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Current Disposition:
Tired. Lost. Stagnating. A ghost.

Iskvandar Amadeo Mol'Alighieri

[eesk - van - dahr]
[om - uh - day - oh]
[uh - leeg - hee - err - ee]

Other Names
The nickname "Isk" is given by nearly everyone he comes in contact with. Shocking.
“Rabbit” [Alias, and also occasional nickname from Aelyth.]
"Helmsman" [Nwalme]
"Omen" [Lola]

Formal Titles
Personal Advisor
Sixty winters.
A Moor Elf.
When it all comes down to it, Iskvandar is a man. From a distance, and under certain circumstances, one might reasonably mistake him as otherwise.
Current Residence
He is a lingerer and a wanderer.
Sexual Orientation
Social Status
Member of the Fuvurian Court; interpret that as you will.
Fuvurian Advisor | Philosopher | Priest | Alchemist | Doctor | Graverobber
He's able to indulge himself.
Owned Land
Owned Homes
As he travels very frequently, Iskvandar has developed himself a collection of house deeds, such as:
+ A house in Natri'Evar.
+ An apartment (of sorts) in Rogue's Hearth.
+ A house in Sanardu.
+ [A place in Ralidor, whenever that's finished.]
Dominant Hand
Right-handed. Absolutely do not ask him to write with his left hand.

Date of Death
12th of Sporebloom, 2261
During investigation of the disappearances within Queensport, Iskvandar was raked through the chest by a Northern Wendigo, and later bit in the neck to then be dropped from a tree. He was left unrecognizable, though the massive gashes across his body were sewn shut before he was buried in Aelmere.

A willowy and delicate figure with long limbs and a slight feminine curve at the waist. His frame has little muscle composition, making him lithe and fragile with epicene elegance. A walking Elven stereotype, certainly.
Iskvandar takes deep value into looking as elegantly presentable as can be whilst subscribing to a generally simplistic aesthetic. The Baudelaire dandy is by far the best applicable term to describe a style of a mostly drab color pallette reliant on black, greys, wine red, and muddled dark green. In a modern era, he could be classified as 'goth'.
A long overcoat is always found on his person, and there will never be a time he leaves without a pair of (normally) leather gloves. In more casual settings, he often wears a waistcoat. Takes a liking to top hats and other wide brims, as well as various masks from time to time.

6'2 ft.
155 lbs.
Eye Color
A vibrant and incandescent shade of violet as a blessing of Moor blood. His left eye glints with a tad less life than the other, granting him a sometimes hollow stare.
A pale and ghostly ash grey color granted by vast periods of time fermenting without the touch of the sun. It maintains a mostly soft and smooth touch to it, with a clear, almost porcelain complexion with little to no blemish when disregarding the scarring and discoloration at his neck and left hand.
Facial Structure
Narrow and long with sharp, defined framework and rather effeminate emphasis. A 'pretty boy', more or less.
A rich, silvery-white color. He grants particular pride and care to his hair, and he’ll go to great lengths to ensure its cleanliness. On formal occasions, or for merely pragmatic purposes, his hair is neatly maintained by a ribbon with bangs and a few locks framing his features. Otherwise, it falls freely past his thighs. He enjoys growing it out.
Straight-backed, tall, and formal; the practiced posture of a nobleman.
The long strides he takes are brisk and graceful with the nimble, confident balance of a feline. He stalks quietly amidst others, somewhat akin to a phantom.
Iskvandar is an avid bather with near mysophobic tendencies, and cleans his hands particularly often. He additionally wears gloves in almost every public situation. The primary goal he strives to achieve is the utmost cleanliness, tidiness, and organization. He sterilizes his home very often.
Distinguishable Features
Epicene physiology.
Grey skin pale enough to be labeled as albino by some. At the very least, his skin tone is considered quite rare for a Moor.
The lack of a ring finger on his left hand.
Eloquence- some could say he has quite a vivid 'way of words' with his voice.
Numerous light slashes littering the back of his neck,
as though from a blade.
A very faint ring of darkened discoloration
around the neck.
Dark, tiny blemishes and bitemarks coat his
entire left hand, leaving it rather unsightly with a rough, almost leathery texture.
A bite scar on the upper back, closely below the nape.
A long knife slash across his lower right side.
"X" shaped slashes upon his left and right palms.
His left socket is naught but a hole.
He has only one tattoo, across the front of his neck. It is hidden to most.
Smooth and calm in a neutral, almost melodic tone. His tongue is light and careful as his words escape fluidly.
David Bowie

Iskvandar’s personality falls almost perfectly into the MBTI’s ‘Architect’ (INTJ-A), showing him as quite the paradox of both idealism and cynicism. He is a day-dreamer, frequently losing himself within his own thoughts, while also being one to value constant shifts in perspective and staying aware of surroundings. Existentially, he sees with great clarity the insignificance of mortals at the hands of time and fate. But, he believes that these hands are not infallible, and that in a lifetime comes countless opportunities to shatter a stagnant state of meaninglessness.
Stoicism | Iskvandar almost always is in possession of some form of facade when confronted by dire circumstance. Almost.
Reservation | Secrets are something extremely valuable to him, especially his own. This might be seen as something akin to a shell for self-preservation. You’ll likely not draw anything from him unless he intends that you do.
Observation | He has a tendency to capture minutiae, be it details in art, attire, or simple gestures of body language. With this in mind, his attention is quite keen.
Open-mindedness | Iskvandar is malleable in shifting perspectives, and more often than not, is willing to grant his attention to any seeking it, regardless of disagreement.

