat, signifying prayer or acknowledgement to your divine.
| Touch: 1 emote in rp chat, signifying physical touch
| Incantation: 2 emotes in rp chat, speaking of a prayer, or saying, towards your divine.
| Ritual: 3 emotes in rp chat, signifying physical action, prayer, etc towards your divine.

Heretics: Defined as those who pray to false gods. Those that are not of the Pantheon.


Purify: Purify a liter of water from poison or contamination. Water turns to “Holy Water” that temporarily singes demons, undead, arcane users, and heretics. If drunk, it will prevent sickness for a day (colds, flu). [Touch | One use per liter, effect of holy water stays until use]

Shield of Faith: Ward against an incoming strike by raising your arm as if it bears a physical shield, and trusting the divine. A shield-shaped barrier of light appears to deflect or otherwise negate an immediate incoming attack, and disappears within five seconds of being summoned. (Does not last for longer than one round, and counts as the action taken for that round.) [Thought-Reaction]

Deliver: Touch a being, creature, or yourself and remove one condition or disease. Must be a temporary ailment: blindness, deafness, paralysis, poison. The divine spell will not work if the being's ailments are permanent. [Incantation + Touch]

Minor Heal: Mend a recent surface, non-fatal injury. Includes bruises, cuts, and burns. The area healed is still sensitive and prone to reverting back if proper care is not given within the rp hour. [Touch]

Aura | Bliss: Emit a captivating aura in a speak range. Players are enticed to give you attention and a glow emits around your head for the duration of a speech, or held conversation. Can be visually thematic to a color of whichever neutral/good god you worship. Players around you will be calmed. Effect doesn’t work on characters extremely violent towards you when enraged. [Thought]

Repose: Bless a corpse from turning undead. It will decompose naturally. [Incantation]

Detect Good or Evil: As it says- search for a Holy being, Undead, Beast, or Demon in an rp range. Can estimate how many of that kind, and from which direction. [Thought | must choose only one from the list]

Stun: stun a creature from making any moves. Effect lasts for 1 combat round. (Only works on animal like creatures, demons, undead, arcane users, or heretics. To use against another character, the user must roll off against the player..) [Touch | Requires skin-to-skin contact]

Feast of the Valiant: Conjure a divine meal worth of blessed food, ale and wines. Those who eat from it feel healthier and cures minor ailments (cuts, bruises, headaches, dehydration). [Ritual - Feeds a single person.]

Minor Repair: Enact a minor miracle by repairing one material or object from rust, dents, tears, scratches. If item is broken- you must have all pieces present. Limit: Must be a small object. Cannot be anything imbued by Enchantments, Arcane or Divine magic. [Touch - Once per day]

To the Skies: A Beacon of light is shot into the skies, day or night, directly above the caster. Color must be thematic to your deity in terms of your Incantation. It can be seen within a 200 block radius and will last for 6 seconds. [Incantation - Once per day]

Trick of the Eye: Enact a small magical illusion that is thematic to your deity within a 10 block radius. It will last for 1 minute. Cannot be cast while under stress (ie- combat) [Incantation - Once per day]

[Choose Aura|Bliss or Aura|Unease]

Divine Poison: Poison a cup of liquid or food. Retains the effect forever and is equivalent to an alchemical poison potion. [Touch]

Darken: Removes any source of light in a 10ft radius, centered around you. Candles, small fires and torches are snuffed out, glowstone no longer glow, redstone lamps turn off. Isn’t very useful in daylight. This does not shroud the area in a literal dark cloud. The sources of light return within an hour. [Thought]

Madness: When you force a hysterical action, another is forced to display the same. You laugh, they laugh. One has the ability to laugh, scream, cry, be angry, or fearful. Must have intent on only one person of madness per emotion. Lasts for 2 combat rounds. If there is an attempt at physical harm on the subject, the spell breaks. To use against another character, the user must roll off against the player. [Thought | Must be in visual range of target]

Aura | Unease: Emit an aura in a speak range. Players will generally feel unsettled in your presence and a glow emits around your head for the duration of a speech, threat, or held conversation. Can be visually thematic to a color of whichever neutral/evil god you worship. Players around you will feel uneasy. Effect doesn’t work on characters extremely violent towards you when enraged. [Thought]

Dispose: Taint a corpse with intention of it turning undead. Does not work instantly and cannot be used inside the wards. [Incantation]

Ruin: Touch an object to ruin- break, rust, crack, shatter. Limit: Must be something one can lift or hold. Cannot be anything imbued by Enchantments, Arcane or Divine magic. [Touch- Once per day]

+The Sacred+
Tier II | (Five spell slots) | Unlocked Artifact - The Sacred are those who've continued to pursue divine favor and spread their knowledge. They’ve grasped the portfolios of said divine, to a degree, and have respected the Divine Law. In order to promote more faith and followers, they are chosen. The Sacred gain access to an expanded spell list of spells that can be prepared for two slots instead of one, and a deity-specific spell. A Boon artifact, formed into one, tends to be granted.

