The Revengers


Magus of Nothing
Posted at the (new spawn) is a new missive.

A group of peasants, sworn to fight in Rahas' name, for equality and the good of all.

Captain Altera Zenrak

The leader of the Revengers, he wields an iconic round red, white and blue shield, with a star painted on it.

The Bulk (Pointy) Jak

A large green fella (Earthspawn), who gets extraordinarily angry.

Falconshot LeftwardElk

Perhaps the finest shot in all of Altera (according to himself), Falconshot uses his bow at least once a year, perhaps once a month.

Iron Man Goldengem25

A peasant who super-glued low-quality iron armour to himself, he never takes it off because he can't. He tries to paint it red and gold but it never sticks.

Coal Tarantula ForestRose

Sneaky, subtle and frequently slathers herself in coal dust to stay dark at night.

Dwor Tohm

A shockingly blonde dwarf with bright blue eyes who wields a rather large hammer. Perhaps the most competent of the Revengers. Does claim he can shoot lightning out of it but he's never actually done it.

Rick Sad MRPolo13

A Sooleran missing his right eye, he organised the group to assemble, to fight the forces of evil.

They are the Revengers.