The "Organised Chaos" Character Profile Template


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*Grumbles something about weapons and clothing not technically belonging with physiology*

*Something something possessions section*
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I noticed that "inspirations" has been interpreted two ways: inspirations the player had in creating the character, and from where the characters themselves draw inspiration. I found that interesting, perhaps worth cutting the "inspirations" part in two.

Secondly, I thought "prejudices" may be something worth adding - answers would be along the line of "resents earthspawn" or "has a strong distrust for magic-users".



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Interesting. For a more profile layout with more specific categories throughout in general, I would agree - but this is left quite intentionally vague in places to let people do as much or as little as they like with it.

If it's felt to be an aspect of personality that a character is particularly biased or narrow-minded towards a certain group/idea/thing/etc., it might be explored there as briefly as "prejudiced" or as an elaborate exploration of how their personality directly influences that belief. If it's felt to be an aspect of religious belief, it can be noted or explored there. If it's felt to be an aspect of how they relate to others not particularly connected so much to themselves as their experiences, then relations could be the preferred section.

One of the things I wasn't too besotted with in the older templates is that everything tended to be quite set in stone. There were sections asking what scars characters had, what mental illnesses, whether they are an introvert or an extrovert, and to me it just felt too categorical, and counter-productive to encouraging characters that didn't necessarily fit into those boxes.

Why should every new character need a scar or a mental illness, can people be specifically labelled an introvert or an extrovert - whose definitions are we using? Something official off the internet? The writer's definition? The reader's? It felt like it was doing the same sort of thing that happens in biased questionnaires. If you're asked whether animal testing is right or wrong, you're backed into a corner where there's no middle ground - which is where I'd guess that most people actually sit.

Don't get me wrong, there are still some specific fields in the template. Why bother putting eyes/hair/skin etc. when you could just put 'appearance'? Well, you've got me there, but as most characters do have those things (or a notable lack of) by default, it's not quite as leading as "What are your characters prejudices?"

...Something in that might have made sense. I hope you find it. I'm living life on the edge today and not proof-reading. The horror.


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While I see your point, it is a template. It's text you can remove by holding the backspace key. If you don't have any scars, why not remove the "scars" section? The more we give the player to think about when creating the character, the more real the character will be, and even if they don't have scars they'll be led to consider possible incidents in the character's past in which they might have gotten scars. Laving grey areas for players to write "as much or as little as they like" makes no sense as it's up to the player to write in detail or not - but to be stimulated into writing about things that add depth to the character, they need triggers such as "scars".

That's my opinion anyway, and it isn't my template so you do as you will.

Plus the lack of proofreading resulted in my brain being fried trying to understand what you wrote. :p

(... Not that I proofread this post, either)