Boon: {Here} Artifact: {Here}

UNIVERSAL: Spells may be prepared by any alignment.
[Arcane Glyph Ward]: Permanently embed glyphs of your divine on small objects. Arcane spells cast within a 3-meter radius of its placement are forced to roll with disadvantage (roll twice, take the lowest roll). Passive spells are not included. Up to two glyphs can be made at any given time. Cannot be used on Arcane artifacts. Works so long as the caster is on the same plane, and not dead. As a ritual, the caster may deactivate all of his glyphs, regardless of proximity. [0/2]
[Stutter]: Impose disadvantage on a mage’s spell roll [Reaction, 15 block range]


Shalherana | [Overgrowth]: Rapidly advance the growth of plant life within a three-meter cube. It can be used to: Bring a plant to flower or bear fruit, even if it is not in season. | Progress a sapling to a mature stage. | Cause vines to grow over all inorganic surfaces within the space. [Touch]
Skraag | [Rot]: Cause non-mortal organic matter to rot and wither away. Decays up to one cubic meter of inert material (damages structural integrity of wood, etc), or threatens up to one cubic meter of living, nonmortal material based on a d20 roll. [Thought + Touch]
Jishrim | [Hunger]: Inflict the target with a maddening hunger. The target makes a d20 roll: Above 14 has no effect, 14-8 the target seeks the nearest source of prepared food, 7-2 the target seeks the nearest living animal to try and eat raw, and on a roll of 1 the target tries to eat the nearest person. Effect ends if hostility is shown against the target by any but its quarry, the quarry leaves its line of sight for thirty consecutive seconds, or five minutes have elapsed. [Thought + Touch]
Ignis | [Order]: Imposes order within a five meter radius of the caster. Loose objects are organized and tidied, effects produced by a chaotic deity are suppressed (includes spells from blessed), and arcane spells are cast with an additional DC 10 check for failure. Lasts for five minutes. [Incantation]
Valiant | [Armory (Set)]: Inscribe a set of armor with holy symbols. Following this ritual, the armor disappears, but may be summoned around the caster for one hour using Armory|Summon. [Ritual- Takes one hour to complete]
[Armory (Summon)]: Immediately summons a set of armor stored in Armory|Set around the caster, as worn. [Incantation]
Theodra | [Mark]: Select a living target visible within RP range. For the next 24 hours, the caster is aware of its location relative to him so long as the creature remains on the same plane. [Incantation]
Visage | [Stolen Secret]: As a reaction, this ability forces a mage to roll a second time for a spell. If the second roll fails a straight d20 roll with a DC 10, the spell fails and they forget how to cast it for the next 24 hours. [Thought]
Jax | [Hedged Bet]: Roll a d20. This roll may be substituted for any one roll made within the next hour, so long as the target is within RP range and line of sight of the caster. The caster may target himself. This ability does not function in PvP scenarios. [Ritual]
Sallana | [Reverie]: A creature is subject to a vision of another life, perfect, full of laughter and love. Failure on a DC 14 save leaves the target completely distracted for up to five minutes, so long as no hostile action is taken against it. [Thought + Touch]
The Grey Lady | [Summon Specter]: A ghostly apparition of a chosen deceased individual appears by the caster. This ghost can’t leave or interact with its surroundings other than to speak. The specter endures for up to fifteen minutes, and is compelled to somehow meaningfully answer the caster’s queries (DC 14 to remain silent). [Ritual]
Korog | [Animate Construct]: Animate up to a humanoid sized construct that is otherwise mechanically capable of movement (joints that could be moved manually, etc). For twenty-four hours, the construct obeys basic commands to the best of its ability. The construct is slow-moving and can’t aid in combat, but may otherwise function as an assistant in various tasks. Explicitly does not aid in scenarios against other players, in order to stay in line with NPC rules. [Ritual]

+The Prophet+
Tier III | Speaker of Divinity - One who speaks and teaches on behalf of their Divine earn the rank of Prophet. A passive essence is granted from their Divine.

