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The Mime Volan
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Mime Volans are birds ranging in 1ft to 1.5ft in height, which have feathers that are off-white with brown, yellow, and black speckles. Males possess a large black gular sac on their throats that are blown up to attract mates, but also produce a poisonous enzyme that can cause temporary blindness and moderate pain, but no real damage. They have an orifice beneath their tongues that projects a stream of the poison, which in doing so deflates their gular sac and renders them unable to do it again until they can produce more. Their wingspan is about 2ft to 2.5ft wide; of which they can launch themselves into the air with a single flap and glide in a similar manner to seagulls. Mime Volans get their name from their ability to very closely simulate sounds, or voices, of other creatures. They attribute this ability to their enlarged Syrinxes, which allow for a wider range of sounds.

A very peculiar mutation occurs occasionally in Mime Volans, and that is the ossification of feathers into a more quill-like coat, which are very sharp and would break off the same way you might snap a small twig. Once the ossification begins, it would spread to every feather on the Volan until they are completely covered in quills-- and completely devoid of feathers. This does not hinder their flight however; as they have skin flaps that stretch out when their wings are spread out.

Sexual Dimorphism:
Female Mime Volan's lack black speckles and have a smaller wingspan than males, and lack the gular sac that males have. (Thus also lack the ability to produce poison.)

Volans tend to favor a temperature that is warmer, but once they're free of the cold they are not picky about the heat. They thrive in temperatures from 15-37°C (60-100°F).

Mime Volans simply find somewhere to reside that is a comfortable temperature to them, with a ready source of food to supply them.

Volans do not migrate yearly, but instead simply migrate to wherever they might find a ready source of food.. Such as a marketplace or farmstead.

Volans dine mainly on scraps of animals carcasses in a similar way to vultures, but also like to munch on seeds, fruit, and herbs.

Volans are rather tame but for whatever reason find entertainment in mimicking the sounds and voices of other creatures, so if one was near someone talking, it may very well begin mocking them. They are not extremely social birds, amongst their own species, as one would not find enjoyment in mocking something that's mocking it back. If threatened, they may first spread their wings, followed by males puffing out their gular sacs and projecting a stream of poison at the threat, or females simply taking flight.

Mime Volans can live up to 15 years, with some very rarely living into their 20s.

Mime Volans reach adulthood as early as their second year of life, and hatch 3 months after being laid, give or take.

If one would decide to hunt Mime Volans, they could acquire the poison gland, and thus their poison. Their feathers are quite beautiful as well, should anyone decide to pluck them.

Mime Volan poison is very mild at most, and would only entail some moderate pain, or temporary blindness if it gets into a recipient's eyes. The temporary blindness lasts up to 1 minute, and the pain lasts up to 6, fading in the last minute. It takes the Volans a minimum of 30 minutes to reproduce the poison, but older Volans (10 years+) can take an upwards of 2 hours to fully reproduce it.
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