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[From the journal of Gilligan R Kearney]

Hello! My name is Gilligan Kearney, and this is the Constellation Compendium (I'm still mulling on the name. I'm not especially great at things like these). I am going to use this book as a way to record the known and unknown constellations of Altera, and try to shed some light on the very unknown yet fascinating world of Astronomy. I've always been fascinated with the stars ever since I was a child, and I am ever curious about them as they shine and change throughout the year. My aim here is to document my discoveries and create of the night sky of Altera, throughout the year. The chart can be a resource for navigators, way-finders, scholars, and all sorts of curious astronomers alike.

I am incredibly excited for the future and what I will put in this book. My enthusiasm, I hope, doesn't skew my writing on this page. But I digress. I wish not to ramble but instead urge you to read on and learn new and fascinating things with me. Welcome to the Constellation Compendium.

[These are discovered and named by an astronomer in the current timeline of Altera]

(OOC: This will be a place for constellations that I design for the server! They will all be written in-character by Gilligan and eventually published into an IC book. I hope to put out a good amount of constellations a month, that you can only see in that season or month.)

(Please do not reply to this thread. This is not a discussion thread. If you have any questions or want to tell me something, please DM me. Thank you!)
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Flos Mortem a new constellation, was recently discovered during the Plague crisis in Altera. The constellation that vaguely resembles the shape of a magnolia flower, in the darker corners of the skies. It has only been recorded to be visible in the late summer, and seems to have no known documented sightings until this current year. The sudden appearance of the constellation may be only a coincidence, but a startling one at that. I theorise, that perhaps Shalherana assembled the stars together as a sort of cosmic time stamp of these events for the world to look back on, or maybe it’s something more. I will note that it seems that there were previously six petals, but one seems to have wilted and sits at the base of the magnolia. This may be a grim telling of the events that have unfolded and the decay of a society, but may offer a new season of renewal and hope. I just hope to stay optimistic.

Flos Mortem consists of nine stars, the bulb of the flower being the brightest, and is best visible within the months of Sunbright and Mistset, around 1-3 am, around the Northeast area of Altera. It is easiest to see in Linlea.


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Casuarius is a constellation recently discovered around the Linistel area. It should be noted that the Cassowary bird is a fowl that is not capable of flight, and only runs and miraculously swims. It’s curious how a flightless, yet deadly bird is able to find itself among the stars when it’s not capable of such on solid ground. The Cassowary species is known to have killed people when provoked, and adorn large colourful ‘helmets’ on top of their heads. This helmet can be seen in the constellation, the tip of it being the brightest star in the constellation. It should also be noted that the Cassowary is only seen in warmer climates, so it may not be a coincidence that this constellation is only visible in the summer season.

The constellation consists of ten stars, best visible around 9-11 pm in the Southwest of Altera. It is mainly seen in the late summer and early fall.