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Active The "Mad" Scientist - Celeste Herennia


It took a lot to get here
If anyone would like to submit art of Celeste, I'll credit you!
Note: Some things in this profile may seem like it gives me the opportunity to powergame, but please understand that though Celeste is very advanced mentally, it comes with many drawbacks in other areas of her life. I feel that they balance out.

Samiwashere Thank you! I love it!~

General Appearance
Full Name:
Celestia Aelia Herennia

Other Names:
Celeste (Mostly everyone)
Elle (Friends/family)
Mad Scientist (a joking term used by friends)
"Aunty" (by Nonus, when she was thought to be Korrina..)



14th Day of Ghostmoon - 2268, Year of Melancholy.
(October 14th, 1993)




Current Residence:

Relationship Status:

Social Status:
Physical Appearance
At a Glance: While approaching you, she often has a grin on her face. She stands at a somewhat intimidating 6'0 to shorter folk, and holds a confident posture. Her striking white/platinum blonde wavy hair reaches her hips and sways with every step. She has harsh features, displaying eyes like christmas lights and rough cheekbones.

6 feet.
1.8 meters

Roughly 150 lbs
72.5 kilograms

Eye Color:
Icy blue. Her eyes are where her power is..

Skin Color:
Fairly tan

Shape of Face:
Heart shaped; very defined cheekbones and jawline.

Distinguishing Features:
Her bright, glittery eyes that draw you in, and her striking hair that radiates aglow. They seem to always be scheming and noting what you say, yet not in a creepy, stalker way.

Build of Body:
Tall and lean

Hair Color:
Very platinum blonde, looks silver/white in some lighting.

Hair Style:
She almost always wear shorts her hair down, otheriwse it will be in a thick braid.


Alert and straight posture, yet somehow relaxed.

Always very clean, her workspace always has everything in place so she doesn't lose any work.
Is Seen By Others As
Intelligent and charming, yet fierce and witty.

No present scars.

Soothing and fierce, and is powerful yet calm. She speaks confidently.
It's easy to become a bit nervous while talking to her, though she keeps a respectful tone.
Celeste has a light comforting accent. It sounds to be Italian.
*Sometimes I forget to type it. Oops*


Mysteries, humor.
She is not fond of people who think of her as "snobbish" because she is a noble and considers herself smart. She also becomes irritated by unorganized spaces, being embarrassed, and blackmailed. (as anyone would be.)

+Able to use her knowledge to outsmart offenders. (Critical thinking)
+It is hard to gain her trust (can be a strength and a weakness.)
+Has somewhat of a "business", or politics personality. (Able to persuade and elaborate easily.)

-She is easy to forgive someone.
-Easily becomes defensive.
-Has trouble executing thoughts as she wants them to sound.
-Extremely uneducated on how to fight in a battle.

Illnesses, death.

She values her wealth/health and doesn't take it for granted.

+She knows how to read and write very well.
+Everything she's researched; psychoanalytic studies and various anatomy.
+Advanced with math; she has gotten very sharp with it having the position as Logotheta.

General Attitude:

Religious Inclination:

General Intelligence:
Has sensible common sense skills, but values brain smarts over social commitments. Her brain thinks faster than her mouth can keep up with, so some thoughts can be confusing. She is always observing.

General Sociability:
It is often difficult for her to gain trust in a person.

Lawful Neutral.


Optimist or pessimist?
Introvert or extrovert?
Somewhere in the middle.
Daredevil or cautious?
Logical or emotional?
Extremely logical, she rarely shows much emotion. She hides her emotions with her cold eyes.
Prefers working or relaxing?
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?
Animal lover?

General Personality:
Celeste is clever. She has a way with words, and is very polite. When speaking, she uses body language to convey her message often. Take note of any smiles or specific gestures. Though she is the smart type, she won't boast. She keeps her work private. She will not capitalize on her nobility, though she is grateful for the benefits she is able to have because of it.

Other Notes:
  • What exactly she keeps in that damn book is unknown to most.
  • If she gets into a situation where she needs to fight, she will most likely try and outsmart you, and it will be effective.



Least favorite color:



Compendium Library.

The only reading she does is in books for her work, so she reads about history and other published work by people who research psychology, anatomy, math, and other sciences.

Form of entertainment:
She loves to listen to jokes.

Mode of transportation:

Most prized possession:
Her research journal, and a delicate golden chain bracelet. She never wears the bracelet, it stays as a keepsake.

Short Term Goals:
-Convince Theo she doesn't hate everything.
-Teach math to Tania.
-To settle in Astrakhan and start her work.
-To add more to her journal with research.