Ignis | [Saintly]: Your eyes turn a fiery-yellow, a prominent color of Ignis’s and you look more angelic, outwardly- towards others. Your presence emits a warm aura, like a small campfire, in whisper range and the touch of fire doesn’t immediately burn you unless you are exposed for more than a minute. You cause flames or candlelight to become brighter in a radius of 20b.
Shalherana | [Vibrance]: Flowers and plant life around your feet in a radius of 10b seem to grow more vibrant if you stand in a spot for too long in a whisper range- It’s enough to bring back life to wilting foliage. Dead things generally take no effect back to life- but insects and fungi may start to thrive. Injuries or illnesses that you personally have will heal twice as fast when you rest for a long period of time.
Theodra | [Wind Walker]: Your footsteps are faint and you go un-heard when stealthing alone, like a soft breeze. Your appearance seems to be camouflaged if you stand in one place for too long, as if you were never there. You look more wild and un-tamed, visually, and you seem to always know where north is.
Grey Lady | [Toll of Death]: Your eyes turn grey on a whim if you attempt to see a corpse’s ‘time of death’. Targeted figures must be in visible range and the time imprints in a brief vision to you, counting backwards from time of death (2hrs ago, 10 days ago, etc). Your presence is icy-cold in whisper range. Within a 10b radius, there is an eerie stillness and you seem to drain the colors and hues of objects and places. Colors return once you move away or if you maintain concentration on it.
Jax [Sleight of Hand]: There is a small pocket of jax’s divine air around you at all times. You can insert a small object [non-living and the size of your palm]. You can conjure said object and put it back in the pocket on a whim- or change what single object is used in the pocket. You naturally have sea legs. (One action for each if in combat)
Sallana [Bloom]: Your appearance is divinely graceful and beautiful and you turn heads naturally- giving you a more angelic look. As an action, any blooming flower buds around you will bloom if you wave a hand around it. Your body becomes prickly when touched by someone you feel opposed to- as if you were made of thorns. Couples that you personally bless with intention, have a higher chance of having children (if it’s biologically possible).
Korog [Heavy Weight]: You are able to carry equipment or objects that are twice your average carrying capacity. You also feel twice as heavy for anyone trying to move you. Your footsteps cause soft tremors due to the weight implications. The passive does not function if the bearer is incapacitated, or otherwise wills it to temporarily deactivate.
Jishrim | [Nightmare]: You can create different sounds that originate from different areas in a 20b radius at a whim. Your appearance is crazed and you seem to hear whispers from your past every now and then.
Visage [Vague]: In regards to appearance, those who look at you can never seem to fully agree on what they see. Minor physical features appear differently to each person, such as: height being a few inches shorter or taller, nose shape, eye color, etc. The changes are minor enough that a comparison to your real appearance might be recognizable, but comparison to two altered appearances might not
Skraag | [Avoid Undead]: Undead don’t seem to want to harm you intentionally in the Sorrows or Lost Frontier- the opposite of a moth to a flame. You seem to age slower while plant life around you in a 5ft radius tend to decay faster if you will it to.
Valiant | [Stainless]: Your features look sharper and cleaner, outwardly. You seem to turn heads as you walk and your armor never rusts- always shining. You perpetually detect evil creatures as per the 'Detect Good or Evil' spell; you are aware of Undead, Demons, and evil-aligned Holy beings within RP range.

..Every step you take, every breath you take, they'll be watchin' you.

+The Oracle+
Tier IV | Land of the Holy/Tainted Saints - A certain church, cathedral, temple, shrine, or other that is prominently used by followers where one goes to pilgrimage often.. will undoubtedly earn a Divine's favor. The rank of Oracle is given to the one who called upon such a favor and the benefit that came with it.

+The Exalted+
Tier V - It is a mystery. Only individuals who've reached the pinnacle of their divine favor become Exalted. No more than one per Divine can achieve it.

In the current atmosphere of Divine influence and potential loss of it, there is chance all tiers will be null if your divine dies. If your character chances upon an artifact, it may remain.

- Lannis & Elz for starting the system in the campaign
- Solus for the writeup and expansion
- NIAH for proofreading powers
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11/3/2018: +Changes to how Blessed work.
"The blessed may use a number of abilities per day dependent on their rank, of spells drawn from the list appropriate to the alignment of their patron deity These spells must be chosen and prepared at the start of the day through a short period of prayer, and can't be changed until the next day. You can prepare duplicates of the same spell."
-What this means: All current blessed may now cast anything available to their deity's alignment, but have a limited number that they can cast per day. What they can cast that day must be decided at the start of each day, and can't change until the start of the next. You can prepare the same spell multiple times, but can't otherwise exceed the casting limit of "x spells used per day." Blessed are now more versatile, and can cast more frequently.
-IC effect: The blessed universally feel a deepened connection with their deity, and the knowledge that a modicum more power has been granted for their use. All are aware of the effect, and some may solidly infer why it has happened now.

+Potentially expanded spell lists to reflect increase in spell slots.
+Artifact balance changes.


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1/3/2019: Major updates.
-Added deity-specific spells at Tier 2, as well as 2 universal spells that can be prepared for two slots instead of one
-Added spells to Tier 1 list
-Recently added Tier 3 passives, some alterations to Korog's and Valiant's.
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