Poster The Horned Merchant


Hooves clattered loosely against the stone, a paced rhythm carrying a lone Caparii male further into the depths of Storm's Landing.
His bare chest open to the world as one hand settled calmly in the folds of his unbuttoned, silvery gray jacket. An occasional
stare was allotted to him as he weaved through the crowd, carefully protecting the bundle of parchment that he'd situated just below
his armpit. The bustling city enveloped him in decadent aromas and fascinating music, seducing the male into a state of complacency
as those around him jostled for position. This market was fiery, and it seemed everyone had something to sell. Unable to restrain a
gentle chuckle, Adamar shifted further into his posting: the softened material comforting him upon the reminder of its contents. He'd
something of his own to offer, and only the foolish would not see it. Carrying himself on the winds of his own rebellion, the Caparii
slowed himself to an idle stroll: his furry haunches clacking against the path in a much calmer tune. Seeing this, several of the
merchants chose to hail Adamar from their stands: in hopes that he would sample and even purchase their wares. The Caparii had to
admit that the products were of some quality, but nothing that he couldn't get for himself. As far as he was concerned, they were
merely competitors. Everything that they earned took away from his own profit, and while that wasn't the end of the world: Adamar
could not deny that he enjoyed the notion of amassing a fortune. It certainly wasn't his goal in life, but it could do a lot for his dreams.

Memories of feast and plenty were numerous, and Adamar couldn't help longing for those moments to return. Each daydream made
him feel further from his people...but forgetting those times entirely wasn't quite an option either. This was a newer continent, that
meant he'd time to start fresh. He'd gone through this before, why not again? The Caparii smiled, an oddly unexpected notion by
those around him at that moment, but one that warmed him nonetheless. Exited the market with a clop of finality, Adamar eyed the
Storm's Landing port with mild intrigue. It always pleased him to see such a plethora of ships docked in one place. Fortune had truly
returned to the Alteran people, at least in some facet. Slipping past a few dockhands with a polite series of apologies, the goat-man
returned his gaze to the sea whilst he walked. The crystalline waters couldn't quite compare to the bounty of nature, but Adamar
found no reason to complain when confronted by beauty. The setting sun reflected off the mirrored pools, casting a marvelous
aura over the majority of the dock. Adamar sighed, almost wanting to clap but inevitably changing his tune upon seeing the short
array of steps that meandered up to the local tavern. Taking his time, the Caparri finally perched himself at the top: his hazel optics
focusing on the message board that spanned before him. This was it, the first stop of a long journey forward. Butterflies fluttered in
Adamar's stomach, or perhaps that was a growling need for alcohol. The male dismissed regardless as he tentatively slipped one of
the postings from his arm, briskly moving to slap it up onto the wooden frame. A few seconds were taken to pin it down, but soon
enough: Adamar had hung his first advertisement. Simple, yet eloquent...or at least he though so. To ensure its quality, the Caparii
chose to read it over once more for good measure before heading off to post whatever city would have him next.​
"Do you need something, and haven't the slightest idea where to get it? Perhaps you're just too preoccupied, but you must have that one item?
It can be a struggle finding proper merchants who can deliver on what's promised, and its even harder determining which ones are willing to
devote themselves to that search. It's difficult, but not impossible. For those who need supplies or rare items, seek out the Horned Merchant.
He'll work tirelessly to ensure that your requests are fulfilled in a timely, radiant-efficient manner. Prices are typically negotiable, and there
are few limits on what can be requested. Simply have your proposal ready to send to Adamar Oreniel at your earliest
convenience, so that a
conversation may be started on your behalf. Look for a male Caparii in either Storm's Landing or Linlea, he'll be easy to spot."