-To make amends with Titania.
-To fully construct her cottage.

Long Term Goals:
-To research as much as she can while she is still young.
-To develop a psychic ability, though it is a fantasy.
-To fully find out what happened when she was captured.
-To see the dominion grow and prosper.


She doesn't like to dress delicately, so she usually wears casual dark colored jackets and rugged black and white boots and gloves. She does not like to wear dresses.
(She also wears this jacket in blue and red. She wears the white version for special occasions.)

+An orange amulet, a symbol of the Herenni family.
+Her Queen's Council badge.

Carried Inventory:
+ Her journal
+ A dagger
+ A bit of money
+Writing utensil
+Various research books (modern "textbooks")

General Inventory:
+ Minimal armor (just a leather chestpiece)
+ A excessive amount of bread and mutton.
+ A pickaxe.

General Wealth:
Decently Rich. As a noble, she is well taken care of.



Major memory loss in the years she was captured and brainwashed.

Sleeping Habits:
Is usually up into the early hours of the morning, and gets a few hours of sleep.

Energy Levels:
She seems calm, but when there's an exciting event she acts more hyper.

Eating Habits:
Eats only when meals are served.

Exercise Habits:
She rarely excercises, really. Most of her work is sat at a desk, though she does tend to take frequent breaks and stop by Storm's Landing and other places for events.

Has very good memory, except for her memory loss caused by her captivity.
(backstory explains memory loss)

Unhealthy Habits:
+She will not admit if she feels sick, she thinks she will be able to take care of it herself.
+She is hesitant to ask for help.
+*REFUSES* to talk about her emotions/feelings.

Drinking Habits:
Every now and then, it isn't a priority to her. She drinks on ocassion.

Celeste grew up around many elves, mostly moors and a few silver elves. From a very young age, she loved learning. Though she couldn't afford to go to school, she found old books and read constantly, with the help of her parents. It wasn't just any type of learning she was interested in, though. She loved science, specifically psychology, specifically psychoanalytics, and phenomenons such as telepathy. Her parents thought it was great that she was so invested in her education. They were always very supportive of her. They knew that in their state of poverty, she had to get the most of her childhood.

Teen Years:
In her teen years, things got worse when her mother passed away in the civil war along with her father. It was at this age that Celeste started to value her health and family. She continued to study phenomenons and her studies started to become more serious in her life.

As an adult, she moved to Asrakos with the rest of her family. Shortly after, disaster struck. The entire city broke into civil war, and she had to flee along with the rest of her relatives. While chaos caused confusion, Celeste was captured, forced, and blackmailed to go by the name of her aunt, "Korrina Ligeia". Reasoning for this is still unknown, and Celeste is determined to find answers. Her family longed for her return, but she never showed. Many years later, "Korrina" escaped. She fled from captivity and was wandering around for days. On the verge of death, she found Storm's Landing, an Island far from the 'camp' she was being held at. After talking with a few townsfolk, she was reconnected back to Theodosius, her brother, who was previously missing as presumed dead as well. Then, Theo, her, and Alijol went on to establish Astrakhan. They had all been happily reunited, but that wasn't the end of Celeste's suffering. After her years of being held captive, she had started to believe that she actually was her aunt, Korrina. It wasn't until she she stumbled upon an old crumpled paper of herself and her beloved brother that she snapped out of it. The paper had a caption. It read "Celeste and Theodosius." At first, Celeste was confused. She recognized that the woman in the sketch was her, but not why she was called Celeste. As you can imagine, she began to grow scared. She barely remembered anything from the time she was captured. The more she thought about it, the more she was able to recover bits and pieces of her memory. To this day, she still does not fully remember what happened in those long years. This is one of the many reasons she cherishes her intelligence. Without her motor skills, she doubts she would be able to live her life how she wants to today.

Family History:
Celeste grew up with quite a large family. There are many Herenii, and even she gets them mixed up sometimes! Celeste takes her family very seriously. If they are put into danger she will do all in her power to ensure their safety.

Places Traveled:
+Storm's Landing
+The Compendium

Peaceful or violent:
Peaceful unless provoked, then she will defend herself as she sees fit.

Nothing advanced, she only carries a dagger.

Combat Training:
She has little to no combat training, but she has learned a decent amount of self defense and knows to always be aware of her surroundings. She is rarely caugh off guard, and will use brains over brawn (more of a strategy than straight up fighting).

