Upcoming The meeting of the Cradle


Lord of Altera

The Cradle Calls
This Sunday at 4pm EST​
The Cradle Of magic opens its gates for a discussion to bring together all collective knowledge of both the Divine and the Mundane and Magical to talk upon the discoveries found and rumor has it that In the lands of the Cradle a way to stop the disease from progressing to more advance stages in a person has been found. This discovery will be shared among other things to all those wishing to attend The labs themselves will be able to bee seen to a select few who wish to visit them under very strict measure to ensure contamination does not happen.


Lord of Altera
Also to note those attending will be met at the docks of slyannen and transported via carriage that has no windows and the doors kept firmly shut to help with the secrecy of the location,a longer route will be taken around the city due to the plauge inside the city itself.


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I'd go, but it's 30 minutes after mine starts
So have fun and try not to kill one another! :D