the Law of Red


Lord of Altera
House Hansdotter follows the Law of Red, the single sacred law of the goddess Vermella:
"do not needlessly spill the blood of another living thing.
you must respect the life of every living thing, and respect their right to life.
you may only spill blood when your own life is in danger,
you may kill to hunt, or you may kill because you are hunted."

those who break the Law of Red are considered threats to all life. they are called "Red-Spillers" and are dealt with on a basis of the degree of a threat they represent:

  • outside the bounds of Falandraal and the Followers, a red-spiller poses little threat. there is little need to chase every red-spiller in the world. there is also little need to extend the arm of the law beyond your grasp. red-spillers outside the bounds of Vermellan law are ignored.
  • a Red-Spiller who directly threatens a Follower or Falandraal itself will be dealt with as necessary until the threat is passed. this may be accomplished through combat, escape, or negotiation.
  • someone who spills red within Falandraal but is not a Follower will be marked as a Red-Spiller, and warned that if they do so again, they will be barred from Falandraal.
  • one marked as a Red-Spiller who spills red a second time will be forever barred from entering the Falandraal. they will be carried out of the town and left in the forest. if they attempt to enter Falandraal again, they must be dealt with as a threat to the town (except if they seek amnesty)
  • a Follower who spills red will be branded as a Traitor to Vermella and henceforth Banished.


"As he forfeits the path, let it be known he will have no favour nor privilege. Hunt without the respect and prayer, and give not sacred to his blood."

the specifics of banishment are thus: the banished individual is branded as a traitor to not only Vermella, but all who follow her, and to a lesser extent, all life. their blood is no longer to be considered as worthy or sacred, and as thus, spilling their blood does not break the Law of Red. this means a Follower can kill them without need to be first threatened.
a Traitor will not be granted entry to Falandraal, they cannot enter the company of the Followers. they will be driven from any House of Vermella, all who know Vermella will know them as Traitors.
(OOC Note: basically, this means every single follower is given leave to kill you without mercy)

List of Traitors to Vermella:
  1. Robert Senatoor: the First Traitor, Damned by Vermella (Deceased)
it is not a crime for only one reason: the concept of property was alien to the first worshippers of Vermella. many of the large cities do not yet realize that the very concept of ownership is not a universal truth, and people can in fact live peacefully sharing amongst all the community.
this does not mean you can freely take without consequence. many things are precious to individuals, or reserved for a special purpose. taking these items is stealing, and the thief in question will be promptly found and forced to return what they stole, or return the favor however the victim of the crime deems necessary.

banditry by its nature involves red-spilling, and a bandit will be punished just as harshly as any red-spiller
(OOC Note: thievery is still a crime in Falandraal, but it is such under Falandraal's laws, not the Law of Red.)

Forgiveness Policy:

criminals may seek amnesty within Falandraal, but they do so aware that such comes with a price.

those who have commited crimes that do not violate the Law of Red are free to seek refuge in Falandraal, though they are warned that the rest of the world is not so forgiving, and those who have committed crimes that harm others (such as, say, thievery or fraud), are discouraged from continuing such behavior.

Red-Spillers who seek amnesty face greater trials. they must prove that they truly seek to change their ways, sincerely and genuinely, or else they will not be granted amnesty. only the Housekeeper of Vermella, the Champion of Vermella, or the Owner of Falandraal can grant this amnesty.
there are currently two ways to prove your devotion to changing your ways:

1) join the Followers of Vermella. upon joining, the Red-Spiller must vow to forever uphold the Law of Red, until their dying day. should they break their vow even once, they will be banished without question.
2) remain in Falandraal until they have proven themselves. the Red-Spiller will be kept under close watch during this time, and but one case of aggression will make them a candidate to be kicked out from Falandraal. they cannot become a guard, a hunter, or a warrior. they cannot carry weapons, or anything that can be used as a weapon (including: knives, hammers, pitchforks, dangerous herbs, rope). they cannot leave Falandraal, and if they do, their amnesty is revoked, and they must face punishment for their crimes.

as the population of Falandraal grows, persons seeking amnesty may have to perform a trial or a number of trials to prove their loyalty​

List of Forgiven Criminals:
  1. Morna Rhett: Past Red-Spiller, Follower
  2. Dunamis: Past Red-Spiller, Follower
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