Training & Skills:

Alchemy - 2/10
With the help of Athryl, she is confident she will be able to master it.
Cooking - 5/10.
She cooks for her family members from time to time. She can cook simple, savory foods.
Agility - 5/10
Is able to run decently fast.
Mental motor skills - 9/10
She has impeccable critical thinking. The only thing preventing her from having 10/10 is her memory loss.
Other Trivia
+Logotheta of the Valero-Asrakosian Dominion.
+Queen of Valerius.

-Teasing Titania.
-R E A D I N G
Her head is always in a book.

Relevant Family Members:

Theodosius Herennius
"I often feel patronized by you. You wonder why I'm so distant, but you're not reflecting on why that might be."

Alijol Inkalla Herennia
"Ali! How I hate to see you in a state of weakness. You are strong; you will recover."BrownEyedGirl7

Nonus Herennius
"Though our connection is loose, I can tell you will have many important contributions.." USER=18892]Maestroart[/USER]

Tacita Herennia
"We've had our ups and downs, well, maybe more downs, but that won't stop you. You are a warrior, let it shine." AmparoCastaway

Leontius Herennius
hey AmparoCastaway

"I'm glad Theo has a such a warm soul or I don't know where you'd be right now. Though my first impression to you seemed untrustworthy, please know that I am not completely emotionless." *She'd chuckle*

Vibiana Herennia
"Welcome home! Your first day back was eventful, I hope you weren't hurt too badly.. *cough* TITANIA."

Romantic Interests:

"... Prove it." Old-Seadog

Cymic Seymour
"You have helped me once with research, then disappeared. I do hope to see you more often as you've earned my respect. You're an interesting fella, Seymour. I thank you for being so dedicated to the well being of my family." Cymic_

Friendly With:

Violet Rittor
"What a lovely young lady you are! I know once you have done your duties in Astrakhan, you will move onto a beautiful farm." MelodyComplex

Eisa Frostbourne
"Thank you kindly for the supplies, even if I mistook you for an intruder."

Loose Acquaintances:

"Though I'm not involved, I do apologize for yours and Theo's split."Bitann

Calcifer Crow
ooc: woo welcome back to being alive. Bob_the_BuilderPet

"'Tis a pleasure meeting someone with the same interests as myself. Though I am not sure if trusting you with my research is a good idea, I might be open to collaborating..?" Colonelgames

Only Met Once or Twice:

Citrnine G. Azerwind
"It was a pleasure having you at our feast! Please visit more often. You will make a lovely queen." Samiwashere

"Thank you for attending our feast, we hope you enojyed."

Soul Allister
"Very nice singing at our feast! Your voice accompanied by Nonus' lyre was enthralling." Spirit

Dominar Elder
"I've seen you around and met you twice, but we have yet to really talk abut anything.."

Merry Cerridwen
"I am unaware of your intentions.. Nontheless, I hope Astrakhan treated you well."

"You intruige me, Nio. don't get yourself into trouble."

"I hope you enjoy your home in Astrakhan. Good luck with that play!"

Arianne Niamh
"After visiting Astrakhan, you showed your attentivemess to helping others. Though we may not need your help, it was a pleasure chatting with you *cough* even if it did get a bit rambunctious."

Elion M.
"I've heard much about you; some good, some not so good. Maybe swing by more so I can know you better?" Maestroart

Carling Montilyette
"I sincerely apologize for Titania's behavior..."


Thyra Greeneyes

"You strike me as a leader, but the dominion does not need your leadership. You've definitely shown Theo that... It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep your distance."

Disfavored Individuals:

Azio Cors
"Please stick to your own devices and mind your mouth. I don't have much to say to you. Your input is not appreciated, I can handle my own family."Stratonis[/USER


Cedlas Noakes
"You won't have to worry about listening to me talk anymore. I hope your pathetic arguing never finds its place into another commander's ears.. no one deserves dealing with you. Good riddance."

Wary of
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Staff member
She picked up a decent amount of Mok'yra from her Moor friends who taught her
I'm afraid you can't have this knowledge via backstory, and kindly ask that you remove that snippet.

To settle in Astrakhan and start her work.
If this is not a place on either of our maps, I'm not sure you can manage. Made up cities are alright in backstories providing they are not from another server or a magical place.


It took a lot to get here
I'm afraid you can't have this knowledge via backstory, and kindly ask that you remove that snippet.

If this is not a place on either of our maps, I'm not sure you can manage. Made up cities are alright in backstories providing they are not from another server or a magical place.
Thank you for pointing this out to me. I will fix the Mok'yra history. The location is the name of a town that a few friends and I have yet to start. Is it okay for me to have this in my profile if the town isn't built yet? A goal of Korrina's is to settle there once it's built.
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