Poster The meeting


Lord of Altera

After the meeting between the Divine chosen and the Mages of the world of this lands talk was held between them all who attended the following was decided between them on how to handle the current events that is going on, with the hope to bridge the gap that has fallen between the divine and those of magical ability.

1. The Divine council will not hunt or seek to actively kill any mage or magus that is in the land

2. A joint effort to research and help to figure out how to best fight the threat against the gods and the land itself.

3. A meeting is to be held between those of the Divine Council and all current Magus's of the magical arts to better discuss on how to aid one another and mend old wounds from past days.

Hosted by,
Andre Ursae


Lord of Altera
I know its late but work and job has been keeping me busy along with getting ready to leave here for training. but this was the results of the meeting of the blessed and mages i hosted