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The hidden glen in forest's gloom we find to praise the sacred moon;
Marked by Red the path leads true, from knowledge's rest your lonely clue;
Come clad in mask and cloak and hide to pray on ground now sanctified;
At dusk a liturgy in Vermella's pride.
-Posted at the nearest message board to Storm's Landing

Where: ???
When: April 9th, 2:00 EST
What: A gathering in celebration of Vermella.

OOC Note: This event is heavily expository. Most relevant to followers of Vermella.
Classification: Violent.
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Vermella dies to make room for a new Divine that isn't completely redundant.

Make the Pantheon great again Lannis.

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So, uh.. I see spiderwebs.

Sorry. Not gonna go have violent fun just for Vermella's sake when you picked a picture that has spiders hiding in it.

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