Finished The Mountain's Call [3:30pm EST 15th of March]


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Right High atop the mountain old
Rests a seat of plated gold
Beside those of steel, wood, stone
Four crafts shape for Him a throne


[Permanent Proficiency]
The Steadfast calls forth those of Korog, men and women of craft and any other who wish to pay tribute to the God of Permanence.
The freshly built tower dedicated to Korog shall be unveiled to those present, followed by a speech.
It is recommended to bring an offering for Korog.
Then those who desire to do so, are free to give shape unto their craft by using the workstations available, so Korog's gaze may be caught.

Any capable painters are requested to attend.


There are those
There for laughter, there for dreams
Yet carried away by the wind
By the changing tides

There are some hewn from stone
Forged from iron
Cast in gold
Standing ever next to you

Unmoving in heat
Steadfast in cold
Dreams cannot beat
Loyalty from the mould


Head Priest: Thôrdil Bárúmur
Co-Priest: Olga Stonecutter (it's mandatory. Kamaoe)
Location and shrine: Aeroch Rimtar, Tower of Korog
Time: Friday the 15th of March at 3:30pm EST
What: Unveiling the Tower of Korog, preaching, having a good time and hopefully catching His gaze
Rating: Peaceful and semi-public (let me know below if your char'd like to attend, so I can sort through it)

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Ring ring
Ring ring
Ring ring

"Hello, this is the voicemail of Korog, Mightiest Smith! I'm not here!" BEEP


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Changed it to semi-public
Just so I can ensure there's enough room

Any that trail off their own get anvil'd to death

Is uhhhh your bff allowed to come

Ventare is allowed, yes
Mikky is not ;)


The Artisan
I gotto be at work till 21:00h so with a little luck I can make it on time or about 10 mins late. Since Kublai's known to be late at Korog ceremonies, this doesn't affect IC too badly though ;p


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This is today!
Anyone that wants to swing by but wasnt tagged, just let me know! :D