Insensitivity | Being able to observe someone’s emotions and/or ideals and have the patience to listen comes quite easily, but that does not mean they will be catered to if Iskvandar sees something differently.
Unorthodox Methods | Paired by eccentricism and insensitivity, Iskvandar’s ways of interpretation and achieving goals can sometimes be seen as questionable, morally or logically.
Addiction | He’s easily addicted to a number of things, biological or psychological.
Tunnel Vision | Iskvandar’s mindsets are flexible, that much can be said; however, there come times when he might delve so far into focus that it becomes difficult to see anything but a spotlight.
Paradoxal | His existence is an oxymoron. His actions, thoughts, and desires can sometimes contradict each other, enough to confuse those around him, or even himself if he’s twisted up enough. This obviously makes room for criticism.
Apathy | There are few circumstances that could display themselves as particularly dire to him now. Danger is all around, yet he lingers amidst it, like a ghost.
Discretion | Tread with the utmost care for the betterment of oneself.
Awareness | Ignorance is bliss; a false bliss to be snuffed out.
Latitude | Life’s purpose is naught when hands are bound.
Opportunity | Change is the enemy of stagnation.
Control | There is no capacity for order without control.

Nightmares | Nightmares are quite frequent for him. They are suffocating.
Aimlessness | Confusion and uncertainty are the very bane of existence.
Exposure | Spending a grand amount of time constructing facades and reserving himself, a detail unintentionally slipping out is like a barrage of punches to the gut.
Second Death | Seek the reasoning for yourself.

Dry sarcasm paired with deadpan irony. Sometimes vulgar, depending on who he's around.
Religious Inclination
Iskvandar prefers to maintain a self-aware perspective of worship, peering at the microcosm rather than specific detail. But, in the end, many can infer where his faith lies, if it is not already spoken of.
He’s attuned to intuition and inference. That, paired with a rather acute memory, allows him to feel confident in intellectual capacity. Being proved wrong hits him personally.

[Tier I Spell] Divine Poison
Poison a cup of liquid or food. Retains the effect forever and is equivalent to an alchemical poison potion. [Touch - Once per day]
[Divine Artifact] Necromancer's Emblem
A skull-shaped necklace with an intimidating presence. Once per week the wearer may target a creature in sight, which must roll a d20 against a DC 14. If it is not successful, the creature is terrified of the wearer for one minute, and is strongly inclined to flee from them. Applies to players and monsters capable of emotions, including undead. [Given by Syviil].

+ A deep, fresh bite to the right on his upper back, just below the base of the neck. {Picked at and forming a scar.}
+ Harsh bruising and needle-like slashes upon the neck, brought by the maw of a creature within the Uncharted Portal.
+ Shivved in the side by a certain bandit by the name of BILL. Tended to by a Formist.
+ Numerous slashes of a knife upon his right palm.
+ A single slash on his left palm.
+ Stabbed in the left eye.
+ Severe dream anxiety disorder.
+ Insomnia.
He can only see through the right eye.
Eating Habits
While he isn’t exactly picky, Iskvandar has a rather diminished appetite. Gaining weight is difficult, and he often forgets to eat.
Sleeping Habits
The nightmares have quelled some, though his sleep remains very erratic.
Charles Baudelaire, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie

IGN: Vinsintius

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The Treasured

Balatro Sage

"Each passing day pains me. I shall not see you dead once more."
There is always too much to be said, and never enough time before an impending fate eviscerates the opportunities. It is futile to hope for release.
Syviil Alighieri
"You've grown into someone nearly unfathomable to me. I can only hope this continues."
Insert the obligatory parental 'they grow up so fast' comment. His beloved adoptive-daughter soared beyond expectation, but he refuses to live in the past. There is a cause to be satisfied, and he holds no doubt in Syviil's judgement.

The Trusted

Arianne Niamh

"It's been terribly long. I'm refreshed to see you happy now."
Iskvandar has grasped gratitude in being able to converse with an old friend. He feels wistful nostalgia, and hopes he and Arianne might see each other enough to know she is faring well.
Ava Variclav
"I have forgotten which number of yours I am."
He trusts Ava with a number of closeted-skeletons he wouldn't necessarily offer to most. Beyond the exterior that force-feeds him a bottle of wine, he finds intrigue in her thoughts and resolve.
Merry Cerridwen

The Amiable

Aelyth Fuvur

"Delicate spawn of Nwalme. How precious."
She's an odd one, and Iskvandar isn't quite sure how to entertain her. Regardless, her nature is endearing, and he's developed a sense of obligation to keep an eye on Aelyth. He doesn't mind the task.
Asero Crow
"I have absolutely no idea what it is you do with yourself now, but I do hope you find success."
With a fairly long history, the two still cross paths every so often. While Iskvandar is uninvolved, he still likes the man, as they get along well.
Josef Mandovi
"I sense an unspoken understanding between the two of us. The veil is charming, but I am curious as to what may lie beneath."
Undoubtedly useful as a comrade. Those with similar values to Iskvandar never fail to intrigue him. He finds that Josef is a walking opportunity of enlightenment that ironically lurks in the shadows.
Nylarii Fuvur
"Despite circumstances, I can assure you, my feet are not always incompetent."
It took him some time to actually come in meaningful contact with the Empress. An appreciated respite from Nwalme's black peppers, Iskvandar finds that she deserves a less clumsy dance next time.
Sugar Silveira
"..Simple to some regard, yet alive. What a pleasantry."
To Iskvandar, befriending Sugar was somewhat of an accident, as she seemed to be one of the least likely individuals he could have an engaging conversation with by first impression. But, she charmingly proved him wrong. And taught him how to bake a cake.

The Experimental
"It is a shame you are so out of reach. Allow me to prick your brain at some point."
How unfortunate it is that Cassian's business with Fuvur was so short-lived; an opportunity fallen down a monotonous path. He is pleasurable company nonetheless, when not distracted by petty charades. They appreciate physical appearance in the same manners, which can never hurt.
Fronslin Caldwell
"More than capable of many things, but lacks a spine for support."
Iskvandar isn't exactly sympathetic of Fronslin's dilemmas, but he is understanding and patient. He feels that social values obstruct Fronslin's full capacity for success, and deems it unlikely that he can change the man's mind himself. Although, he is far from a lost cause.
"You clearly have not the slightest inkling of an idea as to where you are steering yourself in the Hearth. For now, you seem malleable."
He's like a new toy; something fine and shiny amongst a mound of rubbish. Iskvandar recognizes the fact that he is unwanted, but a golden opportunity of entertainment is too precious to ignore. Jeremiah will help him pass the time for now.
"Another native, seemingly with a sharper consciousness. Perhaps you'll be competent enough to assist me."
A stranger, moreso than anything else. Young and ambitious. But, that may be what makes him useful, for practical needs and intriguing experience. Iskvandar intends to lurk about, in hopes of speaking with him again.
Melarue Lydril
"You do not despise me, and I cannot quite comprehend how that came to be. Above all else, it is for the greater good that you stand."
Iskvandar admires the woman for her virtues, especially those he lacks. He feels little regret, but mourns the past. She is one he will not soon forget.
"A rather bizarre being. Though I am unable to read you particularly well, you are resourceful. You also seem to require more assistance than you allow yourself."
He likes Olive, but finds it difficult to engage with her, given the circumstances, and holds the slightest worry of her well-being; it haunts him. He has not seen her since before leaving the Compendium.
The Disinteresting
Those held in a neutral disregard, with little incentive for Iskvandar to engage.

The Distasteful
Those leaving a sour flavor in their wake.
Arthur Hesperus

"My patience wanes more and more thin with each remark you emit. I pray for your own sake you grow into less a leech than your mother and father were."
Iskvandar perceives Arthur as time wasted, and his blind, cowardly prostration to Sallana stirs naught but negative connotation. He attempts to tolerate the boy with hopes that he may crack through Arthur's dense skull.

The Unnerving
Churning anxiety.

The Wretched
It takes a great deal to hate.
Rowen Lark
"Your being in death has contributed to existence far more than your being in life could ever have. I will sever your hands myself, should they be laid upon him again."
Iskvandar merely wishes he had swung the pot harder against Rowen's head.

The "Nwalme" Category
"There is a natural hierarchy in our way of life. But when you observe me, I will also observe you."
Trust. Doubt. Fascination. Intimidation. Calculation. Surrealism.
Iskvandar perceives the Fuvurian Witch King as the embodiment of existence incomprehensible; strictly-organized entropy. They hold bizarrely similar sentiments, and that is what renders Nwalme both identifiable, and unpredictable. Regardless, his support has been invaluable, and Iskvandar holds a defined respect for Nwalme and his ideals. The Witch King has granted him an inexplicable sense of belonging.

Those Forever Revered
Despite relationships of the present time, these are the individuals whom have eternally left their names upon Iskvandar’s tome of ash, through one circumstance or another.
+ Kola | Lola DeCronus +
+ Kolak | Melarue Lydril +
+ Zupa | Merry Cerridwen +
Dum'ni Plug
"Your paranoia is within reason, friend, but you cannot bear these burdens by yourself."
Iskvandar looks up to Dum'ni with like-mindedness, but also is panged by degrees of sympathy for the man. He hopes to step closer, and hear more of what Dum'ni has to say. And learn more from him, if allowed.
"A wholesome being; you are never a waste of time. Godspeed, Babin."
Knowing that Gromm's time will soon come to its conclusion, Iskvandar feels a grim sympathy for the Dwarf. But, mourning is fruitless, if not counter-intuitive in granting Gromm a tranquil departure. He will live on in the legacy of history obtained.

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